To enroll scholars both on full-time and part time basis, KSOM offers Ph.D. Programme under the following modes so as to ensure that all can meet up the mandatory coursework requirement as per UGC norms and smoothly carry forward with their research.

  1. Regular Ph.D. (Full-time basis)
  2. Self-Sponsored Part Time (For Working Executives)


Academic Process

The Academic process from admission to submission to award of degree for the both the full time and working executive shall be same.

Academic Process flow chat



The scholars are exposed to different approaches to doing management research. This gives equal emphasis to qualitative and quantitative research wherein the scholars are required to undergo a course on Research Methodology. Scholars also undergo domain-specific courses and develop their skill in doing critical literature reviews as recommended by the Research Scrutiny Committee.

All the scholars shall complete the coursework of 14 credits within two years of their enrollment into the programme on recommendation of their Research Scrutiny Committee.

Attendance Rules

All the  scholars are required to attend 100% of the classes. However, in case of exigencies, a scholar can be given leave by the Programme Coordinator. Under no circumstances, an attendance of below 70% is acceptable.  In case the scholar is not able to attend any sessions in a semester due to any contingency, s/he shall have to rejoin the semester in the next academic year.

Examination & Grading   Pattern

All the rules pertaining to examination and evaluation shall be in accordance to the University. KSOM will also follow the grading system as commonly adopted by the constituent schools of KIIT University. Marks obtained in a course are converted into grade points and then to grades. All the scholars are evaluated on a scale of 2 to 10. The equivalence of grade points and grades are as follows:

Grade O E A B C D F
Grade Point 10 9 8 7 6 5 2
Marks secured 90-100 80-89 70-79 60-69 50-59 40-49




Academic  Standards for Qualifying Coursework

A scholar must complete the course work by fulfilling the following conditions before proceeding for the research work:

  • Completion of 14  credits of coursework
  • The scholar must earn these credits with atleast “B” grade within two years of enrollment


Research Work

On successful completion of the coursework, a scholar is expected to work with the assigned guide and the RSC members in order to finalize a researchable topic and carry it to its logical completion. The scholars shall develop their research proposals thoroughly scrutinized by a committee. Subsequently, the progress of research work is reviewed periodically to encourage and ensure high quality and final submission and examination. In addition, the programme also requires publication of two articles in reputed  peer reviewed  journals to demonstrate scholarly competencies of the candidate.


Conduct and discipline rules

All scholars would be governed by the KSOM’s discipline and conduct rules.