Ms. Annie Behera

BBA Alumna (Batch 2017-20)

The environment of KSOM provides the most fertile arena for minds to bloom into superlative and accountable professionals of tomorrow. The exposure provided by its proficient and experienced faculty, diverse student community and a challenging curriculum enabled me to break through the cocoon of adolescence and get my wings as a confident and ambitious individual. It's been a privilege to be a part of such a landmark program.

Ms. Shweta Moharana

Placed - Amazon

The constant support from KSOM faculty helped me realize my true potential and achieve my dream job. Thank you KSOM, for always encouraging me to challenge myself and mentoring me throughout this journey. I realized that patience, effort and dedication never goes in vain!

Avirup Mitra

Quality Assurance Analyst, Greensaver Toronto, Ontario

"BBA in KSOM taught me important business concepts that I wouldn't have known if had not taken the program. The soft skills I was able to learn through the classroom environment, put me at an incredible advantage in comparison to others. I have been trained to think on my feet, be motivated, be knowledgeable in what I do, and, most importantly, be professional".

Yamini Pandey


I came to KSOM as a carefree, exuberant young mind that looked forward to enjoy college life and now I leave the college like an ambitious and confident professional ready to step into the corporate world. The pedagogy here is designed to make you think outside the box and in the process discover different abilities and avenues for personal development that you could’ve never thought of. Even during the pandemic, the college made sure that we didn’t stay out of touch. Professors here, were ever ready to help me out whenever I was stuck at any point in my academic endeavour. Beyond academics too, whenever I faced any problem in any other sphere of life, the professors always lent me a helping hand and provided me with valuable advice. I can surely say the professors here gave a new direction to my life. The continuous evaluation, group discussions and presentations are designed to groom you at every step of the way and bring out the corporate ready professional in you. The placement team here does a tremendous job behind the scenes to make sure we are connected to the corporate world outside and are also provided with ample opportunities to help us bag our dream roles. My placement in Nestle is the best ending to my journey that I could have asked for and I thank the college and it’s placement team for that. All of this was supported by a campus that I could vouch for its beauty. It suffices to say, the campus feels like a home away from home. The infrastructure and facilities provided here are truly world class and second to none. A mix of greenery with meticulous architecture, the campus makes for a unique experience as far as one’s college life is concerned. The hostels never made me feel like I was staying at a place different than my home; and the classrooms support the pedagogy with the latest technology to make sure our true potentials are realized. In conclusion, I can say that my journey in KSOM has been truly unique and memorable. One that I will never forget. I wish I could finish my college experience whilst I being physically in college but the current situation does not allow for it to happen. I leave this place with a heavy heart.

Deepayan Chatterjee


My life and KIIT are like two souls as it has been 11 years of association with the Alma Mater - from B. Tech to MBA, a decade full of enjoyment, knowledge and learning. The place is like a mini India where we have diversified cultures from different states of India and from different sections of the society. KSOM is unique in a way where both academic and co-curricular activities are balanced. When I joined in KIIT in 2010, I was just a normal student. Now when I pass out I have a different personality and understand my life goals better. The exposure I have got here has been very helpful. “Sharing is caring” – the mentor mentee system at KSOM justifies this quote. Here, the faculty actually cares for each student – both professionally and personally. Placement training is taken very seriously here. There are practice tests, mock GDs and PIs before any upcoming placement.

Himansu Sekhar Panda


Right from the day of taking admission to KIIT School of Management (KSOM), I could see this was one of the best institutes in the country with highly learned and experienced faculty and top-notch facilities on the campus. The college encouraged an all-round development of the students in a holistic environment with constant exposure, practical learning opportunities through various initiatives like outbound orientation program, mentor-mentee program and various conclaves. The extraordinary environment is a direct replica of corporate organizations. Konfidant, a corporate mentoring program, provided a platform to get direct mentorship from highly experienced corporate mentors. The faculty put all their efforts into teaching us and making sure every students’ doubts and discussions are resolved and not just that they try to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical situations by sharing their experience and high-end study materials. KSOM provides us all with the right tools to enable us to compete in the corporate world. KSOM was definitely the right choice for me to pursue my MBA. Thanks KSOM for making me able to secure a job in my dream company Amazon!!

Medha Bhattacharya


Taking admission to KIIT School of Management (KSOM) was one of the best decisions that I had taken. KSOM has wonderful faculties who are very cooperative. The campus environment is very positive. The training and placement department continuously assists in the placement process. KSOM has given the constant exposure to some of the industry stalwarts through conclaves (Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, and Analytics), guest lectures, and seminars opened up a bright new world for me as that helped me edge my business knowledge and understand the functioning of any company. The right mix of faculty with industry experience and teaching experience adds to the list of what someone would like to look for when choosing a B-school. Rigorous training was given to us from the beginning of our MBA session in various rounds of mock group discussions and personal interviews conducted by KSOM in some cases there where industry experts were invited to our campus. The year 2020 was very critical for our batch as we shifted to complete online mode from a traditional model. The teachers were very co-operative and never allowed us to lag in courses and the exam was conducted smoothly. There was constant support from my mentor Prof. Mr. Manoj Jena and my respective subject teachers during my Summer Internships and also during the classes including the presentations. These couple of months had pushed us so hard almost to the edge that now I can say it has made me capable of adapting to a different environment in a short period. THANK YOU KSOM FOR MAKING ME A BETTER PERSON.

