Ph. D Awarded (2005-2021)


Sl. No Name of the Scholar Supervisor Research Title
1 Ms. Deepti Mishra Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy Challenges faced by working women in IT sector
2 Mr. Devesh Rath Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy Enterpreneurship in Odisha: Challenges & Opportunities
3 Mr. lakshmi Prasad Padhy Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A Comparative Study on Impact of Knowledge Management in Public and Private Sector Banks
4 Ms. Sadhna Sudersana Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A comparative study on the disengagement of IT Employees in TCSand Infosys
5 Ms. Kumari Akriti Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A Comparative Study on Employee Retention in Public & Private Sector Banks
6 Mr. Vivek Mishra Dr. Biswajit Das Web-Store Nudges Influencing Healthier Food Choices
7 Mr. Pragyan Ranjan Ghadai Dr. Biswajit Das Social Entrepreneurship in Value Creation with Special Reference to KIIT Deemed to be University
8 Ms. Meseret Diriba Odaa Dr. K.K Ray The Determinants of Capital Structure Decision of Ethiopian Manufacturing Companies
9 Mr. Sekhar Chandra Sahoo Dr. K.K Ray Aversion, Indifference and Propensity towards Life Insurance: Role of Insurance Literacy, Advisors and Information Sources
10 Mr.Kumar Devadutta Dr. Abhishek Kumar Implementation of GIS in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in Odisha
11 Mr. Nihar Ranjan Mahapatra Dr. Abhishek Kumar An analysis of Reliance Fresh customers’ attitude towards a transparent supply chain in Odisha
12 Mr. Sanjaya Kumar Ghadai Dr. S.N Misra and Dr. Damodar Jena Local Community Participation in Success of Integrated Child Development Services: An Empirical Study in Khordha District of Odisha
13 Mr. Bhuwandeep Dr.S.N Misra An investigation on the effect of perceived learning environment on ‘academic’ motivation and class engagement
14 Ms. Tapaswini Pattnaik Dr. Sasmita Samanta& Dr. Jitendra Mohanty Work Life Balance of Health Care Workers in New Normal
15 Mr. Pramod Misra Dr. Jitendra Mohanty Improving Efficiency & Quality through Effective Training; an Exploratory Study on Supervisory Leadership Styles in the Infrastructure Sector
16 Mr. Tarun Shyam Dr. Srikant Das Digital Divide in Higher Education System in Odisha
18 Ms. Sweta Mishra Dr. Shikta Singh Job Crafting and Its Impact on Employee Engagement, Satisfaction and Performance in the Banking Industry
19 Ms. Samrudha Nayak Dr. B.C.M Pattnaik A comparative analysis of International Financial Reporting standards (IFRS) Compliance skills in Government and Private Organizations in Odisha
20 Mr. Sajal kumar Ghosh Dr. Ashok Kumar Sar The Dynamics of Project Success: A Study of Railway Construction   Projects in India
21 Sasmita Rani Samanta Dr. R K Nanda & Dr. Rajnish Misra Soft Competency in Corporate Management
22 Arun Kumar Rath Dr. P Nayak Towards better corporate governance
23 S.Nagendra Dr. P C Panda Understanding Innovation Economics as a chaotic system : The search for an underlying order
24 Siba Prasad Rath Dr. Biswajit Das Oral Intoxicant consumption in the state of orissa and social marketing efforts
25 Duryodhan Nayak Dr. P C Panda Fiscal Reforms,its economic effects on the state of Orissa with reference to VAT
26 Monalisa Bal Dr. A K Mohapatra Learning in a joyful environment
27 Chinmaya Kumar Das Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy Effectiveness of empowering the award staff members by revamping the training system – a case study of Bank of Baroda in Orissa
28 Deepak Kumar Singh Dr. BCM Patnaik A comparative study on profitability of Vedanta & NALCO
29 M.A.Gubaily Dr. Manmatha Kundu & Prof. Biswajit Das Designing a course in spoken English for undergraduate Learners of English in Yemen
30 Sultan Saleh Ahmed Dr. Manmatha Kundu & Prof. Biswajit Das A study on Indigenous Approaches to enhance Teachers’ and Learners’ proficiency in English in the Rural and Tribal areas in Yemen: Preparation of materials.”
