Seminar talk by Mr. Nishith K. Mohanty, Global Chief HR Officer of Manipal Group

Finance for Non Finance Executives
May 5, 2010
Seminar talk by Mr. Nishith K. Mohanty, Global Chief HR Officer of Manipal Group
July 15, 2010
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Seminar talk by Mr. Nishith K. Mohanty, Global Chief HR Officer of Manipal Group

Topic: What corporates’ expect from B-school graduates?

Date: July 14, 2010

Speaker Profile :

Mr. Nishith did his schooling from Steward School Cuttack. He completed his Pre University and graduation from Madras Christian College, Madras University. After completing PGDM & IR from XLRI, Jamshedpur, he joined HMT Ltd. as a Personnel Officer. At HMT he grew to head HR at Aurangabad. From there he shifted to Good Year Tyre and subsequently to Max India Ltd. as Head – HR. He then joined Britannia Industries Ltd. as Head –HR. He was Head – HR at Bayer India Pvt. Ltd. before joining Manipal Group.


This was the question being answered by Mr. Nishith K. Mohanty, The Global Chief Human Resource Officer of Manipal Group in his interaction with the freshers of (2010-12) batch. A blend of analytical and theoretical knowledge with strong interpersonal communication is required by an individual to perform as a team player and be able to motivate others. Another important aspect which was highlighted by him is that business ethics is a must in today’s scenario, and if unethical means are followed it may results in negative outcomes.

What really matters at the end of the day is that one must be able to enjoy one’s family and friends as nothing can replace them. One must change his/ her thinking and attitude from absolute to relative as required by the situation. We ourselves are our greatest competitors and winning should not be an end but a stepping stone of improvement, which truly states that we must play to win and win to play. Loving one-self is the most important thing one should do with the change. One of the biggest mistakes in life that we commit is accepting the known and resisting the unknown rather we should challenge the known and embrace the unknown. We must pursue joy which is unpredictable rather than happiness which is temporary. We should give our self time to settle down in work and not get married very soon.

The true quality that makes a person really successful in life is that one should be hardworking and instead of complaining one should take the onus on self to get the work done. The curiosity and eagerness to learn new things really helps a person to achieve the best. Another important quality one should acquire is the way of networking and to value personal relationships. Leadership and management skills are also very much required at work. One must be extraordinarily creative and able to find new opportunities and possibilities. Taking up the responsibility and being able to make right decision on their own with a relaxed mind is mostly required. Rather than pondering over past, one should give priority to present situation and make maximum out of it. Also being in the present one must keep an eye on future so that he can respond quickly to the future aspects.

A very nice message was given through the Eagle’s story . Eagle has the highest life span of 70 years among its species but for this it will have to bear physiological changes in the 40’s and if it is able to do so it survives next 30 years else it is dead. This gives a vibrant and true message that we have to change according to the time and free ourselves from past burden to act upon the advantages of the present time.