Ankit Dhingra

Yes Bank Ltd

The MBA program at KIIT School of Management (KSOM) was life giving me a second chance, quite literally. The decision to join KSOM was because of the faculty who carry a rich industry experience and have academic qualifications from top tier business schools and corporate experience from international organizations. KSOM helped me build a foundation of the management career that I have always dreamt of. The program gave me a holistic experience in terms of outstanding classroom experience coupled with industry engagement which has prepared me for the fast paced, changing by the second business environment that requires managers to take decisions with limited information and unsurmountable consequences. Thanks to the variety of industry connect programs like Konfidant, domain specific Conclaves, subject area guest lectures, I was able to network with leading industry professionals and will be able to leverage those connections to build meaningful relationships that will help me grow as I start my career in management. I could not be more proud to be carrying with myself the tag of KSOM’s Class of 2021 as I start my journey as a resilient, dynamic and strategic manager at YES Bank in a pandemic struck world, qualities that the corporate culture demands, one’s that I have inculcated thanks to the exposure at KIIT School of Management.

Amrita Ghosh

Jaro Education

Right after my graduation in Commerce, I always wanted to do an MBA, and what could be the best college in Odisha other than KIIT School of Management (KSOM). The enthusiasm and energy of the college has always pushed me to move ahead of my comfort zone and accomplish tasks, of course with the immense help from all the faculty of the college. Life at KIIT School of Management has been a roller coaster since day 1, where one has so much to do in such a short period of time. Be it academics, extracurricular activities, placements, conclaves, club events, or late-night submissions. You always feel like giving 100% and improve your learning. The quality of teaching, infrastructure, staff and overall learning experience is the best in class. An enormous number of tests, assignments, quizzes, and projects need to be done with a focus on practical learning and conceptual understanding. The atmosphere is so energetic that there is not a moment of dullness or drudgery. The internship provided by the college helped me gain hands-on experience about the corporate world. The support from faculty mentor, other faculty and placement department at each and every moment was immensely helpful. Even if I thank Ksom in numerous ways, it will not suffice. Thank You KSOM for building confidence in me and making me industry ready.

Nazia Firdaus


Joining KSOM was a game-changing decision for me as it helped me grow holistically through various learning opportunities and experiences. The extensive exposure and incessant grind helped calibrate the novice in me to become corporate ready by broadening my horizons. The unending challenge of being around people with different perspectives taught me a lot about life. Above that, the knowledge gained from the learned faculty and the challenges thrown by them helped me get out of my comfort zone and groomed me well for my placements at HUL. I am also indebted to my mentor, Professor Isa Mishra, for her insurmountable support and guidance throughout this journey. The industry-academia connect at KSOM is also commendable as it kept us engaged throughout in various arrangements like Conclaves, Konfidant, Konfluence, Kweettalks exposing us to the industry and connecting with stalwarts. Other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities also gave enriching experiences. All told, KSOM is a platform which shapes the students to become the best versions of themselves.

Neha Dash

MayaData - ChaosNative

"A diamond never shines without being polished. KSOM does exactly the same. It polishes you as an overall personality. The assignments, live projects and other clubs and societies have helped me to find myself as a person, which I love now"

Subhajit Pattanaik


LIFE AT KSOM-KIIT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT As an Alumni of KIIT University, I knew taking admission in KSOM would be one of the best of decisions of my life. Pursuing MBA in KSOM is fruitful and has given me a substantial exposure and experience. KSOM has extremely supportive faculties, frequent industry interactions and co-curricular activities which have helped me in fulfilling my dream. The constant support from faculties and placement department helped in securing my dream job. Apart from regular academic classes, KSOM also provides us an active learning platform through various Conclaves, Guest Lectures and preparatory sessions for placements. Apart from this various programmes like Konfluence, Konfidant and Mentor-Mentee program have also helped me to improve my confidence level and managerial skills in the best possible way. This has helped me for my future organizational endeavours. KSOM has helped me to develop myself in the best possible way and in preparing myself to become a leader for tomorrow. KSOM provides the holistic development of a student with it’s world class infrastructure. The extensive and all-round cooperation and support from academic and non-academic staffs has been commendable and really helped me to succeed in my chosen course. These were the most valuable years of my life, where I realised that gaining knowledge is an endless process but shaping attitude has always been the first step towards the journey of success. The eminent faculties and guest lecturers, mentorship programme, summer internship, workshops and live projects has sharpened my skills and encouraged my will to achieve all that I desired for. Thank you KSOM! I appreciate your embrace!!

Prachinanda Behera


I still remember the day when I stepped into the KIIT School of Management (KSOM) campus after enrolling myself into the MBA course. The atmosphere was electrifying, the campus was alluring and the infrastructure was beautiful. I was amazed by the efforts that were put by the faculty to groom us. Right from the very beginning my professors have motivated me to strike a balance between academic and extra-curricular activities. The school provided me with a plethora of opportunities, which has helped in shaping my personality and demeanour. Konfidant has helped me to understand the actual functioning of an industry, where all the students are given a chance to interact with the industry professionals individually. The 4 national conclaves of finance, marketing, HR and analytics, have helped me to really venture out of my cocoon and get exposed to great speakers from across different industries. The placement department at KIIT School of Management has constantly provided us with rigorous training in the form of various mock group discussions, personal interviews and aptitude tests, right from the very beginning of the MBA session. The mentor- mentee system of KIIT School of Management has pushed me to believe in the ideology of shattering the ceiling irrespective of the obstacles. I would definitely take this opportunity to thank my mentor Dr. (Prof). P.R Sahoo for being the torch bearer and guiding me in the right direction. The regular classes, strict time table and the continuous evaluations have helped me in maximizing my learning outcome. To sum it up I think KIIT School of Management has provided me with immense practical and theoretical knowledge and inculcated the urge to grow within me. My journey was challenging, meaningful and has given a purpose to my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH KIIT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT.

