When it comes to interfacing with the Industry, KSOM is clearly amongst the best. The institute has constantly strived to create avenues to bring Academic and Industry together through various means so that students and the faculty get exposure to the latest in Business Practices, where as the Business can benefit from the Academic Rigour and Research Work at KSOM.

The various avenues where we work with the Industry are:

  • Academic Partnership: Industry either manages a centre, a Lab or delivers a program jointly with KSOM
  • Seminar and Conclave Talks: Industry leaders come to KSOM to deliver formal speeches to KSOM Community
  • Guest Lecture: Practitioners take a regular class at KSOM in the presence of the respective subject Professor
  • Event Partnership: Industry Associations such as NHRD (National Human Resource Development Network) work with KSOM for a particular Conclave, the HR Conclave in NHRD’s case
  • Consultancy Work and Funded Research: KSOM provides high quality, cost efficient consultancy or research support to Local and National businesses
  • Executive Education: Executives are trained by KSOM on various areas of Management, such as Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Technology Adoption etc.
  • National Management Convention: It’s an event where both Academic and Corporate Delegates present their research findings.
  • Student Live Projects: KSOM students work as consultants or carry out a specific task, assigned to them by a local business.