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S.N Mishra

Prof. S.N Misra, did his MA in Applied Economics with International Trade and Statistics as his special papers with first class. He did his Ph.D. (Economics) on “Challenges, Before Self-Reliance in Critical Defence Technology”, a pioneering area on the subject. Initially he was the Indian Economics Service (1976-79) when he did Cost Benefit Analysis of World Bank Projects and handled International Development Agency (IDA) desk. Thereafter, he was an Officer in the Indian Defence  Accounts Service (1979-2012), when he served as Director (Finance) with DRDO, Financial Advisor and Joint Secretary to Indian Air Force & JS (Aero Space). He authored the Defence Procurement Manual (2005), drawing encomiums for the Prime Minister’s Office. Before voluntary retirement in 2012, he was Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Navy) & PCDA (Southern Command) in the rank of Addl. Secretary to Govt. of India. He was  trained in IRBM, California, Defense Acquisition University, Washington, Marshall Institute of Strategic Studies, Munich, IIMs, Calcutta and Bangalore.

Post retirement, he teaches Economics and Constitutional Law in KIIT University and contributes handsomely to prestigious journals on Development Economics, Defence and Public Policy. He is a regular columnist in Orissa Post and speaks passionately in important fora. He also writes in a blog : misrasn54@wordpress.com

Beneath the Iceberg, Authors press New Delhi.
This is a collection of editorials that enjoy broad readership in reputable news articles. It is an intellectual potpourri with the author’s familiarisation with a cross-section of disciplines, economics, law and politics; that is likely to be enjoyed by a wide cross section of readers.

Empowering the differently abled, Authors Press New Delhi.
‘Empowering the Differently Abled’ is the latest book that dissects the problem of PwDs in all its hues and colors. The scope of the book is broad, from legislative deficiencies to educational laxness, from attitudinal changes in skills and support technology, from disabled people to the role of PRIs in particular circumstances of Odisha.

Impact of Defence Offsets on Military Industry Capability & Self – Reliance The Road Ahead, KW Publishers Pvt Ltd.
A liberal offset policy, with strong government mentoring the heady potential to make India a global hub in defence technology and manufacturing, and more self-reliant in critical defence systems and platforms.

The Canopy of Hope, Authors press.
This collection pays homage to the exemplary leadership of Dr Achyuta Samanta who pioneered the first syntax of social inclusion in India and possibly around the world. The book also deals with various dimensions of growth and development disorders and myriad challenges. It tries to combine the pragmatism of an official with the scepticism of an academic.

Beyond the Binary: Books and Bylines, Authors Press.

Covid-19 has capsized the life and livelihood, as never before. Masks have become ubiquitous and despondency has become the new normal. In India, besides the swirling economic uncertainty, there is wide degradation of Indian democracy, where institutional independence is getting emasculated. Judiciary, which is expected to exercise checks and balances on legislative and executive excesses, is being perceived to be ‘speaking the language of the executive’ and displaying a’ combination of avoidance, mendacity and lack of zeal’. This book tries to capture the myriad anguish of our times on different issues like constitutional morality, challenges to the economy in terms of teeming migrant workers on the street, widespread unemployment, vulnerability of children nutrition and the binary manner in which each issue is being perceived. It also contains a number of fascinating book review.

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