Sayantan Paul

Ultratech Cement Limited.

Joining KIIT School of Management as an MBA student is one of the best decisions I’ve taken and my journey wouldn’t have been this good if not for the constant support that I’ve received from the faculty members, my mentor, the placement department, the support staff and my dear friends. Here at KSOM, the faculty is not only knowledgeable but also cooperative. The classes, generally discussion-oriented, are followed by interactive sessions, case studies, presentations, assignments and tests. This phenomenal system of teaching is what helped me clear my concepts and in some way or the other prepared me for my placements. Right from the 2nd semester, we had the provision of placement training sessions which included mock group discussions, mock tests, personal interviews, training classes etc. and has helped me learn, brush my skills up and improve. The Konclaves, Konfluence and Konfidant organized by KSOM helped me interact and converse with several industry experts and acted as my platform to network with corporate leaders. KSOM also has a unique Mentor-Mentee program and I will forever be grateful to Prof. Sugato Tripathy for guiding me in all aspects of life, be it academics, placement preparations, internships and whatnot. Apart from academics, KOM also helped me grow as an individual and I would like to thank KSOM for literally pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me do things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. If not for the constant motivation and deadlines, I would not have bagged my first job at Ultratech Cement Limited.

Nikita Khuntia

Placed- Startek (Aegis Global)

From a student to being an HR of a renowned company, KSOM has a big role to play in it. KSOM indeed is the best platform that fulfils our dream and helps us to achieve our desired goals. This was not possible without our beloved faculties who are not only knowledgeable but extremely helpful. The mock test, class exams and practice assignments helped me a lot in improving and enhancing my skills. Moreover, the school has a strong connection with the corporate sector due to which I and my friends got placed in a very highly reputed company. I am very proud to be a student of KSOM.

Swadhin Pattnaik


After I joined KSOM, two years passed in no time leaving a wonderful learning experience. The institute provided me with the best possible platforms and infrastructure to excel in my career interests. The experienced faculty made me industry-ready. They have a different approach towards shaping us. They act more as motivators than professors which helped us do things in a proactive manner. I got a chance to learn more about professionalism, the current market and area of improvements through training and development programs conducted by them. During my two years of MBA, I gained not only theoretical but also practical knowledge through internship and live projects. I got to work with ITC which gave an overview of the FMCG industry and now I have got my dream job with TCS. I thank KSOM for guiding me and making me corporate ready. I am proud to be a part of this institution.

Priya Varma

International (Associate Recruiter) Kornferry

KSOM has not only given me opportunities to excel in my studies but also encouraged me to explore my inner talents in my corporate life. I am thankful to all the faculties for the upliftment of my career and for helping me grow in my life.

Mrinal Kumar

Placed - Tata Steel BSL

My relationship with KIIT began 6 years back in 2015 when I decided to opt for my B. Tech course from this prestigious university. I was awestruck by the infrastructure and the alluring environment of KIIT. The quality of faculties and the culture at KIIT School of Technology somehow ignited a spark within me to enrol myself into the MBA Curriculum as well at KIIT School of Management. Firstly, Konfluence allowed me to interact with my batch mates and understand the theoretical concepts of management in an effective manner. Konfidant helped me in clarifying my doubt regarding the actual industry's functioning. It allowed me to interact with an industry professional, and she inculcated within me the real experiences of the Industry. The Conclaves of Finance, Marketing, HR and Analytics allowed me to interact with speakers from across different industries. The mentor-mentee system of KSOM is something that augments it from the rest of the MBA colleges, and because of this system, I got a chance to be the mentee of Prof. Joydeep Biswas. His contribution towards me cannot be expressed in words and I cannot thank him enough for helping me to climb the ladder of success. KSOM has a dedicated Training and Placement department which works very hard in catering to the needs of all the students on an individual basis. The mock group discussions, and personal interviews and the test series contributed in helping me bag an offer from Tata Steel BSL for an Operations profile. The college has shaped me as an individual and contributed to building my personality as per the requirement of the industry. I can proudly say that my decision of getting enrolled at KSOM was the correct one. Thank you for all the memories.

