Susovon Mullick

Placed - TCS

The two year long journey in KSOM has been the best part of my life. Now I can see a huge difference in myself starting from the day I took admission in the college till date. Those difference matrices not only evolve around my academic capabilities but also something beyond like personality development. Throughout the journey, my faculty have played a huge role. They made sure that no one gets unnoticed during the course and most importantly after the completion of the course as well. KSOM gave me several platforms to interact with the experienced industry players and these platforms not only gave me the industry knowledge but also gave me the confidence to stand alongside them. KSOM has always encouraged us to create a network and build bonds with the people around us which I believe is really important and useful to us. At the end of this beautiful two year long journey, I can proudly say that KSOM has helped me achieve everything that I thought I could never achieve in my life.

Mriya Ray

Placed - Kestone Integrated Marketing Services

When I started my journey as a student, KSOM gave me the right platform to explore my true potential and guided me at every step to achieve my dream career. The corporate events helped me to learn beyond the classroom environment and opened the doorway to various opportunities. Thanks to the faculty for bringing out the best in me. The memories of this journey will be cherished forever.

Aishwarya Tripathy

Placed - TCS (HR)

KSOM has highly educated & vastly experienced faculty. The best part is they are always accessible and ready to help. I loved the challenges of assignments, projects, presentations, seminars and deadlines in KSOM. The learning exposure gave me the confidence to face the corporate world challenge. I also take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to Achyuta Samanta Sir for providing me an opportunity to study in such a wonderful world-class institution.

Sanjay Kumar Sahoo

Placed: ITC Ltd

KSOM helped me a lot by providing pre-placement training in the form of mock tests/gd/pi. It helped me crack one of the best companies in India.

Ritu Dasgupta


KSOM proved to be the best choice for me to pursue BBA. It enhanced me in every way possible and moulded me into a professional BBA graduate. The faculty of KSOM are phenomenal, who treat their students as a family and they are always ready to help. KSOM has a saying that we can't teach you anything, we can only make you think and I think that is what makes good managers. Proud to be a KIITian.

Asadullah Amiri

Parwan, Afghanistan

I am honored to be a part of KSOM. I am immensely thankful to the faculty instructors to have guided me in the tough initial phase

Ritika Singh


KSOM provided me a great platform to enhance my knowledge and nurture my skills through effective pedagogy

Subham Parida


During my first few days in this college, I faced some difficulties because everything was totally new for me. But with the help of my professors and friends, everything became easier. I felt my self at home very quickly. KSOM has a very friendly atmosphere and helpful professors who not only teach well but also encourage you to give one's best in life. Classes are interesting and the way of teaching is great. I did a lot of presentations which made me confident in public speaking. I also participated in mock interviews and many group discussions. All these enhanced my personality in a very short period. I really appreciate all the support and love I have got in this period.

Sreyashi Dutta


My three years stint at KSOM have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. KSOM manages to strike the right balance among studies, fun and co-curriculum. I feel grateful to stay under the guidance of our highly knowledgeable faculties. The Mentor-Mentee system here is one of the best in the country and delivers great help to many students. Overall I find myself lucky to be a student of KSOM.


Placed: ANZ BANK, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

MBA from KSOM had helped me immensely towards my success. With programs like KONFIDANT, various conclaves and even by internship I got the exposure to the corporate world which gave me the kick towards the company I dreamt for.


Placed: HDFC AMC, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

MBA at KSOM has shaped me up to become corporate ready. The industry oriented course, corporate events and interactions with mentors from the industry along with the support from the faculties have helped me get the company I desired.


Placed: DELOITTE ADVISORY, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

KSOM has helped me grow holistically by providing me a whole new perspective towards life altogether. Thanks to the care and guidance of its faculties and plethora of opportunities.


Placed: KELLOGGS, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

MBA from ksom has enabled me to cherish and fulfil my ambition and has entitled me to a desired job that has helped me and my skills a good fit to the workforce. Faculties there have helped me to grow and develop professionally, socially and morally making me a perfect individual. Thank you, KSOM!


Placed: HDFC BANK, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

My two years at KSOM has been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and sometimes with academic grind that one has to go through. The exposure makes you a better person to face the challenges of the corporate world.


