That memorable day in KSOM and my INK…
February 27, 2018
Workshop on Research Methodology
March 3, 2018

We always think that there are major problems in our life. For a second let’s think about a dwarf she male or a human trafficking victim or a child beggar who has no idea who his or her parents are. In front of their daily life struggle, our break-ups or not getting desired marks seem trivial. My drama team represented KSOM on a national level platform highlighting the other side of life.


Life of a dwarf she male – she was rejected by her family because of WHO SHE IS. She was rejected by another gender community because of her HEIGHT and then she was turned into a joker. So who is she? She never had a proper identity. We get called by our names, and it becomes our identity till we make one for ourselves. What about her? She never even got the chance to create one for herself. “SEE THERE IS THE JOKER OF THE CIRCUS” “THERE GOES THE SHE MALE” jeers the crowd. Do we ever try to find out what her name is? Maybe she is just a teenager who wants all the things that a teenager wants? Friends, family, good clothes, friends? Do we ever even give a chance to her to be the so-called “norm” of the society?


A human trafficking victim – she would have gone through things we cannot even imagine. They don’t survive, they merely just exist in this world. From human beings, they are turned into objects. We bring soil from brothels to make idols for rituals but do we pay them any respect? Do we even consider them a human being? Do we ever think that maybe she was coerced into doing this? NO. NEVER. We just judge them. We were not there with her when she was being dragged into this. We were not there to help her when she needed us the most. So who are we to judge her?


Here, in KSOM we are always made to think. We are made to think beyond our lives and beyond our placements and beyond the whimsical stock market’s. We are made to think what life has given us and what can life be on the other side. How lucky we are to be here. In the mainstream! This school makes us socially aware of what the whole world is made of, where our society is going, we think about racism, we think about child education, we think about women empowerment, we think about LGBT rights. We think about what would make this world a better place to live in. Our founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta has taken in his stride to eradicate poverty through education. Through Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS) he is teaching 27000 poor indigenous children. They are provided holistic education from KG to PG along with lodging, boarding, health care facilities besides vocation life skills training.

That’s the beauty of KSOM, KIIT and KISS, It makes us a better human being along with making us better future managers.


By Prakriti Paul Choudhary, MBA I