Prasanti Nilayam Chattopadhyay

Placed - Ericsson

Yes, I am proudly acknowledging the role of the KIIT School of Management (KSOM) for giving me kick-starts in My career. For me, the KIIT School of Management (KSOM) is not just an institution but also a place where I can dream but also I was provided with all the necessary instruments and skills to make it a reality. From a Graduate to a post-graduate, during this journey in KIIT School of Management (KSOM) I got all the support from the wonderful professors who always motivated me to move forward and extended their support whenever required. The uniqueness of the KIIT School of Management (KSOM) always attracted me. That is why I chose KSOM for my MBA program, and now I am really happy and realised that I made the right decision. Be it Specialization wise Conclaves, Konfluence, Konfidant, Mentor-mentee program KSOM always shows its uniqueness in providing quality education as well as personality building. It helped me a lot in my learning process. And also thanks to the world-class infrastructure where the on-campus cafeteria, gym, open-air theatre, huge auditorium and full furnished hostels maintain hygiene to a healthy lifestyle for us. So overall it is a great learning experience to be a part of KSOM. I want to thank all the wonderful teachers for making KSOM a great learning institution and a huge thanks to Honourable Achyuta Samanta sir for providing such a great platform for students.

Shubham Sarkar

Placed - TCS BPS

I was awestruck by looking at the beautiful campus of KSOM at the very moment when I entered it. The lush green campus, sculpture garden and awesome infrastructure are one of a kind which adds to the beauty of the campus. Students get every facility & amenities within the campus itself. The faculties here are the USP of KSOM. They are very knowledgeable having years of industry experience in various corporate sectors. They are always present to help the students in any matter. The pedagogy followed here in KSOM is at par with the industry standards and helps the students to be industry-ready. There are numerous events like Konfluence, Conclaves, Konfidant which not only builds the personality of the students but also gives them an opportunity to interact with the industry leaders and gain some useful insights. The Mentor-Mentee Program of KSOM is one of its kind. It provides the students with a faculty mentor who guides you, shapes you and treats you as their own child. They are always there if you need any kind of help or assistance. My tenure in KSOM has been amazing. I’m thankful to KSOM for all the opportunities that I have got, and also to the faculties who helped me gain the Knowledge, Skill & Attitude required to be fit for the corporate. KSOM made me competent enough and sculpted me so that I became a good fit for the corporate industry. I have learnt so many things and have developed my personality which I’m sure will help me in the long term too.

Sukanya Tunga

Placed - TCS

My journey at KSOM (KIIT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT) started in July 2019 and I believe taking admission to KSOM is one of the best decisions of my life. First, I want to thank the faculties of KSOM from the core of my heart. They have put so much effort from the very first day to groom the students as per the expectations of the corporate recruiters. The mentor-mentee program helped me in developing my personality which will be important for my professional and personal career in the near future. MBA in KSOM is a residential program through which I have got not only friends but also a family, my KSOM family and in this pandemic situation, I desperately want to reunite with them. KSOM has taught me some important lessons for time management through a packed schedule of various academic programs which helped me in understanding the value of time. Programs like Konfluence, Konfidant and various Conclaves gave me the opportunity to interact with the corporate people and learn about the condition of the corporate sector. With the help of various academic application-based projects, I got the idea of managing situations and how to cooperatively work with others. In spite of this pandemic situation, KSOM gave me the opportunity to work as an intern in two companies like SmartQ BottleLab Technologies and Anar App. Pvt. Ltd. is a virtual mode that gave me insights into the corporate sector. Finally, I got a job offer from TCS in advance of five months of completion of my MBA degree. The infrastructure in KSOM is outstanding and gave me a college life to remember for the rest of my life. THANK YOU KSOM FOR EVERYTHING.

Shraddha Mahapatra

Placed - Hindustan Unilever

I came to this college, all ambitious and with the zeal to utilise my 2 years to the best of my abilities. There is undoubtedly no college, but KSOM which gives an experience of an outbound program (KONFLUENCE) only to start learning from Mother Nature; establishing a perfect balance of the mind and body with serene, power-packed sessions. The subsequent days were enriching – with the adequate exposure to Corporate functionalities through events like KONFIDANT, KWEET TALKS AND KNOWLEDGE DIALOGUE SERIES along with fulfilling lectures. I never expected attending classes would be so much fun; the lectures were perfectly designed and delivered by the faculty, even in the online mode of operation! Not only academics but the world-class infrastructure and facilities that KSoM provides, adds up to the hobbies and interests of its students for their overall development. Being fortunate to drive the Literary Club of the college, I was able to put my managerial skills to test. I also feel lucky to have volunteered actively for various corporate events that polished my professionalism and corporate conduct. The time that I spent on the campus will always hold a special place in my heart. Finding yourself among students from all around the world is a rare opportunity. KSOM gave me the most beautiful memories; in its lush green environment, the endless talks over coffee with some great friends and batchmates and seniors, the sleepless nights to put up the best events and of course the unconditional love, support and guidance from a brilliant set of faculty. I will always be grateful to my alma-mater for making me capable of getting placed at Hindustan Unilever. I couldn’t have asked for more. KSOM gave me everything that a B-school student needs and desires. If there is any B-School beyond perfection, it is KSOM!

Chulbul Swain

Placed - Verity Knowledge Solutions

Strength, courage, confidence and affection – KSOM gives you all of it. I am quite grateful to KSOM for making me this strong and confident that helped me get a job in one of my dream companies. The efforts put in by the faculties brings the best out of students. The faculties here are extremely supportive, interactive and helpful. The curriculum is well planned with activities such as Konfluence, Conclaves, Konfidant, Mentor-mentee program etc. shapes students and makes them corporate ready. I personally believe KSOM gave me all the required facilities that helped me flourish and come out with flying colours. KSOM ensures holistic development of students with proper infrastructure, lessons and great faculties. The lush greenery around the campus makes it rejuvenating for students. My experience with KIIT will always be good, it made me a completely different individual than what I was before joining KSOM. It made me believe in hard work and perseverance which made me understand ‘’ GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME”.

