As part of its vision of providing executive education, School of Management, KIIT University under the banner of Research, MDP & Consulting (RMC) wing offers short duration Management Development Programs (MDPs). The major objectives of these programmes offered by KSOM are:

  • To help participants explore the latest trends and fads in management practice employed and being experimented globally by best in class organizations
  • To provide participants an understanding into managerial concepts/techniques relevant for formulating decisions in different functional areas of management
  • To equip participants with the latest tools, techniques and skills cutting across different areas of management such as general management, marketing, finance etc.
  • To enable participants to obtain valuable insights from extensive interaction with their counterparts from other organizations on developments in management context and its applicability.
  • To provide a pedagogical approach which is an amalgamation of the latest cases, instruments, projects etc to aid experiential learning.
  • To refresh and appraise current managerial thinking and techniques to practitioners in different industries.
  • To ensure the aspect of inclusive growth within an enterprise and the business environment in the light of challenges faced in the eastern part of the country.

The primary intended benefits of such programmes for participants are:

  • Exposure to cutting edge research on latest management concepts and learning programmes based on these.
  • An opportunity to discuss and debate on specific business challenges in a neutral learning environment.
  • The ability to transfer thoughts on pertinent management issues in the classrooms to specific goals in the organizations.
  • Exposure to an opportunity to network and maintain contact with peers even on conclusion of the programmes.

The objectives of these MDPs are to assist in the improvement of existing management systems and practices in India by providing relevant training to these executives at different levels of the organizational hierarchy in corporate India in both private and public sector enterprises. The participants are provided training with the latest tools, technologies, skills and best practices spanning various streams of management such as General Management, Information Systems, Communication & Soft Skills, Leadership and Change Management, Financial Management, Marketing, etc.

A majority of these programs are conducted in the campus of School of Management, KIIT University, while a few are conducted on site. The programs conducted on campus are both residential and non residential in nature. Accommodations are available to the participations at our modern complex on twin-sharing rooms with lounge and dining facilities. The serene, academic ambiance of the campus and green campus provide a highly conductive atmosphere to study, reflect and learn. Round the clock internet facilities via broadband Ethernet and wireless provide opportunities for the participants to stay connected.

On Site Company Training Programs

School of Management, KIIT University’s RCM wing accepts requests from organization for conducting customized training programs for their executives at different levels, and offers unique programs to suit the developmental and business needs of the organization. Standard Modules are also combined with customized MDPs to suit the requirements of client organizations. The duration of the customized programs range from a day to longer time period depending upon the magnitude and complexity of topics being covered.