On Board Induction Programme for Management Trainees

Seminar talk by Mr. Sandeep Bangia, GM-Marketing Head of IDEA.
February 19, 2011
Seninar talk by Mr. Indranil Samadar,Business Development Manager, Intel Corporation
February 24, 2011
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On Board Induction Programme for Management Trainees

Organization: Orissa Power transmission Corporation Ltd.

Duration: February 21 – April 03, 2011

Programme Objective :

The induction programme is aimed at integrating young professionals either fresh from college or with some prior work experience to the working in Orissa Power transmission Corporation Limited. The focus is on developing management skills.

Developing Management Skills :

Management skills are identifiable set of actions that individuals perform and that lead to certain outcomes. Skills can be observed by others, unlike attributes that are purely mental or are embedded in personality. Management skills are controllable and developable.

 Training methodology :

The learning programme shall be delivered in six days including one day outbound training. The will have exposure to fundamental aspects, viz., industry overview, operations management and human resource management and development of management skills. Each module on development of management skills will have varying tool sets with several components as follows:

Components Contents Objectives
Skill assessment Survey instruments Role plays Assess current level of skill competence and knowledge; create readiness to change.
Skill learning Written text Behavioral guidelines Teach correct principles and present a rationale for behavioral guidelines.
Skill analysis Case Provide examples of appropriate and inappropriate skill performance. Analyze behavioral principles and reasons they work.
Skill practice Exercise Simulations
Role plays
Practice behavioral guidelines. Adapt principles to personal style. Receive feedback and assistance.
Skill application Assignments (behavioral & written) Transfer class room learning to real life situations. Foster ongoing personal development.

Day-wise coverage:

Day Session – 12 Lunch Braek Session – 34
1 Understanding the business dynamics of the power sector. Principles & practice of management
2 Human resource management Developing personal skills: Self awareness; solving problems analytically and creatively
3 Operations & project management Developing interpersonal skills: communicating supportively, managing conflict
4 Business Communication: written communication. Group skills: Team building
5 Outbound training Outbound training
6 Business Communication: Managerial oral communication Soft skills: Corporate Etiquettes and manners.