Mr. Satyajit Dwivedi

Director, Global Practice, Process Sensor & IOT SAS

Thanks to KIIT University for this opportunity. It was great meeting all the panel members. Enjoyed and learned!

Mr. Bijumon Jacob

Senior Vice President and Head of HR Temenos India

I want to thank all our fellow panel memebers for the insightful interaction. It was a wonderful learning experience.

Mr. Arun G Phillip

Group Manager – HR IBS

It was extremely good. Really enjoyed it. Great learning for me

Mr. Norberto Monarrez

CHRO, GyanSys

Thank you all for the opportunity to share today! You definetly have given me a lot to think about. Please stay safe!

Mr. Ashish Kant Choudhary

Head Talent Management India DXC

This was a tremendous learning opportunity for me too and I thank my fellow panelists and KIIT

Mega Digital HR Konclave

Vikas Sarda

Chief Financial Officer at Unitus Capital and Unitus Seed Fund

It was indeed a pleasure to be at KSOM. We had very interactive and informative discussions on the recent policy interventions. I am really happy and proud of the discussion which various students brought forward off the dais. It certainly shows the thinking pattern of the students at KSOM. I feel that the faculty at KSOM is doing a great work of teaching and mentoring the students.

Meenaa Sharma

CHRO, Reliance Money

In my entire experience where i go and participate in different forums, KSOM has been the BEST not only in terms of hospitality but in the design of the event. Loved the attitude of the students.

Prashant Gupta

Business Head, Radio Mirchi, Gujarat

It was indeed a great pleasure to be part of the 8th National Marketing Conclave and especially interacting with the students. I wish the institute great success in all its endeavours. Also, thanks for the great hospitality extended to me.

Manoj Kumar Mohanty

Senior VP - Sales ,South Asia & South East Asia, IDS Next

It was indeed an immense pleasure for me too to be part of KSOM's National Marketing Conclave. It was quite insightful. I truly enjoyed the event with students. I would also like to thank entire organizing team for such a wonderful hospitality.

Prasad Sadagopan

Business Manager - Cards National Bank of Fujairah Dubai, UAE

KSOM offers one of the best quality management education programme in India. The curriculum, staff, student profile and infrastructure is exceptional and comparable with similar institutions globally.

Pradipta Lenka

Founder & Director at Synchro

Was quite impressed with the Co-Educate program through industry-academia partnership. I am sure KSOM will be a trend-setter in such a progressive and futuristic approach. Good to see the initiative being well-reciprocated by highly engaged students and supportive corporate bigwigs, a win-win situation. Overall, the positive experience has far exceeded my expectations. Good going KSOM !!

Mukul Chopra

Director HR – Huawei Consumer Business Group

What took me by surprise was the passion , the professionalism and the commitment of both the faculty and the students at KSOM . Would highly recommend my fellow colleagues to go and spend some time with team and the students there and I can assure you will be in for a very pleasant surprise.

Abhishek Mohanty

Associate Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd

On my first ever visit to the KSOM campus, I was rather impressed by how vibrant, open and honest the Student community was. I loved the fact that they were only too willing to engage in professional banter! I think the Conclave is an excellent idea - it brings academia and industry closer. And maybe going forward, the institute may could even get the Conclave Speaker(s) and interested Students acquainted with each other well before the day of the Conclave - perhaps through a Q&A on the topic in question - so that the students take away more than just that one day's worth of an interaction.

Nirmalya Pal

Director, DebriN Synergy

By the virtue of my profession and the services that we offer to many top B Schools and Universities, I often need to visit campuses across the nation. But this visit to KSOM for the 7th National Marketing Conclave was one of the best experiences so far. While it was professionally managed to the micro level, the human touch, the warmth in the hospitality could always be felt. Must also admit that the organizing committee managed the conference in a way where the conditions for being an “enabler”, distinct from a “speaker” were clearly established. In the process, the learning was not just limited to the students-participants, but was for everyone. Great Show. My unconditional support remains, whenever needed.

Anamika Dasgupta Sharma

Coach & Facilitator | Founder of The Potter's Earth Career Advisors

Every interaction with students of KSOM is a wonderful experience. It is refreshing to meet with a bunch of young minds who are open to inputs and equally participative with their own thoughts, opinions and views. With the right blend of curiosity, aspiration and courage, these students will prove to be an asset to any organization. My best wishes and support to the faculty who are doing such an awesome job with this young lot!

Shubhayu Sengupta

Senior Vice President, HR Head India, HGS

I had the privilege to be part of the 7th National HR Conclave and share one's experiences on very key and pertinent topics which were part of the agenda for the Conclave. It was an extremely rewarding experience, interacting with a bunch of bright young minds and the dedicated faculty and the management team. The conclave was exceptionally well organized and provided a great platform to get the industry and the academic world together

Dr. B.B Mohapatra

Director of Nursing, Odisha

We really appreciate the way KSOM conducted the training program for the Nursing personnel. The faculty trainers from KSOM provided different approaches and new ways to train with lots of new ideas and skills.

Mr Subhashish Das

VP HR – Berger Paints

A student who graduates from KSOM is equipped with three unique skill sets that makes him or her a complete package. The first and foremost is the emphasis of the institution to strongly imbibe ethical and socially responsible practices - through the various training and learning modules. Secondly, the focus on active learning, simulation and industry exposure ensures that a student possesses real and relevant employable skills - which act as a motivation for hiring firms as it brings down their overall cost of training. Finally, a healthy relationship between students & faculty members help in smooth working on various inclusive innovation projects that are actively being pursued by the institution. Over the years, having hired students of KSOM, and also being mentor to few others, I have been really impressed to notice these skills among most students, and would therefore recommend all prospective employers to try out this institution of learning.

Mr. Subhranshu S Acharya

General Manager, SIDBI, BBSR

KSOM, KIIT University has been our partner in conducting training for officers from all grades for more than 3 years now. They always keep surprising us with new pedagogical approaches and contents.

Mr. P.P Rao

DGM, Zonal Training Centre, IDBI, BBSR

We are extremely happy with the empanelled faculty from KSOM. We never thought that we we will be able to conduct our training so smoothly at BBSR Zonal Training Centre. This would not have been possible without their support and collaboration.