31 Prabir Kumar Pradhan Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy Improving Rural Odisha Through Connectivity
32 Aswini Kumar Dash Dr. Biswajit Das Developing a business strategy model for the Jobbing industry
33 Prakash Kumar Pradhan Dr. BCM Patnaik An Empirical Analysis of NPAs in Agricultural Loan in Cooperative Bank (A case study on Khordha Central Cooperative Bank of Odisha
34 Archana Choudhury Dr. P.Nayak & Dr. Snigdha Tripathy Turnaroung Management in Rourkela Steel Plant During 2001-2008:An HR Perspective
35 Ansuman Jena Dr. Biswajit Das Customer Preference in the Virtual Retail Environment -An Emprical Study about Online Shopping in India
36 Biranchi Prasad Panda Dr. Kaushik Sahu & Dr. Biswajit Das Technology Absorption as a strategic option for Indian Manufacturing Competitiveness- a special reference to Intelligent Computer-Aided Design Technology
37 Padma Dev Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy Performance Analysis of Employees State Insurance Corporation in Odisha(with special reference to Choudwar zone)
38 Amiya Kumar Sahu Dr. L.K Vaswani Monitoring by Financial Institutions and Impact on Firm Performance :Evidence from India
39 Sasmita Jena Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A Comparative Study on Work-Life Balance of Nursing Staff working in Private and Government Hospitals
40 Kaish Quiresh Khan Dr. Rath Nayak/ Odia-English Code Switching : A Study of Formal & Functional Features
Dr.Biswajit Das
41 Debadatta Sahoo Dr.Trilochan Tripathy/ Effect of Intellectual Capital and competition on Firms’ Valuation, Financial Performance and Competitive Advantage : An Empirical Investigation in India
Dr. Ashok K Sar
42 Sonali Chakraborty Dr. Sailabala Debi Household Expenditure on Health Care in Urban Odisha: An Empirical Study of Cuttack City
43 Jitendra Kumar Ram Dr. R.N Subudhi Performance of Regional Rural Banks After Amalgamation : A case study of Odisha
44 Salila Kumar Pattanaik Dr. Rajnish K Misra/ Effect of Employer Branding on Employee Engagement : A study of Indian IT Services Companies
Dr. Jitendra Mohanty
45 Debi Prasad Das Dr.Ipseeta Satpathy A Comparative Study on Employee Turnover and its impact on Organization” (With special reference to Tata Steel and Hindalco)
46 Diptendu Kumar Ghosh Dr. Biswajit Das Branding & its impact on the buying behaviour of customer of cement industry : A study on Kolkata city of West Bengal
47 Anirban Mandal Dr. BCM Patnaik Dynamics of Rural Urban Labour Migration- A study on Malda District of West Bengal
48 Tushar Dash Dr. Biswajit Das “Study of Institutional Housing Finance Market in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack”
49 Avinash Ch Supkar Dr. BCM Patnaik Mainstreaming the Financially Excluded
50 Suhransu S Acharya Dr. L.K Vaswani Evaluation of the efficacy of Indian Credit Guarantee Scheme for MSMEs
51 Brajaballav Kar Dr. S.C Behari & Dr. R.N Subudhi Intent, Ideation & Success Measures of Entrepreneurship : A case study of MSME in Odisha
52 Sushri S Rout Dr. Sasmita Samanta & Dr. Bijan Bihari Mishra Computational Intelligence for mapping Academic Competency  in Technical Institutes
53 Rajeev Sengupta Dr. BCM Patnaik & Dr. Sisira Kanti Mishra Determinants of Bancassurance in India
54 Pradeep Kumar Das Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy Mainstreaming the Marginalized through Microfinance
