Rule the Future of Logistics with MBA in Supply Chain Management in India

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January 20, 2023
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Rule the Future of Logistics with MBA in Supply Chain Management in India

Modern consumers seek things that are both reasonably priced and easily accessible at any time in today’s globalised and connected societies. Supply chains must be dependable and strong for this. However, supply networks are only as strong as their weakest link; as recent years have demonstrated, transportation is frequently the weak link.

How, therefore, can businesses deliver the value consumers want without blowing their budgets on transportation logistics or impeding the flow of commodities vital to the global economy?

The answer is building resilient supply chains that withstand any disruption, including a pandemic and natural disaster. And this will happen with the expertise of supply chain management and logistics professionals with in-depth knowledge and hands-on working experience.

The world is shrinking and has become a global village now. COVID-19 was a turning point for the world economy, but it had already begun to shift. Simply put, the epidemic served as a catalyst for change. Consumer behaviour is changing. Fast shipping and high-quality goods are no longer incompatible. Global, digital, “always-on” economies are not just a thing of the future. It is already here.

Contribute to a More Resilient Supply Chain System

Supply chain management is no more just a part of the business operation but has become the core of it. Therefore, gain the necessary skills in logistics and contribute and excel in the following ways:

  • Companies are constantly looking for experts to determine the correct investment needed to boost the organisation’s profitability. As a result of globalisation, employers in a range of industries—including producers, retailers, logistics service providers, and other fields—have expanded their demand for workers with supply chain management credentials.
  • Your work prospects will surely increase once you have finished an MBA in Supply Chain Management in India. A wide range of opportunities will be presented to you, especially in the fields of planning and policy-making, inspiration, evaluation, product creation, and inventory control.
  • Supply chain management is making a difference in this highly competitive business environment. Companies like Starbucks, Amazon and Walmart are leading rightfully to show the difference that strong supply chains and logistics make. Therefore, an MBA in Supply Chain Management in India will make you an irreplaceable resource and give you an edge.
  • Supply chain management is also evolving with the changing needs of society and business operations. Therefore, along with the traditional aspect of resilient supply chains, it also touches areas such as reverse logistics, warehousing after-sales and returns. Hence, the need to do an MBA in Supply Chain Management in India.
  • With everyone aware of the importance of supply chain management now, what will make you stand out? Yes, a bird’s eye view of supply chains and unique solutions will do. Pursuing an MBA in Supply Chain Management in India will equip professionals to understand the supply chain complexities, remove inefficiencies and develop low-cost & unique solutions.
  • The MBA in Supply Chain Management scope is also huge. One can explore the field and work as a supply chain performance analyst, business operations manager, VP of supply chain operations, strategic sourcing manager, etc.

Keep up with the present digital and analytical developments in logistics and supply chain by getting a professional degree from a reputed institution.

Revel in the Culture of Learning by Doing at KIIT School of Management (KSOM)

KIIT School of Management aims to master the distribution network with a 2-year ‘super specialised’ MBA program known as MBA in Supply Chain Management.
The institution is effectively tapping the major boom in logistics and supply chain in India by generating a specialised skilled workforce in this field. The curriculum of KIIT School of Management is designed for industry by the industry and is updated with the latest technological advancements. So choose your area of specialisation and fulfil your ambitions.

The institution boasts of esteemed faculty that equips students with adequate tools to approach real-time problems with creative, dynamic, yet industry-relevant solutions.

The employability potential of graduates is very high here as there are plenty of options in the field of supply chain management in globalised India.

KIIT School of Management offers this MBA in Supply Chain Management course to a wide section of learners. Check out the eligibility criteria to see if you can apply here.

The future of logistics is going to be digitised, agile, versatile, dispersed across geographies, and truly open. So, how do we keep up? By facilitating our youth to garner the required knowledge and skills through an MBA in Supply Chain Management from an institution that is up-to-date with the changing trends, both in India and globally.