Malabika Sahoo

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Malabika Sahoo
Faculty Associate

Ms Malabika Sahoo is faculty in HR and OB area.  She has 6 years of Academic experience. Prior to she worked for Manav Adhyayan Kendra for 14 years. As a Trainer she has conducted nearly 2,500 training programmes and motivational talks covering about 90 organisations across the country such as NTPC, NALCO, Aditya Birla, Cocacola, TSIL, TRL, Aditya Aluminium, JSPL, Vodafone, L & T, etc.  Earlier she was a visiting faculty to Birla Global University, KIIT School of Management and KIIT School of Rural Management.

Some of her research works have been published in referred journals such as Management Research Review, Emerald and Management and Labour Studies, Sage and has also presented papers in national & international conferences.

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