A Glimpse of my Second Home – KSOM Hostel

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January 6, 2018
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February 7, 2018

I always had this feeling to stay on my own terms where I can build myself as a better individual. KSOM’s  hostel life has truly given me that opportunity. Hostel life is meant to teach the lessons of life that books can’t teach us. Till 2016, I stayed with my parents in the luxury called ‘home’. Moving to a hostel for the first time was a tough decision but after almost a year and a half, I can proudly say that KIIT School of Management has become my second home. As I’m approaching to the end of this journey, with just 4 months left of these wonderful odyssey, I’m counting and cherishing the memories that my second home gifted me and here I am with the list of the good, the challenges and the unexpected.

The Good – KSOM hostel gave me a new family, a group of young enthusiastic jolly people with similar and different mindsets. These are the people with whom I share the joys of freedom and can learn how to be accountable for the decisions I take. It has indeed shaped my personality for a brighter future. Starting from group studies and sharing deep bonds, it has enlightened and helped me to know myself better. I definitely learned some of the basic skills to survive by myself, especially cooking and dealing with crisis situations (of course, shortage of pocket money on a regular basis). The good thing about hostel is that I get to live with all kinds of people. Loud music, hearty laughs, late night chats, spicy gossips and heated arguments followed by endless bonding are part of just another average day in the life of a KSOM hosteller. Lifelong friends are made here.

The Challenges – For a hosteller there is always something to worry about. Living in hostel means one has to learn planning.  Keeping tabs on expenses, getting the laundry done, late night cooking to satiate the midnight hunger pangs, adjusting with all residents and so on. Alarm clocks are always the most annoying thing in hostel life as it reminds me of examinations, assignments and deadlines. Sadly here I don’t have the comfort of being woken up by my parents with a coffee, rather I have friends shouting at the top of their voice just to wake me up so that I don’t have a shortage of attendance; and that’s what I call waking up in a typical hostel fashion.

The Unexpected – The only thing I would tell a first time hosteller is to keep an open mind and expect the unexpected in terms of people and experiences. It is imperative that one has to step out of their comfort zone and adapt to a whole new life away from home. At the end of your hostel life, you will realize that it was the best part of your college education!

-by Pooja Das Gupta.MBA – II.