Take a Next Big Step to Advance Your Career with a Worthwhile MBA Specialisation

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February 25, 2023
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March 2, 2023
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Take a Next Big Step to Advance Your Career with a Worthwhile MBA Specialisation

The business world is extremely attractive to individuals who want to make it big and aren’t afraid to take risks and assume responsibility. Whether you desire to be a manager at an international corporation or start your own business, an MBA degree is optimal for you.

An MBA program includes courses in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Management, Economics, etc. The course aims to make you a better business person and provide vital support to take the next step in your career.

What are the specialisations in MBA?

Various specialised MBA courses are designed to advance certain skills relevant to your chosen business area. Specialised MBAs enable you to build expertise in a particular industry during your MBA. MBA specialisations are valuable for students who already know what they want to pursue and in which specific industry or profile. Therefore, an MBA course can offer you advanced knowledge in a particular area and increase your chances of acquiring a suitable profile after you graduate.

However, specialisations can also make your MBA course more tailored to your interests. A specialised MBA can make your MBA experience more personal and lets you stay motivated throughout your course.

Moreover, before randomly choosing any institute for your desired specialisation, do proper research about the institutes and choose the top and most affordable institute that offers the specialisation. Additionally, the MBA course fees vary based on the facilities, recognition, location, etc.

Let’s explore what are the most popular specialisations in MBA:

  • MBA in Business Analytics

If you want to enter a fast-growing area and build your level of expertise in all things analytics, then you should pursue a course that offers a strong business analytics track. After emphasising your core business modules, the MBA in Business Analytics lets you dive into how to utilise data and models to support decision-making in business; how to create links between the impact of advertising on sales; how historical data predict stock returns; and how to analyse business performance across various performance indicators.

Roles that MBA business analytics graduates go into include:

  • Financial analyst
  • Big data analyst
  • Business analytics specialist
  • Data scientist
  • Marketing manager

MBA in Human Resource Management

Human Resources is an important strategic function for a business looking to attract and hire the best talent. An MBA in Human Resource Management enables you to acquire the ability to manage employees and deploy development and training initiatives, design jobs, ensure that health and safety measures are up to date and manage exits from an organisation.

The primary career role for graduates of an MBA in Human Resources is as an HR manager. As almost all organisations have a dedicated HR department, the job opportunities in this area are endless.

  • MBA in Marketing Management

An MBA in Marketing is one of the most pursued MBA specialisations as marketing profiles require more specific business management skills. This specialisation will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this sub-sector of business.

  • MBA in Financial Management

An MBA Finance specialisation may require a deep dive into asset management, fintech, managing strategic and financial risks, and valuing your own or another organisation.

With an MBA in Finance degree, you might find yourself moving into any of the following careers:

  • Financial manager
  • Investment banker
  • Financial analyst
  • Auditor
  • Hedge fund management

Target on C-Suite Roles with an MBA Program at KIIT School Of Management (KSOM)

The two-year full-time residential MBA course at KSOM, Bhubaneswar, is designed to maximise students’ exposure to modern industry. Students undertake various projects, work with the local industry and get enough opportunity to implement their classroom learning to a real-world problem.

The institute offers students an Internship with top-corporate houses and teaching by India’s finest B-schools faculty, which makes KSOM an ideal destination for students seeking a meaningful MBA education.

The Lead MBA Experience at KSOM

  • More than 50% of faculty from top B-School
  • 90% faculty with industry experience
  • More than 200 networked organisations 
  • Weekly seminar & industry interaction
  • All India rank interim’s of infrastructure
  • Exceptional placement record

KSOM offers scholarships to deserving MBA students, enabling them to perceive knowledge and get their dream jobs. Students are required to fulfil the scholarship eligibility criteria for the MBA course to enjoy the course benefits.

Moreover, an MBA prepares you for a lucrative career as a business leader. During the course, you will develop highly valuable skills such as strategic thinking and people management. The course also lets you enhance your professional career even more by obtaining a specialised MBA.