55 Chandra Bhanu Das Dr. BCM Patnaik Skill Gap Analysis for the Finance & Accounting Outsourcing in Manufacturing Industries in Odisha
56 Biswa Behari Das Dr. R.N Subudhi Engagement Pattern of Users in Digital & Social Media Marketing(DSMM) – A service Industry Perspective
57 Bonita Mitra Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A comparative study on Effectiveness of Stress Management in TCS & Infosys
58 Amrita Pani Dr. Biswajit Das Customer Relationship Marketing in Hospitality : A study of Star Hotels in Bhubaneswar
59 Preeti Rachayeeta Dr. Sisra Kanti Misra & Dr. BCM Patnaik A comparative study on skill defieciency of micro, small & Medium enterprises (MSME) in Odisha
60 Mitu Agarwal Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A study on Work Life Balance of Working Couples in Private Sector Organizations
61 Sulagna Das Dr. BCM Patnaik Dynamics of Performance of Indian Regional Rural Banks in the Post Merger Era
62 Shradha Padhi Dr. Sumita Mishra & Dr. BCM Patnaik Impact of Ethical Values of Indian Project Managers on Software Project Performance
63 Satya Priya Rath Dr. Ashok K Sar Fiscal Sustainability: A case study of Odisha
64 Payel Chaudhuri Dr. Abhishek Kumar Influence of Consumer Acculturation on the Internet Usage of the consumers of Eastern Odisha
65 MANAS RANJAN PANI Dr. BCM Patnaik Transformation from Class Banking to Mass Banking through Pradhan Mantri Jan – Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)
66 MOHAMMED ABDULLAH MOHAMMED HOBAB Dr. Manmatha Kundu & Dr. Biswajit Das A study on the use of Translation and other remedial materials for teaching English at the primary level in Yemen
67 RAJESH KUMAR PANDA Dr. Biswajit Das & Dr. Ranjan Kumar Bal Electronic Commerce Adoption: A Study of Travel Agencies in Odisha
68 DEBAPRATIM PURKAYASTHA Dr. Trilochan Tripathy & Dr. Biswajit Das Ecosystem, Competition and Regulation in Indian Microfinance Industry: An Inquiry into Causes, Consequences & Sustainability
69 NIDHI KUMARI Dr. Ashok Kumar Sar The Impact of Behavioral Biases on Investment in Capital Market: A Study of Individual Investors in Eastern India
70 KUMAR MOHANTY Dr. L.K. Vaswani An Introduction to the Process of Co-Creation with Customers in Product Development and Services –A Study of Brands in India
71 ANAMIKA Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy Outbound training and its effect on Employee Performance
72 BHUBANESWARI BISOYI Dr. Biswajit Das Green Marketing: Purchase Behaviour of Consumers’ For Eco-Friendly Products in Odisha
73 NITESH KUMAR PANCH Dr. Srikanta Charan Das A Comparative Study on Connecting Rural Areas Through Information Technology for Digital Transactions
74 NIRMALYA DEBANATH Dr. Abhishek Kumar Dynamics of Mobile Banking Adoption Behavior in North Eastern States of India
75 BEYAT PRAGNYA RATH Dr. Biswajit Das Collective Bargaining and its Impact on Odisha’s Mining Industry (With Reference to Keonjhar District)
76 SOURAV MOHANTY Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A Comparative Study on Deviant Workplace Behavior in Healthcare Sector of Odisha
77 NIHAR RANJAN SAMAL Dr. BCM Patnaik Home Loan Portfolio – A Study on Indian Public Sector Banks
78 BIKASH KUMAR RUP Dr. Sasmita Samanta Influence of Perceived Brand Personality on Brand Purchase Intention: Role of Biological Sex, Gender Role and Brand Attitude
79 SANDEEP KUMAR MALLIK Dr. Srikanta Charan Das Effectiveness of Enterprise Resource Planning in Supply Chain Management