Ishani Chomal

Placed - TCS (HR)

KSOM provides for an environment where students learn a lot more than academics. Konfidant, mentor- mentee system and the clubs are some of the most important aspects that helped me grow as an individual. Also, the faculty of KSOM is always ready to guide the students. I would like to thank all my faculty and especially my mentor Dr. Isa Mishra for guiding and motivating me throughout my journey in KSOM.


Placed - GEP

It’s all about the people. Throughout my post-graduate career, it was the people that made the experience special. The faculty treated me as a colleague and expected me to act such, and to actually fill in the shoes of a colleague I gave my best to learn and grow as much as I can. The students were my friends and closest support system which acted more like my family than anything else. I have never learned and improved myself so much in only 2 years. I had an amazing time and experience doing so. Choosing KSOM has been the best life decision I have ever made.

Sushil Kumar Jha

Placed - Ericsson

A great campus, a superb peer group, inspirational professors, and immense opportunities for personal development – KSOM provides an unparalleled holistic ecosystem and an experience to cherish.

Mohammed Shahbaz


I owe a large part of whatever I have achieved to KSOM. It did a great job of equipping me with the knowledge and skills required to be a good manager. KSOM has given me a holistic perspective on life and on business and has exposed me to highly accomplished individuals. KSOM has played a significant role in helping me discard my "tunnel" vision of an engineer and sparked an enduring interest in the ways companies succeed and fail. KSOM has not only given me an armoury of skills but also has developed in me the assurance of being as good as the best anywhere. The experience at KSOM where I studied under the guidance of professors from a range of backgrounds, interest and talent prepared me for succeeding in the Interview of ITC LIMITED. KSOM truly strives to equip students with the skills required to be a global manager.

Gargi Dastidar

Placed - Deloitte

Despite the limited amount of time I got to spend on the campus because of the pandemic and the sudden lockdown, joining KIIT School Of Management as an MBA student is one of the best decisions I’ve taken and my journey wouldn’t have been this good if not for the constant support that I’ve received from the faculty members, my mentor, the placement department, the support staffs and my dear friends. Here at KSOM, the faculties are not only knowledgeable but also cooperative. The classes, generally discussion-oriented, are followed by interactive sessions, case studies, presentations, assignments and tests. This phenomenal system of teaching is what helped me clear my concepts and in some way or the other prepared me for my placements. Right from the 2nd semester, we had the provision of placement training sessions which included mock group discussions, mock tests, personal interviews, training classes etc. and has helped me learn, brush my skills up and improve. The Conclaves, Konfluence and Konfidant organized by KSOM helped me interact and converse with several industry experts and acted as my platform to network with corporate leaders. KSOM also has a unique Mentor-Mentee program and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Ipsita Nayak for guiding me in all aspects of life, be it academics, placement preparations, internships and whatnot. Apart from academics, KOM also helped me grow as an individual. Being a part of the NSS club, I realized the power of contributing to the betterment of society. Lastly, I would like to thank KSOM for literally pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me do things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. If not for the constant motivation and deadlines, I would not have bagged my first job at Deloitte.

Soumya Ranjan Samantaray

Placed - ITC Limited-Sales

Whatever I am today I owe everything to KSOM, when I joined KSOM I was a novice but now when I am about to leave I’m a perfectly carved person altogether. KSOM has provided me with the best internship opportunity and that has led me to crack my dream company. What I like best about KSOM is the mentor-mentee program as it helps me solve all my issues at the campus. The various conclaves that have been organized by the college have a tremendous effect on me as it develops me holistically. Lastly, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all the professors without whom I wouldn’t have become the person what I’m today.

Eshani Ram

Placed - ICICI Lombard

My journey at KSOM started on 5th July 2019. The 1.5 years of the journey till now has helped me to grow, challenge myself in all possible ways. The growth would not have been possible without the guidance and mentoring of our faculties. They were the ones who used to help push our boundaries and challenge ourselves. There have been various engagements organised by the college like Konclave, Konfluence and Konfidant we were not only receiving tremendous exposure to the real-life Business World but also were able to establish an Industry connection with the business leaders. The mentor-mentee program in KSOM is one of the unique features of a B- School which has helped me more to solve any problem in my campus life. My mentor Dr. Debi Prasad Das guides me as a guardian in any difficulties that I had faced in the entire time at KSOM. It would be unfair to my classmates if I don’t thank them enough for their contribution and how they helped me to become a better person each day. KSOM maintains this diverse culture across their MBA programme, where students are encountered with people from different cultures and countries. This becomes a great opportunity for us to network with these people who would always help us in the Corporate World. To sum it up, “KSOM has helped me grow holistically by providing me a whole new perspective towards life altogether. Thanks to the care and guidance of its faculties and plethora of opportunities.”.

