1st National Businesses Analytics Konclave

Theme: Transforming
Businesses using Data

December 20, 2020


“In God we trust; all others must bring data.” —W. E. Deming

The technological advancement has brought two contrasting changes related to data: the data acquisition capability, its storage and analysis have gone up manifolds while the costs for all these activities have come down significantly. Consequently, there is abundance of data everywhere. What is the big deal here? Can the industry use such data in silo or at an enterprise level for maximizing productivity? Are there any such visible trends where organizations actually get the benefit compared to that in earlier business practices? Every startup now-a-days, claims to be data-driven. Many established organizations are also quickly trying to adopt data and analytics. Most would agree that ‘data-driven decision making’ is superior to other forms. However, the key to using data for decision making doesn’t lie only in the data part of the equation. What’s the hard part then? Data needs to be effectively segregated from noise for disseminating information and translating into insights. More importantly data can act as a foundation for making decisions, although not as a substitute for judgement.

How much data is reasonably enough? What are the challenges for gathering relevant data? Is the opportunity cost justified by shifting the focus to Business Analytics? What happens if a sector doesn’t adopt and prefer to remain traditional as earlier? What sort of technological adoptions are happening in the business ecosystems? What are the major skill sets expected by the industries in Business Analytics domain? Are the academics adequately able to provide right talents? How does the ‘mindset, skillset, toolset’ of the future look like?

The 1st National Business Analytics Conclave at KIIT School of Management, KIIT Deemed to be University would provide a forum to debate on these questions and many more with an aim to gain an understanding in helping organizations/employees get better prepared for the future. The Konclave will have two panel discussions and an array of workshops to discuss on the various aspects of the theme.

Panel Discussions

  • Panel 1: Business Analytics Trends: An Industry Application Perspective
  • Panel 2: Bridging the Gap between Academics and Analytics Industry


1. Analytics in Financial Markets and Fintech domain
2. Supply Chain Analytics – Applications in Operations Management
3. Pre-sales and Marketing Analytics
4. People Analytics – Applications in HR Management
5. Technical Skills for a Business Analytics role
6. Personal Skills for a Business Analytics role
7. Functional Skills for a Business Analytics role
8. Building a profile in Business Analytics domain

Who should Attend?

Students having an inclination towards Analytics must look forward to be a part of the Konclave and benefit from the discussions and interactions with the industry experts. It is also an opportunity to test their business acumen by participating in the pre-conclave contests. Industry experts shall share this platform with other stalwarts from industry as well as academia to discuss and debate on diverse issues concerning the future of Business Analytics.