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Jyotiranjan Hota
Associate Professor

Dr. Hota has around 18 years of experience in teaching and research. His teaching interests include Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Visual Analytics, SAP functional Modules, R and Python. His PhD thesis is based on Adoption of Multivendor ATM technology in India. His thesis identifies the issues pertaining to the adoption of this technology from customer, supplier and banker’s perspective. In his study, he has developed and validated several qualitative and quantitative models on drivers and barriers of Multivendor ATM technology adoption. His research interest lies in linking Information Technology with all the functional areas of management. Dr. Hota is an AIMA accredited Management teacher in IT Area. His research work has been published in International Journal of Bank Marketing (Emerald Publishing, UK), Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems (KMIS, South Korea), The IUP Journal of Applied Economics, AIMS International Journal of Management, IUP Journal of Information Technology, Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective (Sage Publication), Palgrave Macmillan, Computer Society of India, Springer Nature and many leading, refereed national and international journals. He has served as program committee member, advisory board member, scientific committee member, technical committee member, academic committee member, track chair and session chair of international conferences in India and abroad. Dr. Hota is the recipient of ICBM-AMP Academic Excellence Awards 2018 in the category of ‘Best Professor in IT and Operations’ held at Hyderabad, India.

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