Shuvom Prakash Sahu

Placed - Deloitte Advisory & Audit

My journey at KIIT School of Management started on the 9th of July, 2019, and to date, I can say, I am enjoying the best part of my college life here. I joined the college being one of the top 5 scorers in the KIITEE Management Exam, and from that day till date, KSOM has provided me with the best facilities, in terms of the study curriculum, campus life and infrastructure, which helped me in my holistic development. The college offered me the best faculties who groomed me in the best possible way, and that again helped me in getting placed in one of my dream companies, i.e. Deloitte. KSOM has always focused equally on the curricular and extracurricular activities, and the college even makes sure that every student is well prepared to face the corporate pressure before they leave the institution. Even in this pandemic scenario, the way KSOM is arranging online classes for us, and preparing us for our exams, shows how much the college cares for its students. The college allows us to have a corporate mentor through the Konfident- Corporate Mentorship program, who acts as our mentor at the corporate level for a lifetime. Even at the college level, each student is assigned to a Faculty Mentor, who helps us at every stage during our college life. Starting from the regular class schedule to the continuous evaluation systems, the college has not only helped me in adding knowledge but also has taught me how to deal with pressure situations with ease and perform well. Apart from that, we have the KIIT Fest and Kolosseum, where the students are exposed to managing events at a higher level, and that’s a very good platform to polish our managing and organizing skills. And there are Annual Conclaves, webinars and seminars, that help us to groom and expose us to the corporate professionals at a very early stage during our college days. KSOM has provided me with the best platform for my growth both on a personal as well as on the professional level. Lastly, I would say, studying at KSOM was one of the best decisions ever I took, and being a part of the KIIT family has given me enough good memories to cherish for a lifetime. Thank You KSOM for making me who I am today.

Shubham Tandon

Placed - ICICI Lombard

I, Shubham Tandon became a part of the KSOM family on 4th July 2019. From that date until today it has been an upward journey in my life. Being from North India I did not have the chance to visit the campus personally before joining KSOM, I only relied on word of mouth reviews, NIRF rankings and placement statistics. Now, looking back at the past 1.5 years I am highly satisfied by the decision, which I took. Campus life promised by KSOM is the best. The campus has excellent infrastructure and is aesthetic with the perfect blend of nature and student-friendly amenities, such as a gym, playing courts, cafe, lush green outfields and state of the art library. When I was doing my research before joining KSOM, I often heard that my seniors joined KSOM purely because of the Faculty. Now, after spending 1.5 Years at KSOM I can certainly vouch for the feelings of my colleagues. KSOM’s Investment in knowledge pays the best dividend possible. KSOM prepares you for tomorrow, by incorporating mentoring programs & business events like Konfidant, Koeducate & Mega HR/Marketing/Finance/Analytics Conclaves, which hosts the best business leaders in the business. KSOM has proved to be a perfect marketing mix for me to launch my professional career. I am happy to be a part of the Institution of Eminence (IoE) KSOM family.

Ribhav Mishra

Placed - Deloitte

In the past one and a half years, a lot has happened, this started in the first week of July 2019, with my decision to join KIIT School of Management after the completion of engineering from KIIT University itself. In my duration at KSOM, I learnt many things, most importantly, the virtues of trustworthiness and patience. I made many friends in the hostel and the campus as well, and they played their role in making me learn lessons of life as well. The faculties at KSOM are most importantly, knowledgeable and interactive as well. One of the unique features of KIIT University and KIIT School of Management is its mentor-mentee system, where a number of students are grouped together and looked after by a faculty i.e. the mentor. My mentor, Dr. Saptorshi Das guides me as a guardian and has supported me in difficult situations, and helped me further strengthen my communication skills as well. My specializations are Marketing and Analytics, and both of the streams are of my liking, as the choice was left solely to me, that I got my own choice of specializations. The different societies and clubs at KSOM, won’t only give the student a chance to interact with a huge number of people and organize events, but it’d also teach them diplomacy too, as I learnt during the first year. Some of the faculties are so extraordinary, that their way of teaching and the aura they have, make studying an extremely interesting process. Professor Sugato Tripathy is one such faculty, who serves as a strong inspiration to me. Keeping academics and the extra-curricular aside, the beautiful campus itself has a positive vibe attached to it. Concluding, I would like to mention, in my placement at Deloitte, KSOM played a strong role in it. My vote of appreciation and thanks goes out to my parents and our faculty who guided me rightly, and the few of the many friends I had made, who never left my side, regardless of all positives and negatives I faced. Thank you KIIT and KSOM.

Shirsendu Das

Placed - ICICI Lombard

My journey at KSOM will always stay memorable and close to my heart. These two years’ journey made me believe in myself and develop myself in every possible aspect. The faculties at KSOM were of great help and always pushes you to become your best. The professors not only take great care of our academics but also act as guiding light through this two-journey at KSOM. Through different engagements organised by the college like Konclave, Konfluence and Konfidantwe were not only receiving tremendous exposure to the real-life Business World but also were able to establish an Industry connect with the business stalwarts. It would be unfair to my classmates if I don’t thank them enough for their contribution and how they helped me to become a better person each day. KSOM maintains this diverse culture across their MBA programme, where students are encountered with people from different cultures and countries. This becomes a great opportunity for us to network with these people who would always help us in the Corporate World. To sum it up, “KSOM will prepare you for a life that one would dream about”.

