Research in management must be relevant to organizations in various sectors of society and economy. It should address contemporary issues, and take us in the direction of implementable ideas. Such research requires the scholars to develop intimate familiarity with ground realities as well as an ability to formulate rigorous research projects.

Keeping this in mind, the PhD programme at KSOM is designed  to provide students with research knowledge and research skills that make them specialized researchers, with adequate depth of knowledge in various knowledge-domains of management. At KSOM we have completely revamped and re-launched our PhD Programme catering to the needs of the regular full time scholars and working executives. Our redesigned PhD programme is a precursor to our dream of setting up a unique Centre for Management and Leadership Research in India, which would aim to create new management knowledge relevant for India and the world. It is further envisaged that the Center will emerge as an inclusive platform for cross-disciplinary research in various fields as well.

Objective of the Ph.D. Programme

  • Mentor  prospective scholars to become highly competent researchers/ working professionals and teachers in various aspects of management.
  • Promote research relevant to management and organization.
  • Develop theory and practice of management as relevant to the Indian context; and accordingly develop management education in India.