For the Corporate, there are several ways to get associated with KSOM.

1. Motivational Speaker

KSOM is always willing to and is ready to provide all opportunities to Industry experts who wish to ignite young minds or share their struggles with budding managers. Or say, let the young managers know how the industry is shaping up.

2. Visiting Faculty

Visiting Faculty, whether taking an entire course for a semester or a few chapters of a course, is a vital part of our Academic System. Industry exponents who teach our students as visiting faculty bring a lot of insights into the class and help students see the concepts apply in the real world. KSOM is always on the look out for good Visiting Faculty Members and Guest Speakers. Some Visiting Faculty members take an entire course at KSOM, by visiting the institute only thrice during a semester. With our flexible class timings, we try to accomodate their schedule to make such engagements possible.

3. Funded Research

KSOM is already working with a few local organizations on their research activity, helping them create intellectual properly that can ploughed back into their business to create additional value. So whether its an employee engagement initiative or a market research question, we can work with Corporates to carry out research as per their requirements. This in turn not only helps the corporate get insights at a far better cost, but also creates new avenues of learning for the institute.

4. Executive Education

KSOM conducts regular Executive Education programs for Corporates, ranging from a few hours to continuing for a week. Whether it’s Leadership, Teamwork, Labour Issues, Technology Adoption or just plain vanilla use of Microsoft Excel, KSOM can help an organizations skill their employees in a very efficient and cost effective manner.

5. Consultancy

Majority of KSOM’s faculty have spent a good deal of time in the corporate and polished their understanding of management practices through doctoral research and academic pursuit. They therefore make very good candidates to get involved in provide consultancy to Organizations on a variety of issues, ranging from Go-to-Market strategy to enabling e-Commerce. KSOM is working with organizations of all sizes, whether an incubatee, a start up, a government agency or an established business house and provide you with implementable solutions. In many cases, understanding of the local market plays a crucial role and KSOM faculty members can significantly help. Typically KSOM would form a team of experienced and relevant faculty members to work on a given Consulting assignment.

6. Summer Internship

Summer Internship at the institute is rigorous and we always intend to give our students a Unique internship experience which helps them apply their classroom education in a real life situation and multiply their leaning. We believe each internship should bring tangible benefit to the Business Organization too, in addition to helping the students learn. Consequently, we look out for unique working environments, industries that our students can be exposed to. Whether it’s a start up or a large established MNC, we welcome all Internship opportunities.

7. Recruit from KSOM

We firmly believe that KSOM students are a unique package. The academic rigor and the updated curriculum keeps them well equipped to face the dynamic business environment. Mentoring and Assessment help them build on their strengths and work on areas of improvement. We welcome all kinds of organizations, whether working in the social sector, in the manufacturing sector or in services, whether a start up or a large conglomerate, to take a look at our students. We are confident they will find a right fit in our students.

So whether you are part of the Senior Management, a struggling Entrepreneur, a Middle Level Manager, or an achiever in any field, we would love to hear from you and explore ways on how we can work with you and make management education more fruitful for everybody. Please reach out to us at the following contacts.


  • For Motivational Talk and Visiting Faculty Opportunities: Prof. Surya Narayan Mishra (email:
  • For Funded Research, Executive Education and Consultancy: Prof. Surya Narayan Mishra (email:
  • For Summer Internship and Recruitment: Prof. Surya Narayan Mishra (email: