ICMR 2024


Call for Papers: International Conference on Management Research 2024

The International Conference on Management Research (ICMR-2024) is a leading platform for the presentation of pioneering theories, cutting-edge research, and transformative insights across an array of disciplines in business management, marketing, finance, economics, technology, decision science, human resources, and organizational behavior. All of this is contextualized within the vital principles of sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity. This esteemed event holds the objective of establishing an international stage where scholars, researchers, practitioners, industry professionals, and students can seamlessly exchange their research findings with global experts. Papers will be evaluated based on novelty of ideas, originality, accuracy, research depth, and relevance to the conference theme and sub-themes. The ICMR-2024 is a unique opportunity to share your research with a global audience and to network with leading experts in the field.

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