KSOM organized its 14th National Marketing Konclave

14th National Marketing Konclave (KSOM)
September 1, 2023
KSOM organized its 14th National Finance Konclave on 23rd September 2023
September 23, 2023
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KSOM organized its 14th National Marketing Konclave

The 14th National Marketing Konclave was organized by KIIT School of Management (KSOM) on 9th September, 2023. The theme of the conclave was “Building a Sustainable Inclusive Future: Addressing Consumer Priorities in the New Era.” This theme was chosen to reflect the growing importance of sustainability and inclusivity in Marketing. In today’s world, consumers are increasingly looking for brands that are committed to these values. By focusing on sustainability and inclusivity, businesses can build a stronger relationship with their customers and create a more sustainable future for all.

Prof. Joydeep Biswas set the context of the conclave. He highlighted the importance of sustainability in marketing and the need for inclusivity on various fronts. He stressed on the importance of innovation and creativity in marketing strategies and the idea of building brands around sustainability.

Dr. Sumita Mishra, Dean, KSOM, in her  address, welcomed the guests and introduced the corporate dignitaries to the audience. She stressed how KIIT and KSOM have always been committed to sustainability and inclusivity.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Panda, Pro-Vice Chancellor, KSOM and KSRM in his speech highlighted that sustainability and inclusivity are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary concepts. He gave several examples of how businesses can make their products and services more sustainable and inclusive, such as, using recycled materials, reducing energy consumption, and making their products accessible to people with disabilities. He also spoke about the strategic challenges, frontline flexibility, and data science skills that are needed to implement sustainability and inclusivity in marketing.

The inaugural session was followed by a Panel Discussion. It was on the topic “Consumer Inclusivity in Digital Marketing”. It was moderated by Ms Nandini Chatterjee, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at PwC. Other distinguished panelists included Mr A N Sasmal, Sales & Marketing Head at Shibaura Machine India Private Limited; Mr Siju Narayan, Chief Experience Officer at RexEmptor Consult; Mr Vishesh Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer at Bajaj Financial Securities Limited; Mr Shishir Ranjan, Founder Director of Farmisto; and Mr Akhil Minocha, VP of Sales for Enterprises and Global Capability Centers at Cast Software.

The panel discussed on the importance of reducing bias in organizations and the reputational risks associated with discrimination. They discussed about the challenges in the field of marketing technology, generative AI and the shift towards an “Inclusive Consumer” concept. They further emphasized on the present and future of digital media and how technology can sustain inclusivity. The panel concurred that promoting inclusivity, addressing biases, and harnessing technology is imperative for a more inclusive consumer experience in the digital marketing era.Top of Form

Dr Kumar Mohanty, Director – Corporate Relations, KIIT DU, felicitated the guests and gave the Vote of Thanks. He emphasized that KSOM & KIIT focus on enhancing the employability of their students, with an emphasis on deployability rather than just employability. He also stressed that KIIT places a high priority on fostering collaborations with industries, considering it a crucial aspect for any global university.

The panel discussion was followed by seven parallel interactive workshops on topics related to Emerging Marketing Trends and Roles in the AI-driven Era, From Instincts to Intel: How Data Insights Can Power Smarter Content, Automation in Marketing – Are we Losing Human Touch and Driving Growth and Building Brands in a Connected World. These workshops provided participants with valuable insights and diverse perspectives in Marketing.

The conclave provided students with an opportunity to interact with business leaders from the industry. It created a platform to connect industry professionals, academia and students.