Ph. D Awarded (2005-2018)

Sr. No.Name of the ScholarSupervisor(S)Research Title
1Sasmita Rani SamantaDr. R K Nanda & Dr. Rajnish MisraSoft Competency in Corporate Management
2Arun Kumar RathDr. P NayakTowards better corporate governance
3S.NagendraDr. P C PandaUnderstanding Innovation Economics as a chaotic system : The search for an underlying order
4Siba Prasad RathDr. Biswajit DasOral Intoxicant consumption in the state of orissa and social marketing efforts
5Duryodhan NayakDr. P C PandaFiscal Reforms,its economic effects on the state of Orissa with reference to VAT
6Monalisa BalDr. A K MohapatraLearning in a joyful environment
7Chinmaya Kumar DasDr. Ipseeta SatpathyEffectiveness of empowering the award staff members by revamping the training system – a case study of Bank of Baroda in Orissa
8Deepak Kumar SinghDr. BCM PatnaikA comparative study on profitability of Vedanta & NALCO
9M.A.GubailyDr. Manmatha Kundu & Prof. Biswajit DasDesigning a course in spoken English for undergraduate Learners of English in Yemen
10Sultan Saleh AhmedDr. Manmatha Kundu & Prof. Biswajit DasA study on Indigenous Approaches to enhance Teachers’ and Learners’ proficiency in English in the Rural and Tribal areas in Yemen: Preparation of materials.”
11Prabir Kumar PradhanDr. Ipseeta SatpathyImproving Rural Odisha Through Connectivity
12Aswini Kumar DashDr. Biswajit DasDeveloping a business strategy model for the Jobbing industry
13Prakash Kumar PradhanDr. BCM PatnaikAn Empirical Analysis of NPAs in Agricultural Loan in Cooperative Bank (A case study on Khordha Central Cooperative Bank of Odisha
14Archana ChoudhuryDr. P.Nayak & Dr. Snigdha TripathyTurnaroung Management in Rourkela Steel Plant During 2001-2008:An HR Perspective
15Ansuman JenaDr. Biswajit DasCustomer Preference in the Virtual Retail Environment -An Emprical Study about Online Shopping in India
16Biranchi Prasad PandaDr. Kaushik Sahu & Dr. Biswajit DasTechnology Absorption as a strategic option for Indian Manufacturing Competitiveness- a special reference to Intelligent Computer-Aided Design Technology
17Padma DevDr. Ipseeta SatpathyPerformance Analysis of Employees State Insurance Corporation in Odisha(with special reference to Choudwar zone)
18Amiya Kumar SahuDr. L.K VaswaniMonitoring by Financial Institutions and Impact on Firm Performance :Evidence from India
19Sasmita JenaDr. Ipseeta SatpathyA Comparative Study on Work-Life Balance of Nursing Staff working in Private and Government Hospitals
20Kaish Quiresh KhanDr. Rath Nayak/
Dr.Biswajit Das
Odia-English Code Switching : A Study of Formal & Functional Features
21Debadatta SahooDr.Trilochan Tripathy/
Dr. Ashok K Sar
Effect of Intellectual Capital and competition on Firms’ Valuation, Financial Performance and Competitive Advantage : An Empirical Investigation in India
22Sonali ChakrabortyDr. Sailabala DebiHousehold Expenditure on Health Care in Urban Odisha: An Empirical Study of Cuttack City
23Jitendra Kumar RamDr. R.N SubudhiPerformance of Regional Rural Banks After Amalgamation : A case study of Odisha
24Salila Kumar PattanaikDr. Rajnish K Misra/
Dr. Jitendra Mohanty
Effect of Employer Branding on Employee Engagement : A study of Indian IT Services Companies
25Debi Prasad DasDr.Ipseeta SatpathyA Comparative Study on Employee Turnover and its impact on Organization” (With special reference to Tata Steel and Hindalco)
26Diptendu Kumar GhoshDr. Biswajit DasBranding & its impact on the buying behaviour of customer of cement industry : A study on Kolkata city of West Bengal
27Anirban MandalDr. BCM PatnaikDynamics of Rural Urban Labour Migration- A study on Malda District of West Bengal
28Tushar DashDr. Biswajit Das“Study of Institutional Housing Finance Market in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack”
29Avinash Ch SupkarDr. BCM PatnaikMainstreaming the Financially Excluded
30Suhransu S AcharyaDr. L.K VaswaniEvaluation of the efficacy of Indian Credit Guarantee Scheme for MSMEs
31Brajaballav KarDr. S.C Behari & Dr. R.N SubudhiIntent, Ideation & Success Measures of Entrepreneurship : A case study of MSME in Odisha
32Sushri S RoutDr. Sasmita Samanta & Dr. Bijan Bihari MishraComputational Intelligence for mapping Academic Competency  in Technical Institutes
