Student Speak

Saumik Chakraborty


My journey at KSOM has been a ride full of ups and downs. It is hard to believe that I have completed so many months of classes; given numerous assignments, quizzes, presentations, and exams. My teachers have given me a beautiful representation of the subjects and how I shall apply them in real life. Through projects and assignments, they have pushed me to accomplish tasks I never imagined could be done by me . Although waking up in the morning, turning on the video, and answering questions still remains a pain, but I have come to terms with it through a beautiful line told by one of my teachers, “You genuinely learn something only when you are made to do something out of your comfort zone.

Nishinamrata Mohanty


The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is an illusion of knowledge”- Stephen Hawking. AND a bad internet network, in the present time. There was a significant shift of the world onto various online platforms, and I was not sure if joining MBA during the pandemic was the right decision. However, after almost a year through this course, I am glad to have joined KSOM for MBA. While the world struggled to adjust to the “new normal,” the faculty, my seniors, and my classmates in KSOM made sure that even though being miles away from the campus, we learn the various aspects of the corporate world. I see students having immense respect for teachers and love for friends. I see teachers working hard and trying their best to impart knowledge to their students. KSOM gives its best to overcome the challenges we face due to the online mode of learning. And yes, I am PROUD to be a part of KSOM FAMILY.

Neha Agarwal


It was my immense luck and fortune to be a part of KIIT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT where I can grow. KSOM has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have augmented my leadership, time management, and team skills. The infrastructure of KSOM is one of the finest things that stand out the most. The best thing about this University is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world. The entire faculty and department leave no stone unturned to shape one’s future. With an attitude of being ever ready to help and delivering classroom teachings, they are also the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed University, a treasure for life. My one year at KSOM has been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to the outside. Huge respect, love, and devotion for entire faculty members and department. It’s their efforts that make me count myself into better professionals.

Ayushi Biswas


KSOM, for me, has always been like a home away from home. I have completed BBA from KSOM, and those three years have been so fulfilling that I, once again, decided to join KSOM for MBA. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we started the first year of MBA in the online mode, and trust me when I say this, and it was no different from the physical classroom setup. The new teaching techniques are suited just right for the online platforms. Also, we didn’t miss out on any opportunity as everything else was done side by side, like the mentoring programs, konfidant, webinars, b-school fests, and other student committee activities. The only thing we missed out on is the beautiful campus and the hostel fun.

Ankita Banerjee


Life at KSOM is so marvelous that it could not be defined in few words. The day I joined this institute was one of the prestigious moments for me because it has a great brand name associated with it which gave me immense pleasure to announce that I am a student of KSOM. I got mesmerized by its beauty and elegance. The teachers of this institute are so knowledgeable. They also helped me to achieve many things. This institute has helped me in my team-building skills and gives me a platform to utilize my skills that I have been gathering for several years. I really got a different way to look and increased my analytical skills in my classes. Now I find the purpose of everything that is happening around the world. I am grateful to be associated with such a renowned institute.

Limarani Nayak


No doubt, we are going through a tough situation yet thanks to Ksom for bringing opportunities virtually as much as possible starting from National Conclaves, IMC, Konfidant programs etc. along with giving us different club engagement to our respective interest areas for enhancing diversity and bringing the best out of us. Nevertheless, Thanks to all the professors for giving us a better insight into the business world and shaping us professionally and personally.



The Golden Journey When I came to KSOM I had my parents by my side for a few days but the night they left I very lonely and emotional. I had come to KSOM with a lot of expectations, but what I got here was beyond my expectations. It was the first day, we checked our appearance and showed our ID and after a few ice-breaking sessions, interaction with our seniors and faculties, we had a few games to play. The teachers were so gentle and the whole auditorium laughed out loud at the performances by our seniors. Ragging was something our seniors told us never to worry about and this was a promise made and kept. We had fresher’s event where we were all dressed in beautiful traditional dresses, and we received a red rose as a warm welcome. It started with "Dr Achutya Samantha's" speech which had already set the pace of the show and the arrangements, the food, the quality time spent was nothing less than a blockbuster. As days went by, strangers became friends, every day was like a magical movie. From studying together for an exam to eating together, from playing together to even spending evenings together, it was a great learning experience . At KSOM I was expecting strangers, I got brothers. I was expecting a teacher-student relation, I got parents. I was expecting strict wardens and a hostel, I got a caretaker and a family. This is what I mean KSOM exceeded my expectations.



