8th National HR Conclave

Beyond HR: Transcending Functional Boundaries

19th August, 2017

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In an economy founded on innovation and change, one of the premium challenges of organizations is to design more flexible organizations. Companies are replacing vertical hierarchies with horizontal networks; linking together traditional functions through inter-functional teams and forming strategic alliances with suppliers, vendors and even competitors. Managers are insisting that every employee understand and adhere to the company’s strategic mission without the distinction of title, function or task. For many professionals, a single metaphor has emerged to capture this conundrum of change i.e. ‘corporation without boundaries’.

Organizations have been right in dismissing these rigid and unresponsive boundaries. The newer boundaries that exist today are more psychological than organizational. Instead of being reflected in a company’s organizational structure, they are enacted repeatedly in a manager’s relationship with superiors, peers and subordinates. As these boundaries are new and unconventional, they tend to be invisible to most managers. Hence knowing how to recognize these new boundaries and use them productively is the essence of management in any organization. In the backdrop of this transition, tasks, functions, designations and verticals are undergoing a massive change and human resources is no exception. The thrust today on the human resources function is to align their goals to the organization and ultimately enhance organizational effectiveness.

Hence what is the role of HR in building and engaging a virtual workplace? What is the role of HR in managing M&As? What is the role of HR analytics in enhancing the functional manoeuvrability of HR? What is the role of HR in restructuring organizations for new age business? The 8th National HR Conclave at KSOM tries to explore answers to few of the questions posed above through speeches and discussions with eminent HR & IR professionals from different industrial sectors in India.


Mr. Sandeep Banerjee, VP-HR, RIL
Mr. Tojo Jose, CHRO, Muthoot Fincorp Ltd.
Mr. Ashoka Mohanty, Vice President – Strategic Transformation, Business Excellence, Tata Housing & Development Co.
Prashant Srivastava, President – Human Capital & People Excellence, Reliance Infrastructure Limited
Umesh Kamath,  Director-HR, Robosoft

Pre Conclave Events

Online Quiz and Business Similation are the national pre conclave competitions held as a part of the 8th HR Conclave.


We have three tracks in the morning session followed by several workshops in the post lunch session culminating with “chai pe charcha”


Last date of registration is 2nd Aug’17

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