33Rajeev SenguptaDr. BCM Patnaik & Dr. Sisira Kanti MishraDeterminants of Bancassurance in India
34Pradeep Kumar DasDr. Ipseeta SatpathyMainstreaming the Marginalized through Microfinance
35Chandra Bhanu DasDr. BCM PatnaikSkill Gap Analysis for the Finance & Accounting Outsourcing in Manufacturing Industries in Odisha
36Biswa Behari DasDr. R.N SubudhiEngagement Pattern of Users in Digital & Social Media Marketing(DSMM) – A service Industry Perspective
37Bonita MitraDr. Ipseeta SatpathyA comparative study on Effectiveness of Stress Management in TCS & Infosys
38Amrita PaniDr. Biswajit DasCustomer Relationship Marketing in Hospitality : A study of Star Hotels in Bhubaneswar
39Preeti RachayeetaDr. Sisra Kanti Misra & Dr. BCM PatnaikA comparative study on skill defieciency of micro, small & Medium enterprises (MSME) in Odisha
40Mitu AgarwalDr. Ipseeta SatpathyA study on Work Life Balance of Working Couples in Private Sector Organizations
41Sulagna DasDr. BCM PatnaikDynamics of Performance of Indian Regional Rural Banks in the Post Merger Era
42Shradha PadhiDr. Sumita Mishra & Dr. BCM PatnaikImpact of Ethical Values of Indian Project Managers on Software Project Performance
43Satya Priya RathDr. Ashok K SarFiscal Sustainability: A case study of Odisha
44Payel ChaudhuriDr. Abhishek KumarInfluence of Consumer Acculturation on the Internet Usage of the consumers of Eastern Odisha
45MANAS RANJAN PANIDr. BCM PatnaikTransformation from Class Banking to Mass Banking through Pradhan Mantri Jan – Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)
46MOHAMMED ABDULLAH MOHAMMED HOBABDr. Manmatha Kundu & Dr. Biswajit DasA study on the use of Translation and other remedial materials for teaching English at the primary level in Yemen
47RAJESH KUMAR PANDADr. Biswajit Das & Dr. Ranjan Kumar BalElectronic Commerce Adoption: A Study of Travel Agencies in Odisha
48DEBAPRATIM PURKAYASTHADr. Trilochan Tripathy & Dr. Biswajit DasEcosystem, Competition and Regulation in Indian Microfinance Industry: An Inquiry into Causes, Consequences & Sustainability
49NIDHI KUMARIDr. Ashok Kumar SarThe Impact of Behavioral Biases on Investment in Capital Market: A Study of Individual Investors in Eastern India
50KUMAR MOHANTYDr. L.K. VaswaniAn Introduction to the Process of Co-Creation with Customers in Product Development and Services –A Study of Brands in India
51ANAMIKADr. Ipseeta SatpathyOutbound training and its effect on Employee Performance
52BHUBANESWARI BISOYIDr. Biswajit DasGreen Marketing: Purchase Behaviour of Consumers’ For Eco-Friendly Products in Odisha
53NITESH KUMAR PANCHDr. Srikanta Charan DasA Comparative Study on Connecting Rural Areas Through Information Technology for Digital Transactions
54NIRMALYA DEBANATHDr. Abhishek KumarDynamics of Mobile Banking Adoption Behavior in North Eastern States of India
55BEYAT PRAGNYA RATHDr. Biswajit DasCollective Bargaining and its Impact on Odisha’s Mining Industry (With Reference to Keonjhar District)
56SOURAV MOHANTYDr. Ipseeta SatpathyA Comparative Study on Deviant Workplace Behavior in Healthcare Sector of Odisha
57NIHAR RANJAN SAMALDr. BCM PatnaikHome Loan Portfolio – A Study on Indian Public Sector Banks
58BIKASH KUMAR RUPDr. Sasmita SamantaInfluence of Perceived Brand Personality on Brand Purchase Intention: Role of Biological Sex, Gender Role and Brand Attitude
59SANDEEP KUMAR MALLIKDr. Srikanta Charan DasEffectiveness of Enterprise Resource Planning in Supply Chain Management
60NARAYAN TRIPATHYDr. Ipseeta SatpathyA Comparative Study on Working and Living Condition of Workers in Organized and Unorganized Sector
61LIPSA MISRADr. Satya Narayan Misra & Dr. Sasmita MishraImpact of Formal Education on Socio-Economic and Psychological Empowerment of Women in Odisha- A Study of Khordha District
62SUMANA CHAUDHURIDr. Abhishek KumarThe Impact of Service Quality on the Customers in the Organized Grocery Stores in Odisha
63SHARAD KUMARDr. Ipseeta SatpathyCustomer Satisfaction of Service Qualities Provided in Different Airports in India
64GLORY SINGHDr. Abhishek KumarOrganic Production System and Sustainable Positioning of Kandhamal Organic Turmeric and its Export Opportunities
65BIPLAB KUMAR BISWALDr. Abhishek KumarImpact of Destination Marketing on Odisha Tourism