Virginia Tech is one of the top universities in the world (Currently it is ranked in the top 10% of 3500 universities in the QS World University Rankings). Virginia Tech is a globally reputed, comprehensive university with leading departments in engineering, business, medicine, liberal arts, and the sciences.

About the Programme

Virginia Tech in association with KIIT School of Management (KSOM) is offering 18 months postgraduate diploma program consisting of seventeen courses in the field of Business Analytics.

According to Gartner, the modern business intelligence market in India is expected to grow by 30% and data analytics platforms by 19% in 2018. Modern technology produces a vast amount of information that provides businesses an opportunity to understand customer preferences better, leading to more choices for customer acquisition. Virginia Tech’s new Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics, leading to a certificate, prepares students to better meet societal, economic, and technology demands. Preparing for today’s market requires skills in big data technologies, advanced statistics, machine learning, data security, cloud application development, and innovative thinking. From ordering food to entertainment to autonomous vehicles, each of us will be engulfed by more data than we are neurologically equipped to handle. The scale and ubiquity of data is already forcing corporations to find ingenious ways to analyze, track, and leverage data for strategy, and operations. As data volumes continue to explode, businesses need to continually upgrade the education and skill level of their employees to fully utilize the power of data for a competitive edge in the market.

Salient Points

  • The courses will be overseen and taught by the faculty members of Virginia Tech and KSOM. Individuals who successfully complete the entire program will be awarded a certificate in Business Analytics by VirginiaTech and a diploma by KSOM.
  • KSOM and Virginia Tech shall collaborate to provide placement assistance to the candidates who qualify to join the program. Counselling shall be provided for higher education opportunities for masters and PhD programs.
  • My SQL, R, Python, Tableau BI Tools, Scrum, AWS, Neural Networks, Hadoop and many more technologies.
  • Globally renowned faculty and industry experts to deliver the course ware.

Program Offers

Our program offers an innovative approach for learners who are interested not only in how to analyse the universe of data but also in the technologies, architecture, security, and multifaceted analytical approaches that are vital to create sustainable solutions. Through classroom and clinical instruction, you will learn the contemporary technologies that make machine learning, optimisation, and statistical models relevant, accurate, and secure. From cloud computing and agile techniques to business intelligence and quantitative methods, you will explore the ecosystem of topics and learn the sophisticated technologies that will distinguish you from your peers in the world of business analytics. A unique feature of this program is understanding the different facets of innovation from Jugaad — nimble and frugal– to high-impact, disruptive innovation.
You will learn to build the capacity to adapt and respond expeditiously to Black Swans–high-impact, hard to predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance and technology. Our globally renowned faculty in information technology, computer science, engineering and business are ready to take you on this exciting journey along with select executives from industry with first-hand experience in deploying large-scale solutions in business analytics.