Selection Process

The manuscripts are selected in a double blind peer-reviewed process. The process flow chart depicts the whole editorial review process. We observe standard ethical practices, generally applicable to academic publications. All articles are first run through a plagiarism detector software.

Guidelines for Contributors


Checklist (authors must follow the guidelines):

  1. A self declaration by author, that this article has not been published or sent for publication to any other journal;
  2. Article must be typed in MS Word (Times New Roman, 12 point font), in single spacing;
  3. Authors must follow/ use APA style referencing (and see that all citations are listed in reference section, and that all articles in reference list are cited in article).
  4. All authors’ name, complete address and affiliation must be mentioned immediately after ‘article title’ line;
  5. All articles must have abstract (within 150 words) and keywords (five);
  6. All article are expected to be within 5-20 pages;
  7. Authors may suggest (optional) two reviewers name (with complete affiliation and email) of reputed institutes/ universities, not below the rank of associate professor. But editor reserves the right of sending the article to other, independent reviewer, for article review.
  8. Usually editorial decision is intimated within six months’ time. If no response is given even after one year, then it should be presumed that the article has not been selected for publication.