KSOM conducts online MDP with SIDBI

KSOM Online FDP (Session I – Day V) Emerging Methodology in Student Development
June 27, 2020
KSOM Online FDP (Day V – Session II): Evolving Business Models: The Industry Perspective
June 28, 2020
In continuation of KSOM’s long relationship with SIDBI, we have conducted the first online MDP for them. All the participants, consisting of senior Grade – D officers have been quite vocal in applauding the program. The program, spread over 3 weeks, 1  day per week, covered 12 sessions and was facilitated by a combination of internal and external faculties.
Session 1: Understanding Self: Creating Self alignment and Inner Potential
The first session was on understanding self and facilitated by  Prof Shradha Padhi. It covered how one’s  belief and values impact one’s thought process manifesting in emotions and action. The session also explained the analogy between various colors and the associated characteristics. The session also drew out the importance of donning different characteristics pertaining to different colors, depending upon different situations, so as to bring out a soothing rainbow effect in one’s life.
Session 2: Conflict Management in Turbulent Times
Prof Joydeep Biswas discussed the Change Management framework and Conflict Resolution styles.
Session 3: :  Innovation and Creativity
Prof. Surya Mishra discussed basics of Creativity and Innovation and his session dealt with Business Transformation and Design Thinking. The sessions also involved hands-on creativity and innovative exercises.
Session 4: Emotional intelligence 
Prof Isha Mishra talked about factors that influence emotional intelligence and the guide to manage them efficiently to get the desired result.
Session 5: Decoding Leadership
Prof. SK Mahapatra, Director KSOM spoke about
a) What is Leadership – the concepts
b) The Path to become a Leader – the Methods
c) What it takes to become a Great Leader – the Strategic Tools