Mentoring and Student Development


Mentoring is done and tracked rigorously at KSOM. Every student is assigned a faculty mentor who is in charge of the student's overall development for the two years.
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Mentoring and Student Development

Assessment Centre

Assessment Center helps KSOM identify weaker areas of a student through an objective evaluation process, which in turn helps us create a custom-made dev. plan.
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Students at KSOM undergo vary careful competency assessment and career augmentation program that identifies their strong and improvement areas and customizes their learning and mentoring accordingly.

Mentoring is a serious business at KSOM and students have access to mentoring at three levels:

  • Faculty Mentoring
  • Senior Mentoring
  • Alumni Mentoring / Industry Mentoring

Mentoring can address issues spanning personal problems to career choices and students feel comfortable discussing such issues with their designated mentor because of the trust the process creates.