Parikalpana: KIIT Journal of Management ISSN(P): 0974-2808; ISSN(E): 2582-4821



Parikalpana is a bi-annual journal published from the institution. The name of the journal means hypotheses or assumptions that a researchers wants to test. Parikalpana, the peer reviewed and globally indexed research journal of KSOM, KIIT.

Mission Statement:

The KIIT Journal of Management seeks to offer original and cutting edge directions for creating, grooming, and disseminating the novel thoughts and researches, conducted on business sectors in India and abroad with pragmatic orientation.


The journal would include articles relevant for the following:

  • Indian organizations operating in India and overseas;
  • Multinational firms in India;
  • Comparative analysis across firms and across geographical locations.

The journal encourages submissions that follow diverse perspectives and methodologies, existing as well as novel, including but not limited to:

  • Conceptual articles, which would build new perspectives based on personal insights and or literature reviews.
  • Empirical articles, which are based on primary and or secondary data, and which may use qualitative and or quantitative methodologies
  • Case studies
  • Management games and exercises
  • Book reviews
  • Expert comments on the topical issues pertinent to performing organizations, and
  • Critiques of the articles included in the earlier issues of the journal