There are specific reasons why you should look at us for recruitment. In fact there are several good reasons to look at a premier Tier-II B-school like us.

  • Better Fit: Unlike students with a premium tag, KSOM students are more flexible, more committed and more willing to fit into the roles that you require them for.
  • Better Summer Experience: Unlike most other B-schools, Summer Internship at KSOM is highly rigorous, passing through at least 5 stages of evaluation, including a final presentation to a team of faculty members.
  • Better Mix: Unlike top B-Schools, KSOM students form a healthy mix, without having a clear predominance of Engineers. There is good number of students from management, commerce, arts, humanities etc.
  • Rigorous Curriculum: Our students go through the same rigorous curriculum that any other top B-school student goes through including case studies, several rigorous projects, presentations and assignments.
  • Industry-focused Curriculum including SAP / PLM: The courseware at KSOM undergoes regular updates based on the input from industry. For example, latest technologies such as GPS, RFID/NFC, Cloud Computing, Web 3.0 etc. were introduced this year to the “Information Technology for Managers” syllabus. Technology Management steam at KSOM imparts PLM skills to students while our partnership with SAP makes our students SAP and ERP ready.
  • Better Corporate Exposure: On an average, there is one corporate connection event per week. KSOM students get significant corporate exposure through conferences, conclaves, guest lectures and seminars.
  • Thriving Clubs: There are several student clubs that meet regularly and conducts events such as management games and quizzes. These activities not only help them understand management concepts better but also make them a better organizers and managers.
  • Better Drive: We mould our students in a way such that they have a strong desire to prove themselves in the corporate world.