Mr.Prem Kumar

Father of Kumari Yaminee (Placed: Deloitte )

KIIT DU as an institution has always been brilliant. Yaminee was always a diligent and highly ambitious student. From persuading engineering in KIIT, experiencing a job and again coming back to KIIT School of Management (KSOM) was a good decision. With remarkable faculty and impeccable placement record, this university has always been our first preference. It has been a very beautiful journey all these years.

Saroj Kumar Mohanty

Father of Ashutosh Mohanty (Placed: ITC)

College sets the stage for any students career and I am glad he chose to do BBA and MBA, both from KSOM. My son has always been a champion whether in sports or in his studies. KSOM provided him with all the assistance and help with respect to academics, sports and holistic growth. The reason why he could crack one of the best companies in placements.

Mr. Nimai Kajuri & Mrs. Bandana Kajuri

Parents of Dipanjan Kajuri (MBA 2016-18 Batch), Placed: ICICI LOMBARD

KSOM has provided our son with a great platform for nurturing his skills and endeavor for a bright future ahead. We are happy that he got placed in a good brand like ICICI LOMBARD. Insurance was not his first choice but maybe it unlocks a plethora of options going down the line. It was a well-informed choice of sending our child to this premier B-School and the 2 years has provided a lifetime experience for him

Mr. Ashok Kr. Singh & Mrs. Sajala Singh

Parents of Siddharth Osho (MBA 2016-18 Batch), Placed: Verity Knowledge Solutionsy

KSOM has everything that a premier B- school should have. They took charge of my son the day he first stepped into the college premises. Now he is placed in such a good company and that too in an area where he always wanted to work - Investment Banking . KSOM has done their bit in making a man out of my boy. Now it is up to him to do well in his career.

Mr. B.C.Gorai

F/O Mr. Sayan Gorai (MBA-II), Placed: Café Coffee Day

KSOM has everything that a premier B- school should have. They took charge of my son the day he first stepped into the college premises. Now he is placed. KSOM has done their bit in making a man out of my boy. Now it is up to him to do well in his career.

Mr. Mohinder Singh Deol

F/O Mr. Verinder Singh Deol (MBA-II), Placed: Adani Logistics

Verinder has always been a very responsible boy since the time he was in school and usually decides for himself. We, as parents have always supported him. We believe, coming to KSOM even when he had cleared the GD-PI of multiple colleges, happen to be one of the best decisions he has taken. He is showcasing his leadership skills very well through the club activities that keep happening which is eventually a step towards grooming him to become a better leader in the future. He has made us very proud by getting through Adani Logistics and this is surely going to make his career reach great heights. We would like to thank KIIT School of Management for the industry connect that they've offered to their students which is helping each of them fly high.

Mr. Dipankar Ghosh

F/O Ms. Rebecca Ghosh (MBA-II), Placed: Khimji Ramdas Pvt Ltd.

Rebecca got through quite a few institutes before we finally selected KIIT School of Management for her. The reviews that we read about KSOM and KIIT University made us feel sure of our decisions. We expected and wanted her to learn her studies well, become a more matured human being as she would have to live all by herself. We feel KSOM is the right platform and we are proud to send our daughter here. The placements have been tremendous and she being a fresher is getting a good international start which will only help her career take an amazing flight

Mr. S.K.Srivastava

F/O Ms. Sindhuja Rashmi (MBA-II) Placed: Manipal Global Education

Expectations from KSOM were that it shall provide high quality education to make my daughter a well learned person, prepare her to give the best in her future organisation and above all make her a good citizen. I am very much satisfied seeing my daughter get placed in such a good company and that too in an area where she always wanted to work - HR. I will hope that the college will bring as much as possible good companies for better placement of future students.

Mrs. Jayanti Dash

M/O Mr. Avigyan Dash (MBA-II) Placed: Deloitte

I am thankful to KSOM for their support throughout. The college has helped my son in holistic development. It also provided an opportunity to start his career in a reputed company. I will be indebted to the management, dean, director, faculty members and his mentor.

Mr. Kaushik Gupta

B/O Mr. Kingshuk Gupta (MBA-II), Placed: Yes Bank

KIIT School of Management has built a very good base for itself and is known to be one of the top notch management schools in Eastern India. So when we got the news that he qualified the KIITEE and was asked to sit for the GD-PI, we were really happy. Since the time he has been admitted to KSOM, we have only seen him grow matured and can also take decisions for himself. KSOM has provided our ward with the exposure required to showcase his qualities and has molded him to become a better person. I happen to be associated with the banking business for quite some time now and have always wanted him to get placed in a bank as employees do really well here in the long term. We're very happy with KSOM and the placement scenario here.

Mr. Mukesh Khandelwal

F/O Ms. Mohini Khandelwal (MBA-II), Placed: Deloitte

Firstly, we are thankful to KIIT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT for giving my daughter such a beautiful platform to learn and showcase her skills. We still remember the day she told us that she wanted admission in KSOM. We were totally against her choice of joining KSOM. I as a father wanted my daughter to be in a very good college and even I denied her paying a single penny to her if she takes admission in KSOM. But she cried, she fought and she succeeded on what she wanted to achieve. YES, we were proud of her the day she called and told “MOM and Pa, I got placed that too in a company I dreamed for. Yes DELOITTE it is”. That day made us proud of her. KSOM proved us wrong. The day she went there to study, we were worried about the placements, about the institute, about the teachings, about the faculties but yes today we are proud of KSOM for letting my daughter to choose her dream to showcase her talent, to make her achieve on what she dreamed for. My daughter is determined and has the ability to make the best of the worst circumstances and remain steadfast to her goal. We wish her all success in her life and will support her on every decision she makes. We love you girl.

Mr. Anjani Kumar Singh

F/O Mr. Anish Kumar (MBA-II), Placed: Verity Knowledge Solutions

Expectation from a B-School is a decent placement, good overall personality and imparting my child with practical knowledge and KSOM has fulfilled all my expectations. And I'm happy to hear that my son got placed in Verity Knowledge Solutions as Investment Banking Associate which was my child dream to get into investment banking industry and KSOM has helped him to achieve his dream.

Mr. Indrajit Singh

F/O Ms. Reet Khanuja (MBA-II), Placed: Deloitte

As MBA is an intensive programme that provide valuable experience not just related to academics but also overall personality development and as my daughter was excelling in academics from her school days so we were looking for B-School that can help my daughter to nuture her skills and create a great career and KIIT School management helped my daughter in developing a successful career for her life. Placements are not worries for us when she got admitted at KIIT School of Management as KIIT has good collaborations with the industry which helped my daughter to shape well and impart her with knowledge that are industry specfic, We are happy with her career starting with Deliotte as Global Tax Consultant

Mr. Abhiram Samal

F/O Mr.Abinash Samal (MBA-II), Placed: Colgate Palmolive

We expected KSOM to provide the best of the knowledge and guidance with an holistic approach and help him prepare to shape his career in Business Administration. This is just another beginning. All his learnings at KSOM will reflect on how well he performs in Colgate Palmolive. We are happy for him. I wish to see KSOM climb up in the B-School rankings and become a Tier-1 college in near future.

Mr. Deepak Sahni

F/O Ms. Shagun Sahni (MBA-II), Placed: HDFC AMC

She has always made me us proud parents, always. We knew that she had it in her to do something great. Maybe our simple ‘congratulations’ didn’t convey the amount of pride we felt when she told us about her first job offer at HDFC Asset Management Co. I would like to thank the all the members of the KSOM family who have been her constant support without which she could not have achieved what she has today.
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