Placed: TCS BPS, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

MBA from KSOM has helped me grow professionally as well as personally. Always expect the unexpected because that's what makes you corporate ready anytime anyday.


Placed: HINDUSTAN UNILEVER, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

MBA helped me to realize that most of us are only fantasizing about our dreams rather than working on it. KSOM provided me the platform to work on my dreams and eventually got the perfect internship and placement. My fantasy become reality.


Placed: ZEE ENTERTAINMENT, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

If you're comfortable in doing something, then you're doing it wrong. KSOM has always encouraged me to push my boundaries beyond the comfort zone and realize my real potential.


Placed: MOTILAL OSWAL, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

Exposure in KSOM to various nuances of business turned a novice like me fit enough to bag a job in the highly knowledge driven industry of investments at MotilalOswal.


Placed: DELOITTE USI TAXATION, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

Providing me access to impeccable academic knowledge along with inculcating the required professionalism for the corporate world has what KSOM blessed me which helped me bag my dream job in Deloitte.

Aditi Mishra

Placed: GE Healthcare, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

At certain point of time all feel down and degraded for ourselves...and this is the time how we evolve and grow as beings, we learn to know ourselves first rather than our professions. That is the time when you need someone to understand that little head of yours and right there you have a faculty, a mentor to help you stay up all the time. MBA from KSOM has helped me to learn and grow not only in my profession but also as a 'kind', as a 'being'. "To grow on the outer world, first you need to grow within".

Konchada Harshith Kumar

Placed-Deloitte, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

KSOM makes a person complete in all aspects. I have learnt a lot here in terms of academics, personality building, attitude, behaviour, interpersonal skills, social and co-cultural activities, corporate exposure, soft skills and much more. KSOM gave me proper and clear exposure of what the corporate world demands & how I needed to mould myself.

Abantika Sasmal

MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

Our faculty has various corporate connect. If you are good enough a candidate, they can always help you to refer to one. For me, it was a great experience as I loved my job and thanks to the faculty for helping me get an internship of my choice.



In KSOM, I have grown as a person. The college nurtures you in such a way that you end up not only being in a better place in your career but you end up as a BETTER PERSON.

Rittik Sarkar

MBA – 2017 - 19 Batch

The faculty here never ceases to amaze me. They are extremely supportive, approachable, and amicable. Back to back seminars, workshops and annual conclaves helped me keep in touch with the corporate life.

Shivani Tripathi

MBA Program 2018-20 Batch

My stint with Cholamandalam gave me an opportunity to practice the techniques we learnt in our coursesat KSOM and see for myself how theoretical knowledge can be applied in practical scenario.

Ankit Kumar Nepak

MBA Program 2018-20 Batch

Summer Internship Program (SIP) at KSOM provided me an exposure to real life corporate set up and the experience of working in a business organization. I did my internship at IDBI Federal Life Insurance. It was extremely useful from placement perspective and helped me immensely during my placement interviews.

Jibesh Kumar Dash

Placed - MakeMyTrip , Sr. Business Development Executive -

Exposure to corporate world through various corporate events and excellent faculty at KSOM helped me get my dream job.

Mr. Amit Kumar Marndi

Placed - HDFC Bank MBA 2017-19 Batch

The efforts that the professors put in, to make every student ready for the corporate world is commendable. The professors of KSOM helped me develop a strong foundation.

Ms. Drishti Bajoria

Placed - DELOITTE TAXATION MBA 2017-19 Batch

KSOM manages to strike the right balance between studies, fun and co-curriculum. It has played a very important role in infueling confidence in me, harnessing my potential, developing my skills and helping me to bag my dream job at Deloitte.

Ms. Suchismita Pradhan

Placed - DELOITTE ADVISORY MBA 2017-19 Batch

The best thing about KSOM is having the freedom to think of an idea and test its practical application. Here the potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized.

Mr. Shakilur Rahman

Placed - HDFC BANK MBA 2017-19 Batch

KSOM has given me many opportunities and exposure. Be it my first out-bound trip (Konfluence), the three major conclaves (HR, Marketing and Finance), the several seminars and guest lectures, the innumerable workshops or all the insightful lecture sessions, the college has groomed me to be corporate ready.

