Every morning comes back with a new idea to improve, a new goal to work on and a new style to have. Here, at School of Management, KIIT University, we believe in succeeding with style. Being one of the best B-Schools in Eastern India, KSOM has always surpassed its standards. It comprises of a diverse range of students and faculty members from prestigious Universities from India and abroad. The brand “KSOM” has positioned itself wonderfully in the past two decades and has created a benchmark of its own.

Life at KSOM is fun filled, adventurous, high spirited, pressurizing, yet enjoyable. Every moment tringed with the zeal to grow and make a difference, makes each one of us strikingly unique. Right from dawn to dusk, every jiffy blends well and turns each second into a moment to remember.

The hostel life with all odds and evens makes life worth living. From the tiffs for a corner in the room, to the midnight secret cooking experience, from a race to take bath to the birthday parties (even after restrictions), to the group studies (where hardly studies happen without a lot of unnecessary discussions), to the fun under the bed lamp and the fight for the Wi-Fi, there is joy in everything that has become an inevitable part of our lives.

There is a different kind of amusement and fun in doing everything engraved in our rule books. The pauseless and breathless schedule at college sometimes forces us to revolt but soon we realize it is for our good. This regime and pattern helps us develop ourselves and makes us realize that we are the great managers of tomorrow in the making. The sessions in the classes are full of mixed feelings. As no two of us are alike, it is fun to see people coming in and moving out with different thought processes and varied opinions. Many teach us the truth of life, lessons we need to learn, approach to develop ourselves and a few do pinch us so that we sharpen ourselves.

KSOM, with the best of faculty pool is rich in providing quality education. The well equipped class environs and the magnificent tall infrastructure gives us an edge over the others. Here, we are taught to run fast in the race of life, by being tigers and not rats and yet are allowed to take breaks and enjoy the beauty of life.

The heavy load of assignments every other hour, presentations every other day and the surprise quizzes are the factors that act as catalysts in forming and norming the structure in us. Every action and formulation acts as a strong source and force that drives in us to become better individuals with every passing day. Highest importance is given to academics. On the other hand we are encouraged to exhibit and develop our co-curricular and extracurricular activities by being vital participants in innumerable seminars and workshops with great speakers from industry and academia and this makes the teaching and learning process more enjoyable.

The various clubs and groups add value to every individual’s personality where each student plays a different role like, a coordinator, a participant, a resource person or a very important team member contributing in equally important ways. The Annual Management Fest, “Kolosseum”, is a testing ground to apply our skills; patience, team work, leadership, coordination and multitasking. Every experience of achievement, new or old, big or small keeps adding a new feather to our hats.

Fun with friends never end; the weekend plans, half-planned Puri trips, window shopping tours, the hangouts at the Café Coffee day for hours together or just a walk towards the junk adds smile and happiness to each one of us. The various hangout spots that define the groups, the leaps of laughter and heaps of pranks, unending leg-pulling and speechless emotional moments is what all of us are going to carry with us as memories. Right from the beginning of the day till the retiring adds a different spark to each one’s life.

The page of KSOM in book of our lives is written indelibly.

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