80 NARAYAN TRIPATHY Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A Comparative Study on Working and Living Condition of Workers in Organized and Unorganized Sector
81 LIPSA MISRA Dr. Satya Narayan Misra & Dr. Sasmita Mishra Impact of Formal Education on Socio-Economic and Psychological Empowerment of Women in Odisha- A Study of Khordha District
82 SUMANA CHAUDHURI Dr. Abhishek Kumar The Impact of Service Quality on the Customers in the Organized Grocery Stores in Odisha
83 SHARAD KUMAR Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy Customer Satisfaction of Service Qualities Provided in Different Airports in India
84 GLORY SINGH Dr. Abhishek Kumar Organic Production System and Sustainable Positioning of Kandhamal Organic Turmeric and its Export Opportunities
85 BIPLAB KUMAR BISWAL Dr. Abhishek Kumar Impact of Destination Marketing on Odisha Tourism
86 SWATI MISHRA Dr. Sumita Mishra Effect of Intrinsic Motivation on Employee Retention of Indian Gen Y Software Professionals
87 MANORANJAN BHUYAN Dr. Kumar Bar Das & A Study on Banking Behaviour of Account Holders under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)
Dr. Jitendra Mohanty
88 AJAYA KUMAR NANDA Dr. Sasmita Samanta Mainstreaming Tribals through Financial Literacy: (With Special Reference to Koraput District of Odisha)
89 DEEPAK KUMAR RAUT Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy Effectiveness of Inclusive Training at Workplace
90 GOURANGA CHANDRA DEBNATH Dr. Sasmita Mishra Exploring Leadership and NGO Effectiveness in BRAC, Bangladesh
91 YASHASWINI MISHRA Dr. R.N. Subudhi Impact of Employer Branding and Organization Attractiveness on Citizenship Behaviour for Retention of Faculties: A Study on Faculties of Universities of Odisha
92 SNIGDHA SUHAGIN Dr. B.C.M. Patnaik A Study on Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) in Odisha
93 MENGISTU GULTI BUBA Dr. Debi Prasad Das Effect of Inventory Management Practices on Organizational Performance in Ethiopian Universities
94 YIMER AYALEW AHMED Dr. Brajaballav Kar Youth Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia: Traits, Kinship, and Challenges
95 DEBAJANI PALAI Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A Comparative Study on Multi-Generational Workforce in Public & Private Sector Banks
96 NITAI CHANDRA DEBNATH Dr. B.C.M. Patnaik Corporate Governance and Real Earnings Management: Evidence from an Emerging Economy
97 HAYLESLASIE TSEGAY AREGAWI Dr. B.C.M. Patnaik Impact of Micro and Small Enterprises in Socioeconomic Development of Ethiopia
98 NIDHI GARG Dr. Namita Mohanty A Comparative Study on Mental Well-Being of IT Professionals in Public and Private Sector of Bhubaneswar
Dr. Jitendra Mohanty
99 SOLOMON MELESE AMBAW Dr. Debi Prasad Das The Moderating Effects of Emotional Intelligence on the Relationship Between Organizational Politics and Work Outcomes
100 AMARENDRA KUMAR PATNAIK Dr. Abhishek Kumar A Comparative Study on Services Provided by Health Insurance Companies in India
Dr. S.N. Misra
101 SANGHAMITRA BRAHMA Dr. Sumita Mishra Role of Critical Enablers in Effective Knowledge Management Implementation in Management Education
102 MANISHA SRIVASTAVA Dr. Sasmita Mishra A Talent Retention Framework for Indian B- Schools
Dr. Sumita Mishra
103 AYUSHI RAI CHOUDHURY Dr. Sailabala Debi Financial Inclusion and Socio-Economic Development: An Inter and Intra Spatial Analysis
Dr. S.N. Misra
