Student Clubs

Clubs further hones their management skills by organizing events related to the various aspects of management. The clubs bring together group-work, leadership skills,creativity, hard work, management principles and general camaraderie in an entertaining way. Each club has members from both First and Second Year MBA students and is led by a faculty coordinator.

Following are the various student clubs operating at the institute:

  • Synergy  – HR Club

  • Matricks – Marketing Club 

  • Sanskriti – Cultural Club 

  • Aequitas – Sports Club 

  • Exchequer – Finance Club 

  • Opsession – Technology and Operations Club 

  • FirstCut – Media Club

  • Renaissance – Entrepreneurship Club

  • Reminiscence – Alumni Club

  • KAPS – Advertising Club

Kolosseum: Annual B-School Extravaganza

Kolosseum is by far KSOM’s biggest festival drawing students from across India (from IIMs and XIMB etc.) witnessing a maddening array of management games, creative activities, Bollywood performers / singers and Rock Shows. >>

Campus Magazine

The Literary Society, a part of the Creative and General Management club launched in 2010 an in campus magazine called “Pravah” containing both management and non-management articles contributed by the student and faculty community. Since then the newsletter has had six issues and has received accolades from multiple quarters for reinventing itself every time.

Sports Committee

KSOM has always imbibed the spirit of sports into its elements. The Sports Committee looks after the different sports activities (indoor & outdoor) organized in the campus and the University. Throughout the year, various sporting events such as Cricket, Table Tennis and Football tournaments take place in the campus. Events and Cultural Committee Students of KSOM come from a multitude of places and cultures. We have embraced these diverse backgrounds by creating a committee which organizes cultural activities such as celebration of different festivals.

Internal Section Matches

This is a grand event that witnesses an array of competitions (number of events crossing 100!) between various sections of the two MBA batches. Competitions include Management Games, Creative Games and Indoor and Outdoor sports. A champion section is declared at the end based on a point based calculation system. Students organize this grand event entirely by themselves with each section sporting its own logo, banner and t-shirt.

The entire campus comes alive when the event is underway.

KSOM Premier League (KCL)

Since 2010, KSOM students have been organizing their very own version of T20 cricket that is quite similar to the IPL format. With virtual money, team owners form teams through player auctions. The event kicks of with a friendly faculty vs. staff match and thereafter followed by day-night matches amidst loud cheers from the section teams. The large verdant playground in the campus with raised ground and overlooking hostel rooms turns into the perfect stadium for the nail-biting matches.

Other Major Activities

Additionally KSOM student community celebrates many festivals and events with great fervour and enthusiasm. Such festivals / days include:

  • Teachers’ Day
  • Holi
  • Diwali
  • Friendship Day

Blood Donation

Students of KSOM, under a society called “Blood 24×7” have several times organized Blood Donation camps and spread the awareness about donating blood. They have donned T-shirts with blood donation messages, staged street shows and approached local people urging them to consider donating blood.

 Spreading Smiles amongst the Underprivileged

KSOM students have several times collected used clothes, blankets, stationeries from the campus and donated them to needy staying around the campus. It’s a regular and on-going activity. In one such recent incident, used paper was collected from everyone, exchanged at Big Bazaar for writing stationeries which were then distributed amongst the nearby slum kids.

 National Service Scheme (NSS)

KSOM NSS wing was started during the Youth Week of 12-19 January, 2011 to usher the students on a path of social service and community development activities. The members and various participating students enjoyed the various competitions to celebrate the spirit of service. The members also interacted with the tribal students of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) and visited the neighboring slums to understand their problems and provide suggestions. Since then NSS has continuously strived to bring issues of social relevance to the forefront through various creative means.


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