When it comes to Infrastructure, the institute is clearly amongst the best. Compared to many other private Management Institutions, KSOM has far better infrastructure in every aspect.

Following is a quick summary of our infrastructural facilities:

  • World-class lush green fully WIFI campus
  • Auditorium for industry talks, student functions, lectures and movie screening
  • Well-equipped dedicated computer lab with all requisite software pre-installed
  • Separate boys and girls hostels for all inmates, across all programs.
  • 4-storied library building with a cache of national and international journals, magazines, books and newspapers.
  • 19 air conditioned classrooms with multimedia system and wifi connection
  • One 120-seater Gallery for seminar talks, smaller events
  • Gyms, Swimming Pools, Tennis and Volleyball Courts, Hospital, Large Playgrounds as part of the University
  • Three 120-seater Gallery for seminar talks, guest lectures, small conferences and conventions




Student Life