104 MALABIKA SAHOO Dr. Sumita Mishra Effect of Pre and Post Training Factors on Motivation to Transfer Training in Soft Skill Training Programmes
105 MITALI DAS MOHAPATRA Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A Comparative Study of job Satisfaction in Tata Consultancy Services and Tech Mahindra
106 AVIJIT MAJUMDER Dr. A.K Naik Socio-Economic Impact of Urbanization in Odisha: A Case Study of Bhubaneswar and Rourkela
Dr. S.N. Misra
107 SUBHANIL BANERJEE Dr. Sailabala Debi Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Fixed Assets Formation and International Trade: The Experiences of China
Dr. Ashok K Sar
108 SAIKAT CHAKRABARTI Dr. Ipseeta Satpathy A Comparative Study on Psychological Contract of Government and Private Educational Institutions
109 M.A. MANOJ Dr. Biswajit Das Customer Retention through Customer Relationship Management in Small and Medium Enterprises
110 ANSUMAN SAR Dr. S.N. Misra & Impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Teaching and Learning Processes: A Study of Government High Schools of Odisha
Dr. Subrat Sarangi
111 SWAROOP MOHANTY Dr. Prashanta Chandra Panda & Retail Marketing and E-Tailing in Odisha: A Study on Performance, Attitude and Challenges of Selected Retail Organisations
Dr. Priti Ranjan Sahoo
112 ARUNDHATI ROY Dr. BCM Patnaik A Comparative Analysis of Pre & Post Goods and Services Tax (GST) Scenario in West Bengal
113 PRASANTA KUMAR SUAR Dr. Sasmita Samanta & Effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management in Non-Banking Financial Services Sector with special reference to Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd.
Dr. Sasmita Mishra
114 MD. MAHABBAT HASAN PARVEZ Dr. Sasmita Mishra Ethicality in Bangladeshi TV Commercials: A Mixed Method Study
115 ANITA PRADHAN Dr. Sasmita Mishra The Impact of Demographic and Psychological Variables on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in Academics
Dr. Sumita Mishra
116 MONALISA MOHAPATRA Dr. Srikant Das Exploring Employability of Management Students Through Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
117 BISWOJIT SWAIN Dr. Abhishek Kumar Connecting Customers Through Digital Transactions in Odisha
118 NIKITA AHYA Dr. S.N. Misra & Impact of Education on Socio-Economic and Psychological Status of Tribal Girls: A Case Study of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences
Dr. Shikta Singh
119 TANMOY KUMAR SATPATHY Dr. Sasmita Samanta Spiritual Intelligence (SI) in Individuals, and SI’s Effect on Life Satisfaction and Decision Making
120 MESAUD MUHAMED HAGOS Dr. Shikta Singh An Empirical Analysis of Growth Determinants of Firms in Ethiopia: A Critical Study of Manufacturing and Merchandise Businesses
121 SASMITA MISHRA Dr. Sudarsan Padhy & Dynamics of Portfolio Construction: Some Models for Indian Financial Market
Dr. Satya Narayan Misra
122 URVASHI SRIVASTAVA Dr. Namita Mohanty & Effects of Source Information Quality on Job Expectations and Intentions to Apply for a Job Among Fresh MBA Graduates
Dr. Jitendra Mohanty
123 ABHAY KUMAR MOHANTY Dr. BCM Patnaik Impact of Alternate Channel Services Provided by Banks
124 MESELE KEBEDE MANAYE Dr. BCM Patnaik Determinants of Tax Evasion in Ethiopia
125 ANKITA AGARWAL Dr. RN Subudhi Online Shopping Behaviour: A Study on Online Shopping Attributes and Customer Experience
126 OMAR FARUK  Dr. RN Subudhi Effects of Firm-Level Internal Determinants on Export Performance of SMEs in Bangladesh