KSOM’s ‘Pyaar Bhara Pack’ On International Day of Art of Giving (AOG)

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April 10, 2018
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KSOM’s ‘Pyaar Bhara Pack’ On International Day of Art of Giving (AOG)

Art of Giving (AOG) – a philosophy of life to spread the peace and happiness among the people in the society  – was founded on May 17, 2013, by Prof. Achyuta Samanta, an eminent educationist, social activist, social reformer and Founder of KIIT & KISS. Since then, this day is celebrated as International Day of Art of Giving every year.

The theme of this year’s celebration was ‘Pyaar Bhara Pack’ – or feeding with love – standing on the premises of ‘People’s Contribution, People’s Participation’.

KSOM faculties and staff in their own capacity whole heartedly and generously served/distributed/helped/arranged/coordinated snacks/lunch/dinner at various places in Odisha.

Art of Giving  ‘Pyar Bhara Pack’ theme was followed in more than 16,500 centres across the country, covering all cities in all states. Over 40 lakh people took meals at 6,500 centres across 4,000 panchayats, all block headquarters, NACs and municipalities in Odisha.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Samanta expressed his gratitude to the thousands of noble persons for supporting and celebrating Art of Giving all over the world and feeding the people in millions. He also thanked students, alumni and staff of KIIT and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) for their whole-hearted contribution to make the celebration a success.

This International Day of Art of Giving (AOG) on 17th May 2018 created history as it practically achieved “One Day – One Crore”.  This rare feat has been chronicled in “Assist World Records” for feeding one Crore people across the globe in 80 countries, 20,000 places.