Ms. Simran Narula

Placed at Deloitte Taxation

The thing which I like most about the KSOM is the mentor-mentee program of college where every student is mapped to a faculty and the faculty guides the student in every possible way. The academic activities are accompanied by the various extracurricular activities which happen throughout the year.

Ms. Tanisha Biswas

HR Recruiting Specialist - Allegis Global Solutions

I will forever be thankful to KSOM and will always remember that I began the journey here. It has provided me with a platform to realise my potential and make the best use of it. I am filled with pride and gratitude for being an Alumna of KIIT School of Management, KIIT University"

Sumita Nayak

BBA (2016-19 batch)

The three years here at KSOM have been really enriching for me. Apart from making great friends, academically KSOM has been really great for me. The professors could not have been more helpful ever. "The Mentor- Mentee system here is unique and is a great helping point for any student."

Rahul Agarwal

BBA (2016-19 batch)

Helpful faculties combined with rich educational environment is what KSOM is known for. There are plenty of facilities one can find with lots of opportunities. One can never get bored with all the club events that are conducted monthly. When it comes to festivals, KSOM always makes us feel like home by the variety of cultural activities hosted in the campus.

Radhika Tibrewal

BBA (2016-19 batch)

Being in SOM is so much fun, it’s not about just getting knowledge about studies but also getting knowledge in various other fields through the various activities performed here. The facilities provided in this institute are incomparable to other institutes of its rank. Faculties here are very friendly and they also motivate students to achieve their future goals.

Raj Kumar Yadav

BBA (2016-19 batch) Nepal

Taking admission into KSOM is like paying for an exclusive world tour. KSOM is comprised of different students from different countries which makes it a global community for diverse learning. All the facilities & staffs are very helpful in nature. They are ready to help students at any time in any situations. It has been a wonderful experience for me so far in Ksom. It is indeed beyond boundaries. Potentials are harnessed, skills are developed, confidence is built and dreams are realized.

Sindhuja Rashmi

Senior Executive – HR Altimetrik India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

KSOM has always been like a second home. A perfect mix of best of the faculties to a very well-designed curriculum, KSOM offers the best campus and the best of everything a student can expect from a college. KSOM has played a very vital role in shaping us all as professionals and has made us ready for all the challenges in life. The best part about KSOM is it gives you the opportunity to sharpen your skills in the field of your choice, thus making each of its student capable of having a career they have always dreamt of. Apart from the regular curriculum, KSOM also offers the students a plethora of other wonderful opportunities to explore their talents and outshine themselves in every field possible. With the best professors around who are ready to help you in each and every way possible right. Every single time I am appreciated for my work at my workplace, I say a silent thank you to KSOM. I owe what I am today to my Alma Matar and my very amazing professors! Dear KSOM, you are missed every single day!

Ms. Aakanksha Ria

Category Marketing, Havells India Ltd.

The beautiful journey at KSOM encompassed the best faculty mentors who not only gave away the subject knowledge but also guided me through the real life corporate scenarios, the corporate trainings & conclaves, all-year awaited annual fests, extracurricular activities & of course the friendly environment. My biggest takeaway from KSOM was the amazing few months experience at CULS, Prague, Europe as an KSOM exchange student. The international exposure not just added to me career-wise but helped me grow into a more confident & a flexible person. With all this - I confidently see myself closer to my goals by every passing day - Happy & successful!

Soumya Swagat Parida


KSOM is a place for all-round development, knowing your own potentials and mastering the skills with the help of extremely supportive faculties. KSOM gives substantial exposure to the corporate world through seminars, conclaves and workshops where you get the chance to interact with industry stalwarts. MBA at KSOM, helped me find my true potential, explore and master it.

Sromona Banerjee

Analyst, Moody’s Investor Services.

Given a choice, I would choose KSOM over and over again. What really sets it apart from other B-Schools, is the way it transforms every student to make them corporate-ready while ensuring their individuality remains intact. The corporate trainings, the mentor-mentee sessions with the faculties, the extensive focus on extra-curricular activities are a few of the many things that helped an amateur college graduate with no industry-experience, like me, immensely. Pedagogy and course-content, am sure, more or less is the same for all B-Schools but how to present yourself to the recruiters, to the world outside is what the books won’t teach you but KSOM will. Even the mentor-mentee sessions, for me, are still not over. I know I can always reach out to my professors anytime and they will always help me out. That again is something that you won’t find everywhere. Faculties, here, take personal interest in being with you in your journey, as you move ahead in life. KSOM is the home that gave wings to my dreams. Hence from my first job at a leading MNC to even the life that I can afford right now, am indebted to KSOM.