Udit Narayan Kasore

Placed - Jaro Education

After my graduation, I was looking for an opportunity to grow and taking admission in KSOM was the best decision I ever took. Here in KSOM, we made a lot of memories, with friendly faculties who inspire you with their professional knowledge, and by sharing their corporate experience they not just finish the course but ensures that you learn the application of the course in the real world. Faculties from the best colleges across the nation and globe make sure that we have the best learning experience and are provided with the best guide to ensure that we have what it takes to survive in the corporate world. In KSOM we have lots of other activities which ensures that by the end of the curriculum we all have a good start to our upcoming beautiful careers. When the whole world was facing issues during this pandemic, and most of the people were losing their jobs, KSOM not just ensured we have regular classes in the online mode but also provided us with opportunities to sit in campus placements in the comfort of our home, I was given one such opportunity too and was able to secure a job in the first company I interviewed for. KSOM ensures that each student is assigned with two mentors, one of the mentor is from college and the other is from the corporate world, both the mentors guide and provides all the help one will need to secure any job, the mentors take their precious time out to guide the students, take their mock interviews and give them the areas to improve. I was able to secure a job because I was on the right path and the continuous help from the faculties and my mentors. KSOM helped me to have a holistic development by bringing me close to world-class leaders through their multiple conclaves, where brilliant minds meet and share their knowledge with us.

Bidyaniwas Tripathy

Placed - ICICI Lombard

I am glad I chose KSOM as it has made me self-sufficient as well as confident in dealing with any situation. My subordinates, my hostel authorities, faculties, professors have become my extended family, lessons that they all taught me will always hold special value in my life. Academics are in accordance with the latest industry trends. The best thing about this college is having the freedom to think of an idea and test its practical application. Various conclaves of marketing, finance, HR, analytics, and more gave me a real perspective. All these grooming sessions, with mentors, and the placement department made me realise what I can do and what to work on. Honestly, it has been a challenging yet very rewarding experience for me. I am more convinced than ever that I made the right decision by choosing KSOM and it has been a privilege to be a part of this esteemed University.

Saurav Kumar Pandab

Placed - The Digital Fifth

My journey at KSOM started on 5th July 2019. The faculties, mentors, batch mates, hostel & other support staff- in some way or the other, have contributed immensely to my journey. The Faculty members are really helpful and knowledgeable in KSOM. Their teaching style is phenomenal as classes are mostly discussion-oriented and interactive. Case studies, presentations, quizzes, flip classes and discussions made my concepts clearer and, in a way, made me ready for placements from time to time. KSOM’s USP lies in organising Konfidant, Conclaves and Mentor-Mentee Program which gave me a platform to network with corporate leaders. Through the Mentor-Mentee program, I got a lifelong mentor in the form of Mr. Sugato Tripathy, whose guidance has always helped me to succeed in all aspects of life, be it academics, placement preparations, internships and whatnot. Apart from academics, KSOM also provided me with a platform to actively engage in club activities, events, and fests. Being a member of the Marketing Club and Rotaract Club, I will always cherish the learnings, experiences, and relationships that I made in the past 1.5 years. Thank you KSOM for bringing out the true potential in me and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Without such motivation, I could not have bagged my first job at The Digital Fifth. “IT’S TRUE THAT MBA RUNS 24×7 AND KSOM IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF IT”.

Susovon Mullick

Placed - TCS

The two-year-long journey in KSOM has been the best part of my life. Now I can see a huge difference in myself starting from the day I took admission in the college till date. Those different matrices not only evolve around my academic capabilities but also something beyond personality development. Throughout the journey, my faculty have played a huge role. They made sure that no one gets unnoticed during the course and most importantly after the completion of the course as well. KSOM gave me several platforms to interact with the experienced industry players and these platforms not only gave me the industry knowledge but also gave me the confidence to stand alongside them. KSOM has always encouraged us to create a network and build bonds with the people around us which I believe is really important and useful to us. At the end of this beautiful two-year-long journey, I can proudly say that KSOM has helped me achieve everything that I thought I could never achieve in my life.

Mriya Ray

Placed - Kestone Integrated Marketing Services

When I started my journey as a student, KSOM gave me the right platform to explore my true potential and guided me at every step to achieve my dream career. The corporate events helped me to learn beyond the classroom environment and opened the doorway to various opportunities. Thanks to the faculty for bringing out the best in me. The memories of this journey will be cherished forever.

Aishwarya Tripathy

Placed - TCS (HR)

KSOM has a highly educated & vastly experienced faculty. The best part is they are always accessible and ready to help. I loved the challenges of assignments, projects, presentations, seminars and deadlines in KSOM. The learning exposure gave me the confidence to face the corporate world challenge. I also take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to Achyuta Samanta Sir for providing me with an opportunity to study in such a wonderful world-class institution.

Sanjay Kumar Sahoo

Placed: ITC Ltd

KSOM helped me a lot by providing pre-placement training in the form of mock tests/gd/pi. It helped me crack one of the best companies in India.

Ritu Dasgupta


KSOM proved to be the best choice for me to pursue BBA. It enhanced me in every way possible and moulded me into a professional BBA graduate. The faculty of KSOM is phenomenal, who treat their students as a family and they are always ready to help. KSOM has a saying that we can't teach you anything, we can only make you think and I think that is what makes good managers. Proud to be a KIITian.

Asadullah Amiri

Parwan, Afghanistan

I am honoured to be a part of KSOM. I am immensely thankful to the faculty instructors to have guided me in the tough initial phase.

Ritika Singh


KSOM provided me with a great platform to enhance my knowledge and nurture my skills through effective pedagogy.

