KSOM has a student Counseling Program – KOMMUNI KARE which deals with students who approach directly to any of the members of the Student Counseling Committee, or are referred by any faculty member, staff or student. The Committee’s purpose is to resolve the issues and concerns raised by a student. In case it is perceived that the student needs medical attention, the student is referred to a medically trained counselor, at KIMS (Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences). Kommuni Kare is not only about  counselling. It is about spreading happiness. At Kommuni Kare, students are encouraged to be healthy and happy because health and happiness are two things that determine how our life is going to be.

Counseling started as a “talk therapy” which allows an individual student, student’s family members (if required) interacts and discusses issues and concerns with a professional. The counselor handholds such students who are referred for counseling. It can help a student to deal with stress of all kinds.

Events like, drama, role play, and also group discussion sessions are designed to create awareness among students about what is bad in life and activities are conducted to spread happiness and good spirits. Candid rendezvous sessions with students are held where they come and talk to about their problems and the team gives them solutions, be it relationship, be it family, be it studies, or everything else that could upset them. The Committee with the help of students maintain a wall magazine where what our students write or draw are displayed.

 KSOM also has a mentor mentee program where every student of both the BBA and MBA programs are allotted regular faculty members as mentors from day one of joining the college. Second Saturday of every month is declared as the Tutor Mentor day where all mentors meet their mentees online / offline. Apart from this ear marked day, each mentor meets a mentee, as and when they approach their respective mentor.