KSOM organized Konflict Konfront on October 22, 2022

“Kamaraderie 2022” – Orientation program of BBA I students, Batch 2022-2025 was conducted by KSOM on 14th Oct’ 2022
October 15, 2022
Brand Karnival by Matricks – The Marketing Club of KSOM
October 31, 2022
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KSOM organized Konflict Konfront on October 22, 2022

At Konflict Konfront, participants are encouraged to express their views and gain insight about labour laws and how they affect the corporate world through parliamentary debate. Judges and students are expected to participate in the discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of the modified labour laws.

According to the rules of the event, each code of labour law was represented by a group of four participants. They had already been given the topic, which included four distinct labour rules, and each group had been allotted 10-15 minutes for the discussion and one minute for each participant to respond to any questions.

The moderator addressed a few questions to the group members at the beginning of the discussion and they were quite specific in discussing the topic’s objective. During the first group’s debate upon social security, various data and figures were brought up in the discussion. Following that second group discussed wages and analyzed the effects of the new labour code’s. The third group covered industrial relations, and the fourth group addressed workplace safety and working conditions.

Prof. Isa Mishra and Prof. Shikta Singh judged the discussion. By summing up how well the participants covered the subject with more comprehensive examples and data as well as responded confidently to the judges’ and audience’s questions, the winners were decided.