The day you decide you'll be a different person; the World will support you". KSOM becomes that world for every student who desires to standout from others. With world class infrastructure and tons of opportunities to explore oneself, every day we become a better person here. Even in online mode the way KSOM has organised so many conclaves. I work as a graphic designer in literally club of KSOM and this has given me confidence to succeed. I will always be grateful for what KSOM has made me today.

Lakisha Kyal


First of all, there is not much to say as soon as I started at KIIT and was adjusting and making friends. It had nearly been 8 months or so that there was a lockdown yet the faculties heard us in the online classes and took extra classes for our doubts. But along with the studies social interaction is also a big part of college life studying together helping each other. I am a BBA student so there is a lot of task and assignment that are given by the faculties which help us gain a lot of experience and knowledge as to what happens in actual companies, there are also tasks and assignments given in the virtual class but they are a bit different I think we are missing on that experience. But so far director sir, and faculties have been really good to us as they hear our problems and sort them so I would say that my experience has been pretty good until now

Riya Rashmi Dash


Life took a turn when I joined amidst the green sceneries of KSOM. It's always been fun living here. The journey since day 1 has been a rollercoaster ride with all highs and lows, ups and downs, and most especially the adventurous college life I wanted to live in. KSOM provided all the top facilities every student wanted. The best place to mould and shape ourselves. The infrastructure leaves us awestruck and most especially our faculties and mentors who teach and guide us no less than a parent making us go through each phase so smoothly and efficiently. The conclaves, seminars, guest lectures created avid interest in me and I gained a lot of experience through this. The fests cred excitement to its brim and made it joyous. It created a sense of responsibility, dedication, and motivation in myself and my work and also with various peoples and batchmates in every walk of life. KSOM provided us with a diversity making us involved and interacting with people of different races, cultures, caste, and religion belonging from different walks of life providing us a global exposure to people and its exertion. This 18 months’ journey has been beautiful in KSOM and I feel blessed. Even if the pandemic hit and made us caged in our homes KSOM still did not fail to provide its facilities making things and our ladders of career easy and efficient for us. I feel no regrets about joining KSOM Indeed it makes me feel like one of the best and wise decisions I made

Nairit Roy


It has been a fascinating journey so far of around 18 months at KSOM. I chose to join the BBA program at KSOM after my schooling as I had heard much about it and how well it was placed at the NIRF rankings, and now I can look back fondly and say my decision to join this institution was a good one. I had never thought that this place would provide me with as many opportunities, such as great faculties, and remarkable infrastructure as it has. The seminars, workshops, guest lectures, the fests, conclave, and have been an important part of my college life and I gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the corporate world. It also helped me inculcate a sense of discipline in life and camaraderie amongst fellow students from various walks of life like any professional course should do. The presence of students from so many different countries and continents in the BBA course helped me to understand new cultures, languages, and traditions. I feel no regrets about joining KSOM Indeed it makes me feel like one of the best and wise decisions I made.

Manjyot Dhanjal


KSOM is truly an institute of eminence. The campus is filled with positive energy and exuberance. I was awestruck and inspired by its atmosphere and the quality of students who come here to achieve something colossal for their careers. It provides you with limitless opportunities, right from conducting various domain conclaves like Marketing Conclaves, Finance Conclaves, etc. to the Konfidant program which helps in bringing out the best of the students. The faculty members are highly qualified with their method of teachings & knowledge they possess. They're friendly and always there to help & clear your doubts. All the members of KSOM help nurturing you to become the next big thing. KSOM provides 100% placement and truly offers top-notch companies so as to see you become successful. Apart from this, KSOM gives you a high-class library, a well-furnished hostel with healthy food, annual events & concerts, and a lot more. I couldn't have asked for a better university than KSOM. I'll always cherish the beautiful moments that I've spent here and my sincere thanks to this university for bringing out the best in me with excellent ambience. Forever thankful, KSOM for providing me with the platform to grow, rise and shine.

