KSOM conducted an Online Workshop on the theme: “In the Game of Research Publication: Where do we go wrong?

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June 29, 2020
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July 4, 2020
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KSOM conducted an Online Workshop on the theme: “In the Game of Research Publication: Where do we go wrong?

An Online Workshop, on the theme, “In the Game of Research Publication: Where do we go wrong?” was organized by KIIT School of Management on 30th June.  There were over 170 participants from varied universities and organizations all across the country and overseas.

Two eminent Professors and Editors of highly indexed Journals, Prof. Arindam Banik and Prof. Sudhir Rana were the key resource persons of the session.

The Workshop was held under the leadership of Prof. Shikta Singh as convenor & moderator. The Session was chaired by Prof. S.N Misra, Dean of KSOM. Prof. Misra shared about the successful experience of KIIT journey in this time and particularly mentioned about how classes and exams are conducted online and mentioned KIIT was the first ever organisation in India to successfully complete one complete semester on online mode.

Prof. Shikta Singh first of all addressed the gathering and welcomed the guests. She set the context of the discussion stating how it pertinent for budding and even established researchers to have a proper and deeper knowledge about the prerequisites of every journal before one actually sends the articles to publishers.

Prof. Arindam Banik is an eminent Indian economist, and editor of Global Business Review. He earned his Ph. D at Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi in 1994. He holds Distinguished Professor and Associated Cement Companies Chair Professor in International Finance and Business at International Management Institute, New Delhi.

Prof. Sudhir Rana, another eminent Resource for the workshop, is the Editor of FIIB Business Review which is published quarterly by Sage Publications, He is also the Editor of South Asian Journal of Marketing (Emerald) and Advances in Emerging Markets and Business Operations published by Rout ledge, Taylor and Francis.

The main point of discussion revolved around the intricacies involved in publishing in Scopus, ABDC categories and Web of Science Journals. Prof. Shikta Singh very nicely threaded the entire discussion. The session was highly informative and was appreciated by the participants.

The Key takeaways of the Workshop were-


  • Tracking the Highly indexed Journal based on SCIMAGO Journal Ranking and impact factor & identifying the best fit for the article
  • Deciding on a target Journal and taking it forward and improving the probability of acceptance.
  • Referencing H Index based on Q1, Q2,Q3 & Q4.
  • Research must be robust and solving a significant problem
  • Given scholars’ increasing reliance on search engines to find content, it’s paramount for journals to begin developing more advanced SEO strategies including:
  • Creating metadata plan and follow IRMD Approach.
  • Ensuring articles are being indexed in Google Scholar
  • Exploring Digital Object identifiers(DOIs) as a means of making content more discoverable
  • Getting a deep insight on Claviart Analysis and SSCI: Social Science Citation Index
  • Operations on Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals.

Finally the convenor thanked the guests and the participants for joining in such a large number. Discussion in the entire session was quite interesting and engaging, with great enthusiasm. As per the feedback taken, during the session through launching polls for each session, the response was that- the webinar was ‘quite informative and knowledgeable’. As per the polling results of the participants across various universities and industries, the group consisted of around 72% of the participants who were Academicians, 20% were scholars and 8% from corporates. On a question raised on how Covid-19 has affected them on the research front. Around 63% stated that this is the best time to concentrate on publication, 33% agreed that Covid-19 has impacted their research and they have a pressure of publication, 21% agreed that they couldn’t publish due to lack of e-resources and 18% stated that they have fear on job front because of not publishing & 12 % mentioned it’s a bad time to publish. Moreover, more than 90% agreed that the workshop was highly benefitted to pursue in their research front. At least they got a Rudder in their rudderless journey.