B School with IIM Faculty

KSOM Places significant emphasis on attracting and retaining the best quality faculty, as faculty is the lifeline of any Educational Institution. Faculty members are carefully chosen to have the right balance of skills, with a considerable stint in the Industry. Consequently among B-schools with IIM Faculty, KSOM probably has one of the best numbers.

Overview of KSOM Faculty:

  • More than 30% of KSOM faculty is from IIMs and More than 50% are from IIMs, IITs and other premier Technology and Business Schools
  • KSOM has several full time faculty members who have studied flagship PGDM courses in IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Lucknow and IIM Kozhikode
  • Visiting Faculty too form an important aspect of our delivery and many such members are Industry Seniors, Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speakers and Young Achievers
  • 90% faculty with industry experience
  • An impressive >50% faculty at KSOM is Ph.D. holders, a figure unmatched across most B-schools of today


KSOM regularly encourages it’s faculty to improve themselves and get better exposure to the changing dynamics of the Industry.

  • Faculty members get annual support to attend conferences, seminars and present papers
  • Publication of Papers in reputed journals is suitably rewarded
  • PhD. is rigorously pursued and every faculty is encouraged to register for a PhD. program
  • KSOM regularly conducts faculty development programs with resources from institutions such as IIM Ahmadabad to train its faculty.