Utkal Mishra

Officer - Personnel and Administration Afcons Infrastructure Ltd. - A Shapoorji Pallonji Group Company

KSOM has really played the magic wand in my career and is responsible for who I am today. Not only I grew professionally with enriched knowledge and conclave sessions but also it helped me to grow as an individual to fight the unforgiving corporate world both in India and overseas.

Adnan Ali

Assistant Manager Emagine People Solutions

My time at KSOM truly changed who I am and who I still want to become professionally and personally. The culture at KSOM fostered the sharing of ideas, critical discussions, and collaboration among students and faculty across a wide range of interests. I think it’s rare to find (if not unique to KSOM) to have a large group of people with entirely different methodological and theoretical backgrounds enthusiastically discuss a common topic.

Poulomi Sikdar

Relationship Manager, Leasing and Equipment finance, Tata Capital Financial Services Limited

The orientation program scheduled for us on the 1st day of MBA comprised of various lecture sessions and activities which not only helped us bond over such a short notice but also made us experience the feel of working with a team, the indispensable part of an MBA course. KSOM has grilled us with assignments, projects, presentations and the severe exam pressure. This rigorous discipline is a blessing in disguise to survive the upheavals in the corporate environment. Apart from sharing knowledge and work experience, every faculty member has provided us with immense support at every little step we took to reach the zenith of our career. KSOM has given me a platform to explore my innovative sides, to overcome my fear of expressing in front of a large gathering, to manage a group with contradictory views and overall to shape me into an independent person with conviction and confidence. With the support of the entire KSOM fraternity, I could represent my college and win accolades at national level competitions conducted by Delhi Chamber of Commerce and All India Management Association. Today I am working with Tata Capital Financial Services Limited under Leasing and Equipment finance team and I am single-handedly managing the entire East region, with all due credits to my college.

Vibhanshu Tripathy

Sales Executive, Mondelez International (Cadbury)

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my post-graduation from KIIT School of Management. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The two years spent here were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the faculties for making me corporate ready

Mohini Das

Assistant Manager, H & R Johnson (India)

KSOM - A place where along with quality education, extracurricular activities are given equal importance which helps in the overall development of the students. Supportive seniors, Fantastic professors, Corporate interactions, beautiful campus and amazing friends, these are just a few things one can expect from KSOM. It's like a manufacturing process wherein the students, lacking in confidence, enter as raw materials but come out corporate-ready Leaders of Tomorrow. I owe it all to KSOM for making me the person I am today.

Roopsha Roy Bardhan

SAP HR Functional Consultant In2IT Technologies

KIIT School of Management has always been extremely welcoming, informative, professional and clearly dedicated to their students. The course is very comprehensively designed and the faculties are exceptional. The guidance and the support of the professors throughout our course were incredible. The education imparted still gives us confidence and direction towards a successful career.

Asmita Mahapatra

BBA 2015 - 18

It was for the first time i came so far away from my home and I can now say after my 3 years in KSOM that it is a home away from home.The dynamic faculties of ksom not only taught us lessons of subjects but also made me different person that i am right now.KSOM has always made efforts to provide a balance between the studies and extracurricular activities.KSOM has made me a better person in terms of personality and knowledge.

Abhipsa Pradhan

BBA 2015 - 18

Getting into the BBA program of KSOM was a breakthrough for my career. It gave me leverage in terms of opportunities to enhance my knowledge not only in management studies but also in business communication and analytical skills. Guidance and teaching by the faculty here at KSOM is unmatched. It helped me to discover the best version of me.

Abantika Sasmal

BBA 2015 - 18

It has been an amazing 3 years of journey at KSOM. With the help of amazing and friendly facilities, guest lectures, conclaves, various clubs, fests and business research fairs, KSOM has given me great opportunities to build a great personality as well as deal with the corporate world. I thank KSOM for making these 3years so productive.