Nilesh Kumar


"Your life will be no better than the plans you make and the actions you take." The plan and the action I decided to take for choosing KSOM as the platform for pursuing MBA was certainly one of the best decisions of my life. The campus welcomes its students across different states and nations with ecstatic vibes and exuberance. It is ranked as one of the top universities in India and the only university in Odisha to have IOE status. KSOM provides you with elegant infrastructure and top-notch facilities; including a hostel, food courts, library, sports arena, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, gym, medical facilities, ticket booking, banking, just to name a few. The course curriculum gives us an idea regarding how our life in the corporate world will be. In addition to four new specializations introduced this year, KSOM has 9 specializations to build your career path. We get to learn so many things which we can implicate in our work life. This course curriculum will help you in getting a practical application of the theory learned in the class. It provides you with limitless opportunities to groom yourself, right from conducting various ardent conclaves like Marketing Conclaves, Finance Conclaves, etc. to the Konfidant program which helps in bringing out the best of the students, and several colossal programs. Along with this, it conducts various annual events, occasion events, activities, festivals, concerts, and much more. The faculty members are highly qualified. They encourage and guide their students to bring out the best in them. They're affable and always available for any sort of help. With their method of teaching, they make each session very engaging and insightful. KSOM provides more than 95% placement in top companies and almost 100% of students get internships from well-known companies. The Placement team makes constant efforts to get the best possible opportunities for us. I would like to thank KSOM for providing me with this platform to make the best use of it and to groom myself in the best way possible. I'm thankful for the guidance of the esteemed faculties and placement department for the constant support and encouragement. I couldn't have asked for a better university. Thank you KIIT School of Management for making me the person I'm today. Forever a lovable KIITian.

Subhasis Panda


“College life is not only about learning but also making experience” The beautiful thing about learning and making experience is nobody can take it away from us. Even though we all are miles apart, somehow technology has made it easier for us to interact, let it learn or spend quality time with our friends and teacher. Even though it is not physical but virtual learning has helped me a lot to learn more about my MBA course. In this tough time of the pandemic, KSOM has given me a great platform to hone my skills in every aspect of my life. There is continuous support from the respected KSOM professors and peers. Lastly, I would like to thank KSOM. I think choosing KSOM has been the best decision in my life.

Lipika Panda


Being at KSOM helped me to unleash my potential and capabilities. Thanks to all the faculties for making my learning experience enriching and making me realize what I am worthy of. KSOM provided me with the best opportunities and platform to showcase my skills which helped me to grow as an individual and infused me with the confidence to take on the challenges both in the work-life and personal life. To be caring and compassionate while at the same time striving hard to fulfil my dreams and moving forward in life is the core value that I have learned as a student studying in this institution.

Somesubhra Maity


In this tough time of the pandemic, continuous support from the KSOM professors and peers helped me to bag a good job.

Arunav Goswami


I joined the KIIT School of Management in July 2019, just after completing my Graduation in B.Tech (Electronics and Telecommunications) with an aspiration to learn and gain skills in the field of management. Along with the beautiful campus and other facilities, what I liked the most is that KSOM develops the students with a very practical-oriented approach. The faculty members are always willing to make the subject interesting by not restricting it only to the theoretical part but also taking it into the practical world with discussions, projects, and tasks that give students plenty of experience and knowledge about the application of their course in the real world. With such experienced and friendly faculty members, each one of them has something or the other to teach their students apart from the course curriculum. Right from the beginning with a wonderful orientation ceremony and the 2-days excursion trip (Konfluence), KSOM focuses on developing the students with good communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. With events such as various Conclaves and the Konfidant program, KSOM offers its students opportunities to interact and build connections with industry leaders to understand practical aspects of the corporate world and develop confidence for a job by learning from their experiences. I feel really glad to have been part of this institution which has helped me in developing skills through such a wonderful platform.

Sally Ayman Sally

Lattakia, Syria, MBA-I

During my first few days in this college, I faced some difficulties because everything was totally new for me. But with the help of my professors and friends, everything became easier. I felt myself at home very quickly. KSOM has a very friendly atmosphere and helpful professors who not only teach well but also encourage you to give your best in life. Classes are interesting and the way of teaching is great. I did a lot of presentations which made me confident in public speaking. I also participated in mock interviews and many group discussions. All these enhanced my personality in a very short period. I really appreciate all the support and love I have got in this period.

Nara Kheirbk

Latakia, Syria MBA I

Studying at KSOM was the best decision I have ever made. In the beginning, there were a lot of difficulties to come and study in a foreign place with a different language, but with the comfortable environment that it provides, I feel like home here. I am learning a lot from highly knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and great professors. The most important thing here is that they focus on giving knowledge during classes through presentations, quizzes, and seminars which results in very fruitful discussions between students and teachers. So happy to be a part of this amazing college and looking for much more learning in the coming days.

Seba Hayel Kheirbk

Latakia, Syria MBA I

Studying at KIIT University was the craziest decision I have ever made because there were a lot of difficulties to come to a place that was so far from my home and to study with a different language. After half a year here, I think it was the best decision I ever made in my life. I feel so lucky to study at one of the best universities in India. KIIT University is the perfect place for those who are looking to gain knowledge, experience and holistic learning. The professors here treat us like everyone else and go that extra mile to make you understand in the class. I really feel comfortable on this beautiful campus surrounded by great friends and people. I couldn't have asked for more.