Seminar talk by Mr. Nishith K. Mohanty, Global Chief HR Officer of Manipal Group

Seminar talk by Mr. Nishith K. Mohanty, Global Chief HR Officer of Manipal Group
July 14, 2010
Seminar talk by Mr. Rajesh Jha, Executive Director – Projects, Jindal Steel & Powers
July 26, 2010
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Seminar talk by Mr. Nishith K. Mohanty, Global Chief HR Officer of Manipal Group

Topic: General evolution process of business

Date:July 15, 2010

Speaker Profile :

Mr. Nishith did his schooling from Steward School Cuttack. He completed his Pre University and graduation from Madras Christian College, Madras University. After completing PGDM & IR from XLRI, Jamshedpur, he joined HMT Ltd. as a Personnel Officer. At HMT he grew to head HR at Aurangabad. From there he shifted to Good Year Tyre and subsequently to Max India Ltd. as Head – HR. He then joined Britannia Industries Ltd. as Head –HR. He was Head – HR at Bayer India Pvt. Ltd. before joining Manipal Group.


In a corporate interactive session with KSOM 2 nd year students, Mr. Nishith K. Mohanty, the Global Chief Human Resource Officer of Manipal Group touched upon various factors affecting corporate and B School graduates today.

He spoke about general evolution process of business in order to make the students understand how recession has affected it and what it meant to the Economy. He figured out the damage it did to the job market, the effect on B Schools and other streams, what it has necessitated, what is the need of the hour, how academic institution’s brand has given way to the student’s personal talent when it comes to recruitment i.e. brand is no more a deciding factor for companies but they look for individual’s talent matching the companies’ requirement. With this shift in business dynamics, the realization dawned on companies that there should be shift in the managements’ role. Change needs to be understood and managed in a way that people can cope effectively with it. Change can be unsettling, so the manager logically needs to have a settling influence.

He redefined MBA in his words as Myself Being Accountable, Making Business Accountable and Managing by Ambiguity and finally, made it very clear that what the corporate expects from a B-School grad. Apart from Conceptual knowledge, Communication skills & team player abilities, Ability to perform under pressure, Openness to change, & Adaptability how strategic thinking, business acumen, operational excellence, managing relationship, people management, leadership, and customer focus have become the need of the hour.

“Will I manage to get a job under the current market scenario?” the answer to this question can only be found when one would explore the current market scenario and build most effective mix of skills according to the need of the hour.

When asked what the options before students are and how they should go about preparing themselves Mr. Mohanty made it clear that what organization’s expectations is. They do not expect you to be completely strong in your practical knowledge base. They expect you to be analytically or theoretically strong and at the same time strong in interpersonal communication. If these two aspects are properly looked after then it is enough to start with. They look for individuals who are well grounded, and who functions well as a team player and who must be able to motivate other people.

Therefore, in order to inculcate these qualities students must give inputs like Keeping themselves abreast with current affairs in the business & political world, have mock GDs & Interviews amongst peers , brush up basic concepts and should be able to justify their interests, abilities and strengths.