Kolosseum: The B-School Fest

Spread over three days, the event witnesses various management, cultural and creative games, and corporate star performances. Kolosseum is the mega annual B-school festival of KSOM. It is the perfect amalgamation of opportunities and entertainment through two categories of events. Business events and Cultural events. Both of them go hand in hand, resulting in the holistic development of the participants. Organizing the event has a direct positive impact on the management skills of the students. It also helps them compare themselves with the best and brightest of the other participating B-schools. Several of India’s top management schools such as XIMB and IIMs take part in the competitions. From Gaming to a Treasure hunt to Strategic Problem solving, Kolosseum takes everything within its branches and provides for an experience unparalleled and unmatched.

Kuriosity: The Business Research Fair

It is the only B-school research fair in the eastern part of the country where “exploration meets amusement”. It is the first ladder for those who want to stand out from all in the fast-evolving corporate world. It is an innovative platform that gives “leaders-in-making” a chance to showcase their understanding of business by converting problem statements of various businesses out there into elaborate puzzles and games so as to come up with solutions that are ingenious enough to apply.

This fair comprises events that best fit these promises.

Learning comes from practical experiences. To suffice that, KSOM has a dedicated wing of Student Activities which are run by 10 different Clubs boxed into Domain, Non-Domain & Philanthropy.


Domain Clubs:

Synergy-KSOMSynergy- HR Club: Synergy as the name suggests stands for an interaction and cooperation that is greater together than a sum of its individuals. The HR Club of KSOM stands true to its name in all such regard. We believe in uplifting all those who join us by making them empowered to be confident, outspoken, empathetic, and true leaders in their fields.
We as a club are not just about work and no play but we have best of both Worlds. Whereby we not only gain theoretical knowledge but are also encourage to apply it in the real world.


Matrix-KSOMMatricks – Marketing Club: Matricks, is the most stimulating club of KSOM. It is nothing but the amalgamation of two words marketing and tricks. This exciting club of KSOM intends to make students emerge with innovation and equip them up with creative thinking capacities in tackling problems and marketing them. It as well, aims at keeping them updated with current happenings around the globe in the marketing space as per the demand of the marketing dynamics.



Team-Exchequer-KSOMExchequer – Finance Club: Exchequer is the Finance club of KSOM. The objectives of the club include providing a platform for all the finance enthusiasts to be a part of all the initiatives that the club undertakes and to promote finance as a career option in the student community.
It encourages the budding business professionals to explore the wide myriad of choices that the financial sector has to offer by conducting various intra-college competitions that help them develop an overall perspective about the state of affairs in the financial sector and thus, the economy in general.


Optix-KSOMOptix – Technology and Operations Club: OPTIX the amalgamation of Operations, IT and Analytics which makes the students aware of the advancements and current happening in the field of technology. OPTIX tries engage every member from KSOM family to expose themselves to various facets of organization and make them corporate ready. It is a club who strives to bridge domain knowledge with practical implementations to enhance the learning.



Non-Domain Clubs:


Sanskrit-KSOMSanskriti – Cultural Club: Cultures are the basis of everyone’s happiness and we The Team SANSKRITI help in connecting each and every culture creatively. We promote the essence of traditions and ethics that should always be the foundation of positivity within us. We at SANSKRITI help you grow, socialise and prosper in not only your management skills but also know the value of each and every culture. Sanskriti stands for the theme – Creatively connecting Cultures.



TEAM-Aequitas-KSOMAequitas – Sports Club: Aequitas Club gives every member of KSOM the opportunity to participate in a broad variety of sports and recreational activities. The club aims to establish, develop and promote interest in both indoor and outdoor sports or physical activity. We believe in creating an environment where we let everyone unite in different diverse groups and conduct activities where people play and encourage health and fitness. Providing everyone the opportunity to engage with sports and showcase their skills, not only in the play field but also showcasing their spirit of teamwork, responsibility and leadership skills.


First-cut-mediaclub-KSOMFirstCut – Media Club: As media club our main objective is to promote the Co- curricular activities. It covers all the events organized in KSoM with the help of its members who are photographers and videographers and represent it in every social media page. Apart from that the Club promotes content writing for KSOM blogs and also articulation of student’s thoughts through sketches and painting as well.




BOOK HIVE-KSOMBookHive- The Literary Club: Knowledge is power. And Books are a tool for the same. BookHive the youngest of all the Clubs at KSOM, promotes literature and the habit of reading. It is the only club with a dedicated space as “The Nook of Readers”. Ideated by Sir. Ruskin Bond, this Club celebrates the spirit of Literature and the Publishing World.




kongregate-ksomKongregate- Alumni Club: A club that believes in growing with the Alumni. For any institution, alumni are its strongest asset. This club focuses on strengthening the growth of KSOM through various events where alumni play a main role in imparting their learnings from their experiences, which happens to be a useful tool for B-School Students.




Philanthropy Clubs:

Rotaract-KSOMRotaract: The Rotaract club of KSOM Bhubaneswar North is a student run club which is a part of the Rotary, a global network of 1.2million friends, leaders and problem- solvers who proactively find solutions to real world problems from literacy to health by organizing various campaigns and events. They believe that creating lasting changes is possible when we all unite together and take action.




NSS-KSOMThe National Service Scheme (NSS): NSS wing of KSOM, comes under Central Sector Scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. We take part in various government led community service activities & programs. The sole aim of the NSS wing of KSOM is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service. All the youth volunteers who opt to serve the nation through NSS led community service wear the NSS badge with pride and a sense of responsibility towards helping the needy.