At KSOM, Research and Publications are central to the objective of achieving academic excellence. The college encourages and supports all faculty members and doctoral students in their pursuit of conducting academic research. Based on research and publications proposals submitted by faculty members the Institute recommends financial and other forms of assistance for projects. Help is provided to researchers wherever possible with suggestions for improving their project proposals and plans. Faculty is expected to take initiative regarding formulation and implementation of research, develop research facilities, and plan budgets for research.
Faculty and Student Research Committee is responsible for the formulation of the overall policies governing the Institute’s research and publications activities. The Committee facilitates development of research activities at the Institute, including case research. The objective of the committee is to take initiative to stimulate research amongst the faculty, formulate and implement research policy, locate and negotiate with sponsors of research projects, develop research facilities, and plan budgets for research.

The diversity and depth of research and publications activity undertaken at the Institute is evident from numerous publications of the faculty.