10th National HR Conclave

Critical Competencies for the Future:


August 03, 2019

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The smooth current of business is history. Today, turbulence reigns in what Dr. Stephen R. Covey terms the “permanent white-water world”. White waters are a metaphor for navigating the turbulent seas of change. Navigating these white waters needs structural, technological and cultural changes in organizations. Essentially organizations require a change of mindset, skill-set and toolset.

The impact of technological, demographic, and socioeconomic disruptions on business models will be felt in transformations to the employment landscape and skills requirements, resulting in substantial challenges for recruiting, training and managing talent. Some of the drivers of these disruptions can be found in the confluences of trends such as 1) the rise in smart machines and systems, 2) the emergence of new communicating tools, 3) social technologies driving production and value creation, 4) commitment to continuous learning and finally 5) the need for diversity management to stay competitive in a globally connected world. Sweeping technological developments fueling these disruptive trends have had a significant impact on the world of work and employment and triggered far reaching changes. Technology resulting in automation could lead to job losses termed as the ‘substitution effect’ of automation. Paradoxically it could also lead to job creation and an increase in employee productivity through the ‘complementary effect’. Thus, by not anticipating and addressing these disruptive issues/drivers for change in a timely manner over the coming years may result in an enormous economic and social cost for businesses, individuals, economies and societies.

During these changes what do organizations regard as critical capabilities and competencies in the workforce? What and how do organizations need to adapt development strategies and activities? Do they need to adapt at all? What happens if they don’t adapt? How do the structural, technological, and cultural changes that are already happening affect the requirements for future leaders and employees? How does the ’mindset, skill-set, and toolset’ of the future look like? The 10th National HR Conclave at KIIT School of Management, KIIT Deemed to be University will provide a forum to debate on these and many more questions with an aim to gain an understanding in how to help organizations/employees get better prepared for the future.

About Conclave:

The HR Conclave is an annual convention, organised by KIIT School of Management (KSOM), and attended by industry leaders from the HR world as well as academicians from prestigious institutes.The 10th National HR Conclave will be held on the theme “Critical Competencies for the Future: Is Change the only Constant?The conclave will have inaugural address, key-note speeches and panel discussions in the first half followed by interactive workshops on various sub-themes in the second half of the day. It would also have undergraduate and postgraduate student contests.

The sub-themes for the conclave are listed below:

  • Weave Ecosystems for human engagement
  • Agile Learning
  • Customer centricity in human resource management
  • Re-engineering organizations for the future
  • Mentoring for excellence
  • ICT expertise for creativity and social intelligence
  • Lifelong learning and future training
  • Building cognitive flexibility

Past Speakers