Are you “kurios” to know how consumers influence product features? 

This one of its kind game that deals with market research problems – advertisement responsiveness, consumer behavior, blind testing, market opportunities, product performance. brand recognition, subliminal perception and much more.


“Kurios” about yourself? 

Get a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your personality traits and behaviours. This will help individuals in understanding their inherent strengths. This insight will empower one to deal effectively with various situations at work and in personal life.


Does business processes make you “kurios”?

An interesting physical representation of physical operational business processes which gives a lucid understanding of logic behind processes. Participants will get to understand the work flow concepts of businesses and why those are so critical for the success of organizations. This is not an online process simulation game that you might have played.situations at work and in personal life.


“Kurios” about KSOM?

Students passing out of higher secondary and  baccalaureate programs get a comprehensive Virtual Reality tour of KSOM.