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Make a Career in in Healthcare Management?

Why MBA in in Healthcare Management?

Things don’t come with a statutory warning, and however well-equipped we are, we aren’t really prepared without a proper and managed planning. In the effervescing Corona times, Healthcare Management has become a critical cog with respect to hospitals, pharmaceuticals, public health, biomedical, and healthcare financing. It is one of the recent and upcoming preferred management programs that is offered as a specialized MBA course.

1. A Niche Profile

The specialization in Healthcare Management offers you with domain knowledge in the healthcare sector and also equips you with general management skills. Healthcare domain knowledge helps in developing a niche profile which leads to less competition compared to a general PGDM/MBA.

2. A Recession Proof Sector

The continuous research due to lack of access to quality healthcare makes the Healthcare Management a recession-proof sector for many more decades offering high career opportunity to the professionals with specialized MBA Healthcare & Hospital Management.

3. The Best Alternative

Moreover students who had an aspiration to pursue their career as a health professional and were unable to establish themselves as Doctors can get their next best alternative by pursuing this course. With the more prominent admittance to wellbeing data through different medical care locales and applications, this new biological system has offered ascend to the particular MBA Healthcare Management Course.

4. Partner Hospital in KIMS (Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences)

The program would primarily focus on giving the best education in the concerned arena with wide exposure to real practitioners like doctors and health professionals to all the students. With KIMS being part of the same Unviersity there will be plenty of opportunities to practice various modules with live projects and immersive on the job internships. This will help students to be efficiently prepared to the best possible professionals in the health sector.

5. Lucrative Jobs & Career Options

MBA in Healthcare Management eventually gives one the prospects of getting career options ranging from Hospital Administrator, Healthcare Information Manager, Medical Practice Manager Oncology Coordinator, Claims Manager to being the Hospital CEO or CFO. With an average MBA Healthcare Management salary ranging from INR 6 to 14 LPA, the top firms recruiting these graduates include Apollo Life, Cadila Healthcare, Cipla, Wipro GE HealthCare etc.

Candidate Eligibility

Graduates in Medical Sciences, Pharma/Nursing, Zoology, Life Sciences, Biotechnology. MBBS can apply . Working professionals may apply too.

Course Module

MBA Healthcare Management Syllabus is covered in 4 semesters. The first year syllabus is common to all the streams, with specializations being formally divided and focused upon in the final year with a 5 months internship in the 3rd semester in renowned hospitals like KIMS, AMRI, Apollo, Care, Kalinga, Utkal Hospital etc.

The table below lists the subjects taught in the MBA in Healthcare Management syllabus.

Semester – I

  • Business communication
  • Statistical analysis
  • Fundamentals of health economics
  • Fundamentals of finance
  • Fundamentals of marketing
  • Organizational behaviour & Counselling
  • Human resource management in healthcare sector
  • Supply chain management
  • Cost & managerial accounting
  • Research methodology
  • Healthcare services management
  • Macroeconomic aspects of health sector
  • Epidemiology (technical)
  • Pharma and biotech management (technical)
  • Hospital administration (technical)
  • IT application in healthcare

Semester – II

  • Financial management & Taxation
  • Quality management in healthcare
  • Medico-legal environment in healthcare
  • Facility management
  • Healthcare marketing
  • (pharma, hospitals, medical devices, wellness)
  • Patient care and behaviour (technical)
  • Retail management in healthcare
  • Business development in healthcare
  • Entrepreneurship management
  • Demographic analysis & policy for healthcare
  • Health insurance & financing
  • International business and marketing (medical tourism)
  • Intellectual property right (IPR) Workshop*

Summer internship project

Semester – III

  • Strategic brand management
  • Healthcare in rural markets
  • Integrated marketing communications (IMC )
  • Data analytics for healthcare
  • Strategic management
  • Market research
  • Digital marketing
  • Environmental health and safety management
  • Emerging technologies in healthcare Workshop*
  • Sustainable healthcare (WHO)
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer relationship management
  • NGO management
  • Biomedical waste management
  • Risk & disaster management
  • Alternative medicines Workshop*

Semester – IV


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