Seminar talk by Mr. Satyabrata Mishra, Head- Global Demand Management, Covidien

National Finance Conclave 2010
November 27, 2010
Dr. Sandeep Patnaik, Research Director of GALLUP Corporation
December 10, 2010
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Seminar talk by Mr. Satyabrata Mishra, Head- Global Demand Management, Covidien

featured-Satyabrata-MishraTopic: The State of Strategic Supply Chain Management

Date:December 01, 2010

Speaker Profile :

Mr. Satyabrata Mishra is head of Global Demand Management, Covidien. He holds a PGDPM & IR from XLRI and an MBA degree from USA. He has 30 years of experience in electronics, Automotive & Medical Devices Industries in areas such as material planning, master scheduling, business planning, global procurement, global distribution and logistics. Earlier, he had worked with the organizations like Prime Computers, Solectron, Flextronics and J&J.


Mr. Mishra started the seminar with an overview of the Strategic Supply Chain Management. He explained the concept of Supply Chain Management and said unless you have an infrastructure you will not be able to sustain supply chain management. Infrastructure is Integral to Supply Chain success. With the advent of internet, the world has shrunk a lot and in only a few years, the very fundamental of manufacturing in every industry has changed. Changes have taken place in the relationships between producers of primary products, manufacturers and retailers. A company’s purpose of optimizing the supply chain is for efficiency, standardization, cost reduction and better use of the capital equipments as these factors combined lead us to better “Productivity”.

“A rising tide lifts all boats – When you grow, I grow”. Through this aphorism he made it clear how increased productivity is important for company/ organization’s sustenance and growth.

He further explained the key drivers of Supply Chain Management which are Concepts, Systems, Processes, Metrics and People. He added that the principles of Supply Chain Management can be applied to many industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation & Logistics, Service sectors such as Hospitals, Hotels etc.

He concluded by saying that the basic objective of Supply Chain Management is to fulfill customer demands through the most efficient use of resources (so that a company remains competitive) including distribution capacity, inventory and labor.