Escalate Your Growth Potential with an MBA in Healthcare Management at KSOM

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February 20, 2023
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Escalate Your Growth Potential with an MBA in Healthcare Management at KSOM

Healthcare management indicates the administration, regulation, and monitoring of all healthcare systems. Healthcare professionals cater leadership to these organisations and departments to ensure that healthcare services are not compromised. They are responsible for managing the day-to-day activities healthcare establishments and ensuring that all grievances, either on the part of the patients or the staff, are addressed on time.

An MBA in Healthcare Management equips students with professional knowledge about the sector. It enables the candidates to deal with several segments of the industry. In today’s era, joining a healthcare firm no longer means you need to possess a clinical or medical degree. Various other roles in the healthcare industry require skilled professionals. An MBA Healthcare Management graduate has a bright career in each of these roles.

The scope of an MBA in Healthcare Management is enormous and demands skilled professionals to obtain leadership and management roles. Here are some most sought-after jobs for MBA Healthcare Management graduates in India:

  • Health Administrator

The responsibility of the healthcare administrator is to ensure that the organisation is operating smoothly, providing the best possible care for patients. These professionals provide training sessions for doctors, nurses, and other personnel, analyse employee schedules, give feedback, and manage organisation records. They are also responsible for the hygiene and safety of the facility.

  • Assistant Health Manager/Administrator

The responsibility of an assistant health manager or administrator is to assist the hospital administration in planning, supervising, and coordinating the operations of facilities with efficiency. Their roles include raising funds, resolving complaints, and aiding community programmes.

  • Nursing Home Administrator

A nursing home administrator has to be an expert in two aspects – business and healthcare. Their responsibility is to maintain the business and organisation aspects of healthcare facilities. However, they are also personally involved in various activities, emphasising achieving quality and safety of resident care.

  • Clinical Coordinator

A clinical coordinator oversees the day-to-day duties of the healthcare clinic, manages and communicates with staff, and ensures the highest level of care. Another responsibility of these professionals is to create and implement a budget, to meet all the supplies. Moreover, they train and supervise staff and design and implement policies.

  • Health Information Manager

Health information managers’ responsibilities are data-driven; they have to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the data and information from various departments in hospitals, private medical practices, or other health-related businesses.

  • Medical Practice Manager

The medical practice managers are responsible for supervising the operations of various departments of a healthcare organisation, from the front office and staffing requirements to maintaining patient complaints and managing an inventory of medicines and equipment. Simply put, they have to oversee several tasks to ensure the clinic performs smoothly and successfully.

MBA in Healthcare Management at KIIT School of Management (KSOM) – Get a Super Versatile Degree with Impeccable Benefits

The MBA in Healthcare Management programme imparted by KIIT School of Management (KSOM) is an applied course meant to inculcate the practical application of management principles in hospital and healthcare management. The course has been structured to develop professionals in the area of Hospital Management through a highly comprehensive post-graduate programme. The subjects in the MBA Healthcare Management course offers intensive training in the operational and administrative fields of the hospital to equip students with the management skills like planning, decision-making, and organising.

Admission at KSOM requires students to fulfil certain eligibility for the course. The eligibility for an MBA in Healthcare Management at KIIT School of Management is as follows:

  • Students need to obtain 60% aggregate marks in their bachelor’s.
  • They need to pass UG (Medical Sciences, Pharma, Biotechnology. MBBS can apply too.)
  • Students can apply through KIITEE Management, KIITEE, or CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT score.

Further, the ‘super specialised’ MBA in Healthcare Management programme gives all the students exposure to real practitioners like doctors and health professionals. Students get plenty of opportunities to practice various modules with immersive on-the-job internships and live projects, which ultimately help them emerge as the world’s most in-demand professionals in the health sector. So come to KSOM and be a part of an industry that is growing at an exponential rate!