About the Specialization/ Program

The analytics specialization under the MBA course at KSOM is designed for the students who have interest in data and want to apply analytical mind to explore and build a career in data science and analytics.

Why Business Analytics?

As the computing power of electronics significantly increasing year on year, present day businesses are gearing up to access its benefit. Customer engagement with businesses are tracked at every step and every minute details about them are stored in machines for future predictions. Companies are able to generate and store huge volume of data through implementation of ERP and other technologies. Analytics use the power of advanced statistical concepts to analyse data more intelligently. This includes descriptive statistics, data visualization and predictive modelling for generating/ finding data-driven insights. The results from the analytics may be used for developing competitive strategies for a business scenario. This can be used in the field of finance, marketing, operations, and HR for identifying ROI drivers, developing target market for a product, fine-tuning the supply chain, deciding on retention of performers etc.

A Right Opportunity

The scope of analytics and hence the talent requirement increasing significantly world-wide. The skills gained through the learnings in the area provides a strong leverage to get employment in various analytics role in industries. At present there are not enough talent supply for the existing demand in the analytics field. IBM predicts demand for data scientist will soar 28% by 2020. Follow the link here. Hence the specialization in analytics can definitely be an added advantage for the need of the hour.

Objective of this specialization

  • The specialization shall help in exploring and strengthening the analytical mind
  • Helps in applying data visualization technique for exploratory analysis
  • Learn to apply and evaluate different models for a business scenario
  • This will help to add skillset in the decision-making process through data

Who should apply

Engineering graduate (B.E / B. Tech, any stream)
Atleast 3 papers of Mathematics / Statistics in graduation (any stream)

Courses offered as Core and Elective papers

Core papers:
  • Quantitative Techniques

This includes various foundation topics on statistics and probability. Statistical analysis is the basic step to proceed through analytics. The module covers basic sampling technique, hypothesis testing, and certain important distribution patterns such as: Binomial distribution, Uniform distribution, Normal distribution, Poisson and exponential distributions.

  • Information Technology and excel for analytics

This will help learning the fundamentals about technology and its use to gather information at an enterprise level. This also give idea about various data source and excel modelling using data.

  • Data visualization and Descriptive statistics

This module includes the most important part of analytics. It introduces various data visualization technique by presenting data in certain useful plots and charts such as: histograms, bar charts, box plot, density plot etc.

Elective papers:
  • Business Analytics Fundamentals
  • Business Data Mining
  • Introduction to R programming for analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Financial Risk Management and Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Basics of Marketing and social media Analytics
  • Consumer Analytics
  • Categorical Data Analytics
  • Text mining and Analytics
  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Advanced Business Analytics
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