Subham Parida


During my first few days in this college, I faced some difficulties because everything was totally new for me. But with the help of my professors and friends, everything became easier. I felt myself at home very quickly. KSOM has a very friendly atmosphere and helpful professors who not only teach well but also encourage you to give one's best in life. Classes are interesting and the way of teaching is great. I did a lot of presentations which made me confident in public speaking. I also participated in mock interviews and many group discussions. All these enhanced my personality in a very short period. I really appreciate all the support and love I have got in this period.

Sreyashi Dutta


My three years stint at KSOM have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. KSOM manages to strike the right balance among studies, fun and co-curriculum. I feel grateful to stay under the guidance of our highly knowledgeable faculties. The Mentor-Mentee system here is one of the best in the country and delivers great help to many students. Overall I find myself lucky to be a student of KSOM.


Placed: ANZ BANK, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

My MBA from KSOM has helped me immensely towards my success. With programs like KONFIDANT, various conclaves and even by internship I got exposure to the corporate world which gave me the kick towards the company I dreamt for.


Placed: HDFC AMC, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

My MBA at KSOM has shaped me up to become corporate ready. The industry-oriented course, corporate events and interactions with mentors from the industry along with the support from the faculties have helped me get the company I desired.


Placed: DELOITTE ADVISORY, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

KSOM has helped me grow holistically by providing me with a whole new perspective towards life altogether. Thanks to the care and guidance of its faculties and plethora of opportunities.


Placed: KELLOGGS, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

MBA from KSOM has enabled me to cherish and fulfil my ambition and has entitled me to the desired job that has helped me and my skills a good fit to the workforce. Faculties there have helped me to grow and develop professionally, socially and morally making me a perfect individual. Thank you, KSOM!


Placed: HDFC BANK, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

My two years at KSOM have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and sometimes with the academic grind that one has to go through. The exposure makes you a better person to face the challenges of the corporate world.


Placed: TCS BPS, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

MBA from KSOM has helped me grow professionally as well as personally. Always expect the unexpected because that's what makes you corporate ready anytime anyday any day.


Placed: HINDUSTAN UNILEVER, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

MBA helped me to realize that most of us are only fantasizing about our dreams rather than working on them. KSOM provided me with the platform to work on my dreams and eventually got the perfect internship and placement. My fantasy became reality.


Placed: ZEE ENTERTAINMENT, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

If you're comfortable in doing something, then you're doing it wrong. KSOM has always encouraged me to push my boundaries beyond the comfort zone and realize my real potential.


Placed: MOTILAL OSWAL, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

Exposure in KSOM to various nuances of business turned a novice like me fit enough to bag a job in the higher knowledge-driven industry of investments at Motilal Oswal.


Placed: DELOITTE USI TAXATION, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

Providing me access to impeccable academic knowledge along with inculcating the required professionalism for the corporate world has what KSOM blessed me which helped me bag my dream job in Deloitte.

Aditi Mishra

Placed: GE Healthcare, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

At a certain point of time, all feel down and degraded for ourselves...and this is the time how we evolve and grow as beings, we learn to know ourselves first rather than our professions. That is the time when you need someone to understand that little head of yours and right there you have a faculty, a mentor to help you stay up all the time. MBA from KSOM has helped me to learn and grow not only in my profession but also as a 'kind', as a 'being'. "To grow in the outer world, first you need to grow within".

Konchada Harshith Kumar

Placed-Deloitte, MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

KSOM makes a person complete in all aspects. I have learnt a lot here in terms of academics, personality building, attitude, behaviour, interpersonal skills, social and co-cultural activities, corporate exposure, soft skills and much more. KSOM gave me proper and clear exposure to what the corporate world demands & how I needed to mould myself.

Abantika Sasmal

MBA – 2018 - 20 Batch

Our faculty has various corporate connections. If you are good enough for a candidate, they can always help you to refer to one. For me, it was a great experience as I loved my job and thanks to the faculty for helping me get an internship of my choice.



In KSOM, I have grown as a person. The college nurtures you in such a way that you end up not only being in a better place in your career but you end up as a BETTER PERSON.

Rittik Sarkar

MBA – 2017 - 19 Batch

The faculty here never ceases to amaze me. They are extremely supportive, approachable, and amicable. Back to back seminars, workshops and annual conclaves helped me keep in touch with corporate life.

Shivani Tripathi

MBA Program 2018-20 Batch

My stint with Cholamandalam gave me an opportunity to practice the techniques we learnt in our KSOM courses and see for myself how theoretical knowledge can be applied in a practical scenario.

Ankit Kumar Nepak

MBA Program 2018-20 Batch

Summer Internship Program (SIP) at KSOM provided me exposure to real-life corporate setup and the experience of working in a business organization. I did my internship at IDBI Federal Life Insurance. It was extremely useful from a placement perspective and helped me immensely during my placement interviews.

Jibesh Kumar Dash

Placed - MakeMyTrip , Sr. Business Development Executive -

Exposure to the corporate world through various corporate events and excellent faculty at KSOM helped me get my dream job.

Mr. Amit Kumar Marndi

Placed - HDFC Bank MBA 2017-19 Batch

The efforts that the professors put in, to make every student ready for the corporate world is commendable. The professors of KSOM helped me develop a strong foundation.