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March 2, 2010
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Housing And Real Estate Market

Organization: Various Organization

Duration: March 17 – March 18, 2010

A unique two days Management Development Program (MDP) on ‘Housing and Real Estate Market’, was conducted at KSOM on 17 th & 18 th March 2010. It covered a broad range of issues concerning market analysis and competitive positioning for the real estate sector in Orissa.

Eighteen employees from 14 real estate companies, who are members of CREDAI Orissa, participated in the MDP.

The course was covered in four modules as follows:-

Module-1 Real Estate Marketing: This module covered the market segmentation, targeting and position with focus on the emerging Orissa market.

Module-2 Competitive Strategies: This module covered analysis of demand, competition, development of key success factors, analysis of the resources & capabilities, developing business model, competitive positioning and strategy execution.

Module-3 Business Communication: This module covered the essential concepts of verbal, non-verbal and interpersonal communications.

Module-4 Psychological aspects of Business: Various psychological factors dynamically shape the perceptions of people at large. Through this module, participants were exposed to several tool & techniques to understand the process of shaping consumer perception and behavior thereof with a view to be a customer centric organization. The module also covered issues concerning personality and organizational effectiveness.

The Resource Persons: Dr. Biswajit Das (Marketing) Program Coordinator, Prof. Ashok Kumar Sar (Strategic Management), Prof. Deepak Gandhi (General Management), Prof. Ipseeta Satpathy (Organization Behaviour). Ms. Priyanka Hazra (Faculty Associate MDP) facilitated the program.

On the concluding day, there was an Industry-Academia interface where three top officials of CREDAI Orissa, viz., Mr. Subhash Chandra Bura, President CREDAI, Mr. Binay Das, Vice President CREDAI, & Mr. D.S Tripathy General Secretary CREDAI participated. The interaction between the top CREDAI officials and KSOM faculty members was quite interactive with free flows of ideas and insights.

The program was highly appreciated by CREDAI officials. Further, Mr. Subhash Chandra Bura expressed confidence in the resource persons and acclaimed the learning gained by the participants. He also expressed his interest for more such intellectual association with KIIT School of Management in future.