Strong Corporate Connect

KSOM has partnerships with several Industry leaders to jointly deliver content, foster innovation, enhance student learning and develop new capabilities.

Following are the Academic Partners of KSOM:


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Dassault Systemes – worldwide PLM leader and software innovator has established a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Lab and Centreof Excellence. Dassault Systemes Chair manages this one-of its-kind endeavor in India. Additionally, the institute recently became a SAP University Alliance partner, making its students SAP-ready. The institute has recently signed an MoU with Tech Mahindra too.

The Technology and Operations Management (TOM) Area will offer the Technology Management concentration aided by the Center for Building Competence in Product Lifecycle Management. The center, established under a partnership with Dassault Systemes (an MNC), will focus on building manpower for managing the engineering and technological needs of the Indian industry.

Special emphasis will be laid on promoting greater coordination between design, manufacturing and marketing decisions by adopting superior design concepts and technologies. The course will help engineering managers to manage technology through the product life cycle – i.e., from concept to delivery and beyond. Thus the focus will be on business processes that aim to seamlessly integrate Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Students will be able to appreciate the power of Collaborative Product Commerce (c-Commerce) in a global setting.

The School has entered into an alliance with SAP University Alliance Program. Through the alliance, the KSOM and SAP UA will provide SAP education to MBA students so as to make them perfect IT enabled business graduates to work not only in SAP client organisations (around 85% of top global organizations use SAP) but also all other promising business environments meaningfully.

An US certified SAP consultant, formerly with the IBM and Deloitte , having twelve years of SAP experience from various Industries across the Globe, leads the

COE-SAP at KSOM. The Lead and other faculties get continuous input on SAP through the alliance program and in turn provide MBA students with the latest SAP education .

Currently, the KSOM offers the courses on SAP-ERP in the form of EIS and ERP from its Center of Excellence (COE) for SAP to its MBA students, with the following objectives.

To make students

  • Understand and appreciate Business Processes, Information Technology and concept of BPR and ERP-SAP
  • Understand how business processes integrated with information technology through ERP-SAP can speed up daily transactions and provide better customers services.
  • Understand and map Organization structure, Master Data, Rules and Transactions of SAP MM (Materials Management) and SD (Sales and Distribution) modules.
  • Use SAP latest version ECC 6.0 for a case study – Global Bike Inc. in their Lab practice(as suggested by SAP)

The course concentration aims to integrate both engineering and business management concepts and is governed by both Systems Thinking (i.e., understanding the whole rather than simply the individual parts) and Design Thinking (i.e., looking beyond the stated needs to identify the real issues). It aims to familiarize students with how products are designed for ease-of-manufacturing. They will be exposed to strategic issues related to managing new product development within a supply chain framework. They will develop hands-on experience with lean manufacturing concepts governed by the total quality management philosophy. Like most programs in manufacturing and technology management, leadership and communication skills will be an integral part of this program. Accordingly, collaborative projects will be undertaken to help students develop leadership and teambuilding skills by working in diverse groups. Students will be urged to look for sustainable growth prospects by putting downstream concerns upfront in the design stage.

KSOM recently signed an MoU with Tech Mahindra for joint work in the area of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). The relationship would explore creating a talent pool in PLM at KSOM campus for mutually beneficial activities.

A Centre of Excellence (CoE) would be created with help from Tech Mahindra to conceptualize research projects, share information and technology to develop required skills and execute projects. Tech Mahindra would provide personnel to facilitate learning intervention.

Given the increasing adoption of PLM as a means to manage a complicated array of products in the manufacturing sector, the MoU and the CoE aims to carry out cutting edge research-based work.

Understanding of the principles of management coupled with PLM would create a unique talent base to cater to the needs of the industry.