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Parikalpana – Latest Issue Vol.19(I)  Contents



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Does Higher Education Influence on Women Empowerment? A Perceptual Study

Abhinandan Kulal, Abhishek N, Sanath Kumar & Gururaj P


The Mediating Role of Attitude on Country of Origin and Consumer Purchase Intention

Shashi Yadav


Urban Unorganized Sector of North-East India: Dimensions and Growth.

Nilam Adhyapak & Bhagirathi Panda


Green HRM-Leveraging Employees’ Satisfaction Level in Indian Banking Sector

Mandira Dey


Antecedants of Employee Retention Among Startup Organization

Narashimhadeva Venkata Sastry & Kulwant Kumar Sharma


A Study on Purchase preference and Repurchase intention towards E-Commerce platform

Abhigna Dholakia & Mehal Pandya


Integrated Personalized Book Recommendation using Social Media Analysis

Krishna Kumar Singh & Ishani Banerjee


Identification of Business Ethics Variables in Healthcare Functioning An Empirical Analysis of Responses of Healthcare Professionals in Rajasthan

Sandeep Singh Naruka, Arun Kumar Sharma & Manvinder Singh Pahwa


How the Situational Factors Impact the Consumers to Buy Food and Grocery Products Impulsively: A Study Conducted in the Organized Retail Formats of Kolkata

Arindam Roy & Gairik Das


Examining Social Media Usage, Brand Image and E-WOM (Quantity, Quality and Credibility) as Determinants of Purchase Intention

Alisha Kumar & Navneet Gera


A Bibliometric Review on Use of Google Trends in Stock Market Research

Divya Jain & Meghna Chhabra


Impact of Digital Marketing on Customer Perception During Covid -19 (Omicron) Relating to Ease of Banking Transactions

Abhiraj Malia, Prajnya Paramita Pradhan, Biswajit Das, Bhubaneswari Bisoyi & Ipseeta Satpathy

Selected Conference papers of ICSE – 2022

Life Insurance of Live-in-Partners: Time to address the Elephant in the Room

Divya Singh Rathor

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Sector: Policy and Practice

Lipsa Dash & Gyanendra Kumar Sahu

A Critical Study on the Management of Innovative Fugitive Coal Dust Pollution Control Practices for a Cleaner Industrial Environment

Rabinarayan Patnaik & Sukanta Kumar Baral

Digital Intervention in Marketing Horn-Works of Gajapati District of Odisha: An Attempt to Fight the Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic out

Sanjaya Kumar Sahoo & Sukanta Chandra Swain

Life or Livelihood of Migrated Workers of Odisha (India) Amid Covid-19 Effect

Sanjaya Kumar Sahoo, Sukanta Chandra Swain & Aswin Kumar Routa

Contribution of Indigenous People to the impending crisis of Climate Change: A Study in Tribal Odisha

Sanjeeta Kumari Devi

MSMEs for Attainment of Sustainable Development Goals: A Study of SHGs of Odisha in Digital Milieu

Gopal Krishna Jena, Lipika Mohanty, Nishikanta Mishra & Sukanta Chandra Swain

A Study on E-Tailing and the Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Decisions of Dairy Products During the Covid-19 Pandemic in India

Neha & Swaroop Mohanty

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