Talk of the Moon and the Tide
November 30, 2018
BBA-I Orientation Programme; "Kamaraderie"
BBA-I Orientation Programme; “Kamaraderie”
July 30, 2019

Love is Infectious.

It contents you; It condemns you.


I spent hours thinking what exactly LOVE is!

Probably, at this age everyone must be wondering the same. And of course everyone would be having a different perception.


“Love is a strong feeling that makes us weak”, my younger sister says.

Growing up as a kid I’ve seen so many versions of it.

Never felt that it is like a parasite which can completely overpower anyone.


Every night I’d sit near my window and gaze at the moon and used to gossip a lot. A lot!

Gossip about my feelings, emotions and heartbreak!!

Nights passed away and every night I’d be awaiting for an answer which would have controlled my mind then.

Alas! I never got one.


Tears are same, pain is constant but every night there would be a new hope. A new damn HOPE!


HOPE of getting that trust back for which I’ve never done any mistake.


Isn’t it difficult to adore someone who curses you back?


It’s said that you can never love someone if you don’t trust that one. And why not!

Love and trust are like Newton’s third law wherein the love can be the action and trust is the reaction


I am completely smashed by the feeling of betrayal.

It’s harsh, painful and it’s WRONG!

Lot of thoughts cross my mind, lot of chaos and simultaneoulsy everything seems transient.


The only thing that is real is my TEARS; that are uncontrollable and unstoppable.

These tears represent the fear that’s within me.

Fear of losing you!

Fear of my dreams being shattered!

Fear of WHAT-NOT!


I can now clearly see myself drowning in my own dreams.

The thought of this keeps haunting me for days and nights.


I never knew such dark side of LOVE!

Never seen, never felt, never been through!

But I’m in it now.